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White House: Obama Likely Knew Hillary Used Private Email

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today acknowledged that President Obama exchanged emails with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she was in office and that he likely saw that she was using a private email address.

Earnest’s assertion would appear to contradict Obama’s statement to Bill Plante of CBS last week that he first learned of Clinton’s use of private email when the news broke about it recently.

“When did you first hear that Hillary Clinton used an email system outside the U.S. government for official business while she was secretary of state?” Plante asked. Obama said, “At the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

Earnest said today it was not “an accurate conclusion” from this comment that Obama and Clinton didn’t exchange emails.

Earnest said:

The president, as I think many people expected, did, over the course of his first several years in office, trade emails with his secretary of state. I would not describe the number of emails as large, but they did have the occasion to email on another other.

And the point that the president was making was not that he didn’t know secretary Clinton’s email address – he did – but he was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up or how Secretary Clinton and her team were planning to comply with the federal records act . . .

The president was not aware of the fact that this was a personal email server and that this was the email address that she was using exclusively for all her business.

Well, somehow the attorney/politician, who chooses his words carefully, needed Earnest to do cleanup. Okay.

I don’t know about you, but I notice all the time if people use their personal account when emailing me during business hours. And I notice when they use their business account to email me about personal stuff.

Obama, it appears, exchanged many emails with Clinton at the “” address. He knew exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it.

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He simply decided not to make an issue of it. And, it seems at the very least, he wasn’t eager to admit to Plante that he knew what was going on.

Because it’s supposed to be the transparency administration, and something like “” sounds like about the least transparent thing on earth.

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  1. Does anyone believe that Obama’s FBI or/and NSA didn’t hack into Hillary’s server and has every single email she sent or received from her “private” server? Obama is as paranoid as LBJ was, and there’s no way he didn’t know she had a private server. They are political enemies, after all.

  2. I stated this the other day. Children come up with better explanations of what happened to the cookies missing from the cookie jar.
    Remember that song: I am proud to be an Ameircan? Well another song needs to be written: I am still proud to be an American, but at least I know when we are getting_____.

  3. I did opposition research and acted as a media liaison for the current governor of Wisconsin during his first campaign and the early days of his administration, 2008-2010. I communicated with many of his top aides on a daily basis. Because many of them continued to work for Milwaukee County while they worked for his campaign, these people became concerned with their public vs. private e-mail domain usage, almost to the point of obsession. There is no way Obama and/or Jarrett didn’t know about Hillary’s personal (and unsecured) mail server. And for Jarrett to suggest, as she did last Friday on Bloomberg news, that she had “never received an e-mail” from Clinton borders on the farcical. These people are beyond parody at this point. They conduct themselves as a group of people who believe they will never be held to account for anything, and/or under the impression (justifiably) that they’ll be able to make the evidence disappear when caught.

    • Jed Starnes thank you for that information. Anyone who one of us that received an email from an official, would see who was contacting us. If I got an email from her with, Hillarygirl, I would certainly worry about the communication involved.

      • Elections have consequences. Even the Wisconsin Unionista left has figured this out. After ACT-10, the unions brought 50-60-70K people to rallies in Madison without blinking an eye. In the pre-RTW debate last week, the unions could barely mobilize 1500 people. It’s been fun watching our WISGOP legislative majority slowly lift the union boot off the necks of taxpayers the past few years. It makes living under the Obama regime just slightly more tolerable.

    • In this day and age, we communicate way too much through email so yes, it is farcical at the least to minimize the amount of correspondence they would have had. Total BS.

  4. It’s just so much easier to be honest, no stories to keep straight, don’t have to remember what was said and who said what before.

  5. Yawn… Everyday it’s the same thing. Lie after lie. Granted all administration’s have their issues, but this guy is truly a Teflon don. The Republican won’t do anything anyways so why bother.

  6. When Hillary used her server to send her emails, it wasn’t a simple matter of emails going from her server directly to the recipient. Her emails went through internet networks to several servers (including servers in Dubai and the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean to reach their destinations (as I noted in a previous post based on investigative work of an IT investigator). At every point in the networks, her emails were in danger of being hacked. You think the Chinese didn’t know she was using her own server for her emails? Or the Russians? Or the Iranians? That’s the security breach she invited by her actions. That’s why this is a major issue.

      • Maybe Hillary’s e-mail server holds the answers to whose idea it was to blame the Benghazi terrorist attacks and the death of four Americans on an obscure YouTube video no one had ever seen or heard of.

        • A good forensic analysis of Hillary’s hard drive will tell us a lot about the Clinton world of deception and scheming. Her people are already primed and loaded to go all Lois Lerner on any investigation, you can bet. Lefty Progressives are always losing their emails. Funny how that is.

      • Absolutely. Every second we delay getting to that server is another day of wiping clean the hard drive (or trying to), sending up more smoke and mirrors and justice delayed.

  7. Deportation down! Catch and released. Border Union Chief claims immigration policy will let terrorists into the U.S.
    Kenneth Palinkas Nat’ls Union Chief.
    Admin. inviting “more catastropic event” than 9/11.
    Don’t know who the hell is here, who is coming in.
    If anyone just missed that interview, pull up Cavuto on

  8. OT: Collin Powell plays race card on cue. Republican Party “Has a dark vein of Intolerance”
    ISIS blows up historic Mosque in Mosul. It was built in 1881 under Ottoman Empire.
    Classy Ron Paul Institute accusses Netanyahu of “Playing the Holocaust Card” to drag U.S. into war with Iran.
    VA Administrator mocked mental health of Veterans, Including those who committed suicide.
    Collin Powell plays race card on cue. Republican Party, “Has a Dark Vein of Intolerance”.

  9. (borrowed) “I just found out today from the news reports that I actually knew about Hillary’s private email account from the start” – Barrack Obama.

  10. We will never know what obama knew and when. We can be pretty sure that Acting- President Jarrett knew all about it all the time it was happening.

    • The “I heard it on the same news program everyone else did” is showing that the POTUS is either lying or incompetent. Either/Or he looks the fool.

  11. It’s a toss-up as to who is the better liar…Obama or Hillary. No one should give Hillary the benefit of a doubt in this case. It’s crystal clear that her secret acct indicated that she had something to hide. Period. End of story.

    Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, has been trying to obtain her Egypt emails for a year now. Any bets on whether or not those particular emails will be among the 55,000 emails she releases??? Or how about Benghazi emails? What a joke!

    The corruption is so thick, I’m choking on it. If she bows out, she will still be smiling – all the way to the bank. She is still collecting her $250k speaking fees!