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The Obama Morning News || March 9, 2015

Months of Hillary emails missing . . . Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the House select committee investigating Benghazi, said that there is a period of missing Hillary Clinton emails from her time as secretary of State spanning several months. “There are gaps of months, and months and months,” Gowdy said Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation. “If you think to that iconic picture of her on a C-17 flying to Libya – she has sunglasses on and she has her handheld device in her hand – we have no emails from that day. In fact, we have no emails from that trip,” Gowdy said. The Hill

Congressional opposition to Obama amnesty order over . . . Singed by their defeat in the battle over Homeland Security funding, Republicans aren’t about to renew their fight against President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration anytime soon. Politico

Throwing in the towel on one of the greatest abuses of presidential power ever.

Obama: Just hearing now about that Clinton email thing . . . President Obama says he first learned from news reports that his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, used a private email account during her tenure, amid reports the White House and State Department may have known as far back as last August that Clinton did not use government email. Fox News

Obamas spend Tens of millions on vacations . . . The first family, Michelle Obama fresh from her annual Aspen ski vacation with her daughters, and President Obama back from a weekend of golf in sunny Palm Springs, Calif., have spent tens of millions in tax dollars to vacation, and they still have two more years to go, according to an accounting of their trips. Washington Examiner

New White House Mideast guru raises concerns . . . National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Friday named as head of her Mideast desk an official who has stoked controversy with past criticisms of Israel and by meeting with Hamas terrorists. CNS News

Iran deal likely, but not by deadline . . . Negotiators trying to strike a nuclear deal with Iran believe they may soon reach a framework agreement — but probably not before a March 24 deadline for Congressional action that threatens to blow up the talks. Politico

Netanyahu troubled by reports of U.S. nuclear umbrella . . . The Jerusalem Post and Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported last week that Obama administration is ready to ease concerns over the Iranian nuclear threat by offering the Gulf States a “nuclear umbrella” — a declaration that any use of nuclear weapons against them would be considered use against the U.S. as is now policy for such major military allies as NATO, Japan and South Korea. Washington Times

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 9, 2015

  1. ” Congressional opposition to Obama amnesty order over “.
    Thanks Republicans, now you and the DNC can call and send mail asking for $$$ to the illegals, oops, I mean dreamer’s.
    Sincerely, one po’d Citizen.

    • There’s no difference between Reid-McConnell and Pelosi-Boehner is there ?

      I’m so sad for our country that there is no true representation anymore. We voted Dems out for a reason, what’s it going to take for the GOP to get the message ?

      Haven’t heard a peep from the Tea Party leaders either, still bogged down with the IRS ?

      • There is a movement by the conservatives in the house to replace Boehner as speaker.
        He just enabled Obama to break the law.
        He is complicit and should be removed from his position.

        I don’t care if Obama’s administration has dirt on him.

        • Too late, AFVet. The damage is done and it’s irreversible.

          Heard that Boehner and the RINOS are praying that SCOTUS will not reverse course on O/Care. The lazy bums do not want to deal with it and will delay all actions if it is overturned.

          • Nothing is irreversible.
            As far as the SCOTUS is concerned, their decision will determine the spine that the congress has to restrain Obama.

            Maybe it is just sabre rattling by the conservatives in the congress.
            We have memories and we have the tools to tell us how they voted and who voted for what bill.

  2. Per the vaca’s.
    It has been documented that the price tag for their vacations has cost upwards of 40 million dollars,….and that does not include the price for security nor the additional aircraft it takes to haul around their equipment.

  3. Hmmmm?
    Jerusalem Post has an interesting article concerning pending nuclear treaty with Iran. House Republicans claim treaty can be overturned once Obama leaves office as it would only be an EO.
    Drudge has link also.
    I’m not sure what this would mean, anyone?

  4. As far as o claiming he just found out though the news. This excuse is getting old. He needs to change his advisors, and or others. Also he needs to read the briefings in front of a witness or a camera. He is like a child who may need their parent nearby, to make sure they do their homework.

  5. “If you think to that iconic picture of her on a C-17 flying to Libya – she has sunglasses on and she has her handheld device in her hand – we have no emails from that day…..” –Gowdy

    Well, of course there’s no emails. There she is, flying that C-17 (a mighty fine aircraft, btw), with Brian Williams as her co-pilot, dodging sniper fire and SAM missiles, making that aircraft do things no one has ever done with a C-17, saving lives, the fate of the world hanging on her quick decisions, and Gowdy expected her to be emailing?

    Need I say /sarc.