As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || White House Distances From Hillary

Is President Obama going to give his vice president a second look?

8 Responses to Video || White House Distances From Hillary

  1. If Joe Biden is getting even a semi-serious look, I’d have to say Hillary’s troubles have gotten out of hand. Considering what she must know about the inside workings of the Obama admin, she’d be a powerful enemy and the risk of not supporting her is large.

    • Obama and Hillary are like two crazed, rutting wildebeests fighting each other for political territory in the Progressive political world. This one won’t end well for either one of them, it looks like to me. Obama will try to pretend to keep his distance from Hillary, meanwhile his posse will attack her from every side. In time, she will react and unload all she knows about him, which is a lot. That’s when it gets to be fun.

  2. Do not lose site of the real problem here.

    Whether its, Hillary,Jeb,or anyone, they all will not give a rats ass about the middle class or whites.

    Special people count, LGBT, Mexican, and Blacks are the chosen ones.

    If your white, kiss you butt goodby.

  3. this comment has nothing to do with the substance of the story.

    is that a screen shot of a Bloomberg TV program? that is about the ugliest, least engaging television screen I’ve ever seen. omg! how much content can you cram into a 32″ diagonal window? I assume those stocks on the bottom are a crawl, too.