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Hillary: I Deleted Half My Emails, and You Can’t See the Server

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today doubled down on her email secrecy project, saying she had deleted perhaps some 30,000 emails from her time as Secretary of State that she claims were “private.”

All the emails were sent from her private account and stored on her private server. Presumably, the emails she deleted may exist somewhere on the server, but “the server will remain private,” she said.

Unless the server is forcibly removed from her possession via subpoena, there will never be any way to tell what’s on there. Another 30,000 or so, also sent on her private account,  were judged by her or her staff to be work-related and were sent to the State Department.

Clinton, who spoke during a press conference at the United Nations, offered up the specious argument that all public officials are required to judge what is personal and what is not. But by using her own account, Hillary was able to do something other public servants cannot – retrospectively judge whether she wanted certain work-related emails to be part of the public record or not.

She said she used two accounts because it was more convenient than carrying two devices, which no one will believe. She acknowledged that it “might have been smarter” to use two email accounts. But that hardly qualifies as a mea culpa – she seemed to merely be saying it would have in the end avoided the trouble she’s getting now.

She also seemed to try to neuter the questioning by having her press secretary first call on a reporter from “Turkish television,” who conveniently suggested that sexism was motivating the inquiry, asking, “if you were a man today, would all this fuss being made be made?”

The bottom line here is that a women with a known penchant for secrecy deleted half the emails she sent as Secretary of State. That’s a big problem, and it’s not going away.

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        • I was royally pissed when Vince Foster was Murdered and the Clintons got away with it. Then Admiral Mike Boorda, the Clinton appointed Chief of naval Opertions, relieved them of embarassment when he “committed suicide” when it was learned he was wearing decoarations he was not entitled to. Then, in another remarkable “coincidence” Clinton’s Secretary of labor, Ron Brown, under investigation for corruption, was “conveniently” aboard an Air Force plane that just happened to fly into the side of a mountain. And Sox the cat escaped by the skin of her teeth! The Prosecution Rests!!!!

  1. Top headline on Joseph Curl’s site:


    It links to this HuffPo article just posted at 6 pm ET:

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder has used three email aliases to conduct government business over the past six years, a Justice Department official revealed Tuesday.

    All three email aliases, including the one Holder currently uses, are official Justice Department addresses on the domain, the official told The Huffington Post. Holder has used the aliases to prevent spam and to keep his inbox from being overwhelmed by the public, not to avoid transparency, the official said. The addresses were known to DOJ officials handling Freedom of Information Act requests and congressional inquiries, according to the official.

    • Oh my, the rest of that article is something else. How do you have secret email addresses that have to be redacted when responding to FOIA requests yet you use them to conduct official government business? CEO’s and high level executives don’t have a need to do this, do they? If they’re conducting business, they send the emails from their real name and such and such company. This administration is such a joke.

  2. I just forced myself to watch Hag once again lie to the American people. The underlying malice toward those who question her shown through like a beacon.
    She says she deleted personal emails, emails that have to do with Chelsea’s wedding plans, presumably the birth of the Clinton heir apparent, family vacations, etc., etc. Don’t former First Ladies and aspiring presidential candidates keep that kind of thing for posterity? You know to go in that monument to themselves – the Presidential Library?
    Once again America is treated to contempt, disdain and dismissiveness by a politician who believes themselves to be above the law.

  3. As Peter Doocy mentioned to Shep on Fox this afternoon it takes about twenty seconds to add an email address to your iPhone. I’m looking at mine now and it’s as simple as clicking on Settings, then Mail, then Add Account. I only have one of my email addresses on my phone, but I have a second email address that I could add in mere seconds.

    So, how dumb are Shrillary’s aides and advisers? Why would they come up with that lame excuse for her? She claims she didn’t want two devices BUT that isn’t necessary. She could have had multiple email addresses on one device. It’s simple. Or, heck, couldn’t Huma handle carrying her other cell phone for her?

    Everything she says doesn’t make sense. If she wanted to keep things uncomplicated and keep her personal emails private, she would have had two separate emails addresses like the vast majority of Americans do – one for work and a personal email address.

    Also, I’d like to see this question posed to Shrillary: You set this email address up when you came in as Secretary of State. So, prior to that, how did you handle your email? You must have had a personal email account. And, you also had a government email account as a senator.

    Why did two email accounts work just fine for you when you were a senator, but you couldn’t keep that practice when you became SOS??


    “Her explanations are not plausible,” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) responded to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press conference today at which she addressed questions surrounding her use of a personal e-mail address and server for government business throughout her four years as Secretary of State.

