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Live Stream || Hillary Clinton Press Conference

Hillary Clinton will address her email issue during a press conference today, probably early this afternoon at the United Nations. Having it at the United Nations will likely limit press access. But what would you expect?

I will live stream it in this space when it occurs. Looks like any minute now.

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      1. me too! can I give a press conference at the UN if I want to?

        and what a very odd location to begin with. she’s running for president of this country, right?

    1. The UN has become the refuge for all the Obama evil doers. In fact, rumors are flying that Obama will use the UN Security Council to do the Iran nuke deal. He’s furious over the letter to the Iran regime from the Senate Repubs. Can’t say as I blame him – it was the most idiotic stunt…ever.

      1. I applaud the GOP Congress for writing the letter. It let’s Iran, and the world know, that IF Obama cuts his own Pro-Iranian nuclear deal,the Congress doesn’t have to abide by the deal when a new Presidenot is elected.
        Congress should have taken steps to rein this “President” in a LONG time ago!

      2. I agree with Roger.
        The senate just told the Iranians how our process works.
        I have to disagree with you on an idiotic stunt.

        Indeed it was a bold effort to remind the Iranians that we do not have a dictator in charge.

          1. On Herman Cains website is a great article about the history of Dems doing the exact same thing to GOP Presidents. I’d post more but the box is too darn small, hard to type :(

          2. To make the box bigger you can click on the bottom corner and drag it out to a larger size. Of course you probably know that but thought I’d pass this along for others. I forget who posted this tip originally but it’s come in handy, especially when the box is sized down to one word at a time.

          3. the letter said “Maybe you don’t understand how our system of government works. the Congress has to ratify any agreements or the next president can change them.” you wanted Congress to send THAT letter to Obama?

          4. Why not? Charles Krauthammer also said the same thing on Special Report:
            “The only mistake Congress made was sending the letter to Iran. It should have been sent to the President”.

  1. It’s being billed as an ‘innocent explanation’!

    Lanny Davis and others have blasted Jeb Bush for using his private email account. There’s only one problem with that – Jeb was not under Federal control and he did not violate any laws. His personal emails were perfectly legit.

    Whatever Hillary says, it will not pass the ‘smell’ test.

      1. Why are you making this crap up? Hillary was never “fired” from the Nixon impeachment staff by Jerry Zeifman or anyone else. Snopes investigated the story and says the claim is “false.”

        1. someone nameed Zeifman claims he fired Hillary. other people say he did not.

          the most recent thing I could find is an article from dated Sunday which says:

          “So what are we to make of all this [HRC being fired]? Calabrese’s interview with Zeifman has been published around the Internet and repeated by pundits such as Rush Limbaugh and Neil Boortz. But there is nothing to out-and-out confirm Zeifman’s rendition. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be true, but it makes it difficult to arrive at the truth.”

        2. Frank, you really need to go deeper to understand what AFVet is telling you. Snopes is not the place to check one’s facts? Have you know investigative skills. I’d look into the owners of the site for perhaps a better understanding of what the AFVet is saying !

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  3. Hillary is just “pulling an Obama”…play to all the houses…one of them will book the show. The UN is the most obvious step up for these hustlers.

  4. She is going to a different microphone and take a “few” questions. I do not understand how she has the right only to take a “few” questions, when there is issue of her not following the law.
    Just stated on Fox. The goal here today is to shame the press. If she feels that way, than she is insulting every single citizen that she had worked for!!!!!!!!!!
    Will they be pre determined reporters? Fox does not have an answer to who will question her.
    She is now leaving the first speech.

  5. I’m watching the coverage on CNN. Dana Bash is using the “Jeb did it” excuse.
    Jeb did not have anything to do with national security matters and he was not under any Federal rules/regulations. Everything he did was legal and legit.

    They’re comparing apples to oranges!

    1. Then you missed Greta’s fabulous answer to “If you were Hillary’s lawyer….?”

      Would have advised her to sit down with Gowdy ASAP and work something out. It didn’t have to be this difficult.

    1. What??? When in the heck is that guy leaving??? Are the deliberately holding back on his replacement? (Can’t even remember her name).

  6. Psakai said State Dept. will make the emails public. It will take several months to go though paperwork. Not take long to release to public. I missed what was stated on the Benghazi paperwork.

  7. I once said that I would consider voting for her. No more and no chance. I don’t care what she says in this hastily arranged presser.

  8. Gen Petraeus pleaded guilty for keeping info in his desk for several months. She kept info in server for over 48 months. Everyone is suppose sign agreement under oath to keep info in Govt. Than sign under oath when you leave stating you turned everything over. If she did not sign under oath. She got speacial treatment.

      1. All very carefully choreographed and staged over the past 5 days to make it appear that this is no big deal…with the cooperation of the UN.

