As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

43 Responses to Sunday Open Trhead || April 8, 2015

    • IMO: no one in the WhiteHouse cared much what MrsClinton did, and the Pres never read anything she e-mailed, for anything.
      Considering that it now seems her whole tenure as SoS was to scarf up monies from other countries, her e-mails were probably all written by some flunky.

      • Mrs. Clinton keeping her GOVERNMENT e-mails private in her home is a sign of guilt on her part, isn’t it? She knows whats in them could get her in trouble with Benghazi and/or the money from the Saudis. And maybe she doesn’t care what people think about her e-mails she thinks she’ll be President anyway? She thinks she’s invincible and this is a small price to pay, she says, who cares? I’ll be President no matter what I do or did to people, and/or illegally. And maybe she’s right, I mean, she knows that a lot of the votes will be a bunch of fraud.

  1. I see the wookie went with him this time. Needed to score on the “blacks are victims” agenda of this white house.

    They are proposing a “hate white history month”

  2. Judicial Watch sues for Hillary/Huma/Morsi Egypt emails. Gotta love this one! The wife of the ousted Egyptian prez, Morsi, is threatening to release letters from Hillary indicating a ‘close relationhip’of the Obama administration with the MB and her husband after Hillary called him a ‘simpleton’ and unfit to serve in order to garner favor with the new Prez.

    I am so leery of that Huma and the rumors of her relationshp with the MB. There should be a full investigation of this woman…and her creepy relationship with Hillary. If Hillary is elected, Huma will probably be living in the WH and serving as the First Lady.

    Hillary is too shady to occupy the WH. She should be disqualified immediately, if not sooner.

    • Thanks for the article. The lastest comments from Bill.
      He defends the foreign donations.
      He declined to weigh in on Hilla. email debacle.

    • The Huma Abedin connection to the Muslim Brotherhood is very real, as I’m sure you know. Here’s a National Review article pointing to her extremely close ties to the MB, including her own family’s intimate relationship with the MB, and Huma’s direct connections with MB activities. Tie that to Obama’s hiring of Muslim Brotherhood activists in the highest levels of our government and a definite picture begins to emerge. And it ain’t comforting.

      • Wrap it up and tie a bow around it! Everyone knows Obama supported Morsi and the MB. He didn’t lift a finger to aid the protestors when Morsi was ousted. Same thing with the mullahs in Iran.

        Morsi also honed his skills at a State college located right here in the San Fernando Valley – Cal State Northridge.

        The media, unfortunately, won’t go after Hillary b/c Obama has spent six years trying to legitimize Muslims. Blacks and Muslims are hands off.

        Hillary is guilty by association, if nothing else. And I, for one, believe there is plenty of ‘something else’.

        • Add this to it all: The MB was banned in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia–three countries Obama was pleased to help overthrow, passively or actively, so the MB could move back into power.

  3. If you’re looking for Hillary’s emails – they’re probably stashed away with the missing $6 billion from the State Dept.

  4. I was watching Chris Wallace interviewing Lanny Davis about the Clinton email caper today on Fox News Sunday. Obviously, Davis was defending Hillary, as he usually does. What did stand out was Wallace’s angry, somewhat over the top ferocious interrogation of Davis, his constant interruptions, his verbal smack downs of Davis’ comments, etc. It was quite a performance. Wallace was just mighty ticked off and it showed. He was clearly angry at Hillary and her duck and dive treatment of the email issue and relating that anger through Davis.. How interesting, I asked What’s behind this anger?

    Then I remembered the time Wallace interviewed Bill Clinton and Clinton made Wallace look like an ignorant schoolboy. That was the interview we heard the “You have that little smirk on your face” remark Clinton aimed at Wallace. That had to hurt. So maybe this morning’s interview was payback to that old Clinton interview. These thin skinned anchors have very long memories. Payback time.

    That Wallace/Clinton interview is here:

    • Thanks for the recalling of the comment made by Bill. I thought Wallace was using a little of the old school rule of interviewing, however it may have been as stated, payback…

    • What great recall you have, Marcus! I had forgotten all about that humiliating interview Chris did with Clinton.
      What else could explain Wallace’s explosion this morning. It has been a long time coming, but he finally had his day. Hope Lanny didn’t take it personally, lol.

  5. Very good article. Two very different men. I cannot listen to o, because as we discussed hear, the beginning of a sentence is speaking well of us, than always a stab at the end of his sentences. A stab to our Country, our people, our history, etc.

  6. Oh boy, the Moochettes must be so annoyed. They had to spend time with Obummer two days in a row. First, all day Saturday with the whole family for the Selma event. And now today he took them to the Library of Congress. I bet they can’t wait until it’s spring and he’ll be busy with golf on the weekends.

    From Mark Knoller’s tweets:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Pres Obama and daughters are visiting the Library of Congress to see original manuscript of Pres Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address.
    1:28pm – 8 Mar 15

    Lincoln delivered his 2nd Inaugural at the Capitol 150 years ago, March 4, 1865, just weeks before his April 15th assassination.
    1:35pm – 8 Mar 15

    Pres Obama spent 24 minutes at the Library of Congress – then back to the WH. Plenty of daylight left thanks to Daylight Savings Time.
    2:06pm – 8 Mar 15