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Quote of the Day || March 10, 2015

“Of course the president tried to convince Mrs. Clinton not to use her personal email. Unfortunately, he sent the message to her government account.”

– White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

14 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || March 10, 2015”

  1. But it’s an important point you’re making, no? Did anyone over at the WH know that Hillary was using a personal account?

  2. This just in: Huge fire breaks out at White house. First Responders report seeing Press Secretary Josh Earnest, several of his aides/enablers and even President Obama himself “running around with their pants fully engulfed in flames. Oh, the humanity!! The White house was quick to point out that the President was uninjured due to the resistance to flaming pants he has built up over the course of his career.

  3. Amazing how people who so often claim to “know nothing” (insert picture of Sergeant Schultz) think they know what’s best for us!

  4. Hope one of the enterprising WH reporters will ask the obvious question:

    Was your husband, the former President, the beneficiary of emails from your private/secret server? If so, did he ever question your unethical, illegal practices in regard to this matter? If not, why not?

    This is going to be a three-ring circus. Hillary will be performing her daredevil high wire act without a net! Got popcorn?

  5. I just read an amusing article by Sharyl Attkinson, ” Some folks are way out of loop , like Obama, 8 times”. She writes about all these occasions when the standard-excuse was, “I heard it on the news”.
    Seems like it is really unnecessary costs to haul around such a clueless guy on Air Force One all the time. What is he doing there ? Reading newspapers ?

    1. Yes it really is pathetic how uniformed little Barry is, except when it comes to things that DO NOT concern him as the president. I am SICK OF THE LIES!!!

  6. Did I miss something ? At Joseph Curls Washington Times webpage the headline reads……

    Obama to GOP: You’re with the Terrorist.

    Has there been a detente between the Obama Admin and Congress? Has Obama joined everyone else calling himself “The Terrorist” ?

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