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Video || Chris Wallace Takes Down Lanny Davis

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace wasn’t having any of Lanny Davis’ BS during an interview Sunday about Hillary Clinton’s efforts to hide her State Department emails.

“Do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?” Wallace wanted to know.

Davis has in fact been joyfully spinning for the Clintons since Bill’s slimy and corrupt presence in the White House. But Davis looked a little unnerved Sunday by Wallace, who challenged him ruthlessly.

A wonderfully contentious interview.

17 thoughts on “Video || Chris Wallace Takes Down Lanny Davis”

  1. I watched that interview and was ready to climb through the TV and throttle Davis.

    Kudos to Wallace to continue to take the conversation back to the subject but the liberal again attempted to talk in circles and demand that the thread of the interview be on his terms.

    The smirking holier than thou attitude mail attitude of these people disgusts me.

    Wallace only succeeded in presenting what they are and their maniacal defense of corrupt politicians.

  2. It was a wonderful thing to behold. Wallace was like a mongoose and Lanny the snake had no where to hide. Wallace had him figuratively by the neck.

  3. Yeah. Right. I smell some rats.
    The Dems took a serious look at the Repub presidential lineup and decided that MrsC is a loser. The attacks are subtle, but lethal.
    Someone more attractive, less burdened by smelly baggage, younger, and with a nice spouse is waiting in the shadows.
    MrsC will not run, IMO. She’ll have ‘medical issues’, or want to spend her remaining years as a doting Granny.

    1. I agree. She’s toast. If she doesn’t get out of the race, there’s the “Clinton Initiative” and the “Clinton Foundation” investigations lined up. The delicious irony of all this is that the MSM and the D’s are using Alinsky tactics on Hillary, herself a very serious admirer and student of Alinsky.

      To wit: RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

      Tyrants always sow the seeds of their own destruction. That’s a rule Hillary is learning the hard way.

        1. Yep. She big time ticked off someone in the Progressive/Marxist wing of the D’s. Or maybe it was the offshore lunatics who run that wing of the D’s. For sure, there was a decision by a person or group to wipe her out. And the MSM and Democrat flackies all saluted and said “Your wish is our command.” Very interesting to watch. The D anti-Hillary movement went from zero to 95 in a day. That’s a clue they had orders to take her out immediately. All we have to do is pop the corn and watch the movie.

  4. Wow! this was a GREAT interview by Wallace. Davis got his butt kicked the entire time. You could see/hear past the well rehearsed talking points shared by multiple defenders on the Sunday talk shows: ‘This is no big deal. Colin Powell did it too. She wants the emails released.” Why doesn’t she release them herself since she is in possession of them?

  5. Let me also add that these are not Hillary Clinton’s emails. They belong to the American people. If she conducted personal business using this account she has now made them property of the U.S. Government!

    At NO Time Was The Obama Administration Aware Of What The Obama Administration Was Doing
    No one noticed the email headers in four years, and the NSA never made a security evaluation report to the President notifying him of the massive potential for enemy espionage penetration of the highest secrets in the country.
    And these are the people who want to give money to Iran to develop nuclear breeder reactors and trust their theories of appeasement with an openly declared enemy of the entire world that screams daily that it will enslave or kill everyone on the planet.
    Beam. Me. Up.

    1. Welcome to Obama’s America.
      The Fundamental Transformation of America is almost complete.

      You Katarina are entitled to your opinion but the administration does not accept it.

      The president gets a briefing everyday on something,…maybe his lunch.
      Otherwise, he get’s his news just like we do.

      Crap !

  7. Lanny is no IT guru – and it shows with his non-tech double-speak. One needs access to the internet to get to their e-mail. How does being in over 100 different countries make it burdensome to use the State Dept’s e-mail system? Hopefully the State Dept has a more secure way of conducting business (like VPN). That said – we all know why HRC did not abide by the rules/laws around using a .gov system

  8. I would LOVE to see ALL politicians grilled this way. I want honesty in media/government almost as much as I want to see my grandkids everyday, and that is ALOT of wanting!
    Just trying to give you guys a perspective on how much this means to me!!!

  9. Wow. I missed FNS yesterday and just saw this. Down here in GA, that is what we call an a$$ kicking.

    Chris Wallace is one of the best in the business at cutting through the BS. Well done!

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