  9. funny, she keeps saying she didn’t want to use 2 devices. I have about 8 email accounts on my phone including one from a govt. account

    1. My son is a fed and has two phones he has to lug around. You better believe everything sent/called on his gov phone and acct, is automatically stored. It’s also illegal to plan his twins’ birthday parties on it ;)

      1. I’ve been saying that for a while, Remember how he had to be the first POTUS to have a Blackberry? I bet he has a private email account that he uses for certain correspondence and it’s not archived anywhere. Mooch too.

  10. Iran and o in intense discussion.
    People can disagree. The recent letter. Either they wanted to be helpful to Iran and not Govt.
    I opted to use my own, cause State Dept said OK.
    The vast majority of my emails went to people’s govt emails.
    I provided all that will be work related. We went through them all. I chose not to keep my private emails.
    Took step that that the State Dept has them all. I look forward that people see. Looking back I see using 1 phone was not best issue.
    Turkish reporter: Why not use two phones? If you were a man would there still be same fuss.
    I can’t believe she did not cut him off with that gender question.
    When I got there she said I wanted one phone for convenience.
    Andria asked how you chose what personal you got rid of? In going thought emails there wre 60,000 1/2 work related sent to State Dept, the other 1/2 I chose to get rid of. I feel the public will have incite of my communications.
    Did you make a mistake? Looking back it would have been smarter to use two devices. Responsibilty is on the official.
    Did you or aides delete Govt emails from your acct. We did not!
    I have no doubt we done what we should have done. We turned over all Govt records. 30,000 work emails. The server contains personnel will remain private.
    The server you mentioned you owned. Is that appropriate. Did you clear it with anyone? The system was set up for Pres. Clinton. NO security breaches. With respect to future issue of running. I trust American people to make decisions about political and public matters.
    Americans will find interesting.
    How can public be assured that you didn’t delete stuff. Even if you have work related device,. YOu choose what goes on there. I feel I did that. Went above and beyond.
    State Dept were clear about private emails they were to be turned over. Why you did not do that. o said he was unaware of this. Why you didn’t get approval? Will this choose if you run or not.
    The laws and regulations allowed me to email at work. My practice to email on the work accts. There are different rules from WH to other Executive Branch. I expected it to be captured in the State Dept. What happens in Summer the State Dept sent a letter for work-related emails. I went though them, to differ private and work emails.
    I complied with every rule.
    I did not email any classified emails. Did not send classified material. She got rid of some, because they were personal and private. Did not see reason to keep them.
    David I think you should go on line.
    Thank you…..

  11. She got a little flip with David, when he asked the last question. I could not make out what he asked. If anyone heard him, please let us know what he asked. She told him to go online. I am sure she really wanted to tell him to go……….

    1. He asked her about the State Dept employee who was fired a couple years ago for using his private. Shrillary claims that’s not accurate, David should go read the Inspector General’s report.

    2. I’m surprised they allowed David Schuster to ask Hillary a question. During the 2008 campaign he said Hillary “pimped out” Chelsea. MSNBC placed him on leave and eventually fired him over that comment.

  12. I have never seen Hillary look so haggard. She looks completely defeated today. Probably hasn’t slept for two days. The change in her usual demeanor is visceral. What is she hiding? As Maureen Dowd said on Sunday…’Only the Shadow Knows’. We certainly will never know.

    Gov. O’Malley is probably lining up his campaign staff as we speak. So long, Hillary.

  13. “Oh what a tangled web Hillary weaves, When first she practices to deceive”

    With apologies to Sir Walter Scott for borrowing his very wise observation.

  14. She spoke from the anti-semitic UN — a fitting place for her. Her and Obama love the UN, a terrible biased organization always against the Jews and Israel! Why didn’t she go directly to the American people and have a real press conferenced with us? She wants to be president of us and she goes to the UN to talk about the charges? We know why, she could never answer truthfully the questions that would have been put before her and she would have had to stay and hear hundreds of questions if she addressed the American people and reporters the right way, directly to them, not some UN crowd, so obvious how anti-America she is by speaking from the United Nations. And she said she won’t let anyone near her private server, we know why too — she’s guilty as sin for deleting important stuff, classified stuff, Benghazi stuff. She is above all that, you know, in her head. Anyway, how can she win the Presidency? The military will never vote for her and they better count the Military votes this time! It will be all fraud like Obama’s election. I fear we have come into the hands of a communist regime now. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, no truth, no loyalty, no integrity, nothing. These are politicians who no right to rule us, they are not dictators. This is not a one sided country, Congress and the Republications must be included in all “deals” and decision making regardless of what lawless Clinton and Obama say. Leaking stuff about Menendez, they should be convicted of conspiracy, don’t give up Menendez, you have a right to exchange gifts from your friend of 20 years! Fight the corruption in Washington,they are the ones guilty of corruption, Obama and family taking expensive gifts for themselves on our taxpayer money, vacations too. Don’t let them destroy you like they destroyed others. Obama must not a dictator who can destroy someone with Holder when he feels like it.

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