    Clinton’s claims simply aren’t believable, Issa said:

    “What we heard from Hillary Clinton today was a rehashing of the talking points we’ve heard from her defenders over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, her explanations are not plausible and her statement did little to answer the many legitimate questions about the mishandling of these emails, including the security risks involved with her use of a non-government server for official communications. She also did not explain why she believed she had the right, for two years, and over the course of multiple investigations, to keep these e-mails from Congress, from the press, and from the American people.”

    Even now, Clinton is answering questions only because she got caught, not because she experienced an epiphany, Issa says:

    “Had Mrs. Clinton merely followed clear precedent and stated policy, this would not have become an issue. Had she reported the e-mails when she received subpoenas to which the documents would have been responsive, this would have been much less of an issue. She did neither. That she is only now addressing this, years after the fact, seems to indicate her response has little to do with some sudden, revelatory desire for transparency.”

    Clinton expecting Americans to trust her, despite her controversial past, are insulting, Issa said:

    “The expectation that we merely trust that Secretary Clinton shared all relevant e-mails and that the process of vetting the e-mails was as thorough and unbiased as it should have been is insulting given the Clintons’ well-established history of misleading the American people. This matter cannot be put to rest without a thorough forensic examination of the email server and an unbiased independent review of the records in question.”

    • Yes, when my dad caught me reading Playboy I told him I’d have an explanation for him in 2 weeks. He agreed and when we reconvened I had deleted all the “personal” photographs so I could prove I did, indeed, just read the Magazine for the articles!

      • That’s funny as well.
        What is pathetically funny, is switching back to the news station, and watching her again answer these questions.
        Judge Napalotano said just now: She said that her husband had the copy of her email. The Govt. is suppose to have them. The law statute does not allow that she conceal them on a husbands email.
        If you conceal no matter what reason you give it’s against the law.

    • HOLY CRAP!! My Apologies!! I skimmed your post and missed the gist of it, “The expectation that we merely trust that Secretary Clinton shared all relevant e-mails and that the process of vetting the e-mails was as thorough and unbiased as it should have been is insulting given the Clintons’ well-established history of misleading the American people. This matter cannot be put to rest without a thorough forensic examination of the email server and an unbiased independent review of the records in question.” Yes, believing a Clinton is like shaking hand with a cobra!!! They feel REAL smooth, but there’s just a slight pinch before you die!!!!

  5. So, here she comes, waddling out to the podium where the 21st century HD and bright lights show every wrinkle, every inch of sagging skin as she tries to find answers to the big question, Why?
    As she scans her notes, looks to the sky, to the right, then left, back to the sky, everything sounds like – What difference does it make if I did do this.
    There might have been a time she was ready to be POTUS, but MrObama pushed her out of the way.
    Her time has passed, she’s no longer ready and it was painfully apparent to everyone who watcher her squirm and lie and offer lame excuses.

  6. There is an innocent explanation for the apparent hypocrisy regarding Governor Palin’s emails verses Secretary of State Clinton’s.

    The journalists were obsessed with Palin’s emails because they were hoping that they just might discover that Gov Palin had been sending nude photos of herself to her husband. (they have a marriage license so it would not be illegal or immoral)

    Journalists are turning a blind eye to Aclinton’s emails because they are terrified by the prospect of discovering that she had been sending nude photos of herself.

  7. I was curious to see if the 60K number of emails she supposedly sent would be a reasonable amount over 4 years. Counting 5 days/week x 52 weeks that averages 60 per day of which 30 were private. I just counted my work emails from today…about 25, and I am nowhere near her level of responsibility. Doesn’t include my personal emails that I sent from my PERSONAL email address. I call bs on this for so many reasons…..but I am sure that she must have had many more work-related emails than what she is claiming. Of course, we will never really know, will we?

    • Nope. Not unless the Left-Stream press gets annoyed with her and goes after her with the vigor they showed for the nemesis Richard Milhouse Nixon! HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. posted elsewhere that she just put a big ol’ target on her e-mails. 17-year-olds around the country are tapping away to try to hack her system (never mind Anonymous). these elites really do think we’re stupid.

    • It’ll be interesting how widely the information is disseminated. Let’s see, “What is the sound of one conservative pointing out wrongdoing by liberals”? Well, let’s face it. The sound is silence!!

      • Sorry, I misstated that. Here’s the correct version: “What is the sound of 10,000 conservatives pointing out wrongdoing by liberals”? Well, let’s face it. The sound is silence!!

  9. Unreported Quote from Shrillary the Witch’s Lie Fest “I did not have sex with that server. Now you people need to let me get back to my job of accepting massive donations from our nations’ enemies, giving high priced meaningless speeches at universities run by my fellow communists, lying to parents over the bodies of their murdered sons, and setting up my campaign team so I can run for president”.

  10. Keith, I haven’t seen anyone mention this but I’m wondering if she used government e-mail when she was a senator. And let’s keep talking about the $6 billion that went missing while she was Secretary of State.