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Obama to Ferguson: Accept the DOJ Findings – or Else

Remember, its the agenda that matters. Not the processes. The Constitution, the separation of powers, the rule of law – those are quaint constructs irrelevant to the modern march toward Social Justice.

Following the Justice Department’s report charging the Ferguson police department with racial bias and abusive practices, President Obama Friday interjected himself into the case, strong-arming the city with the power of his office.

Instead of the letting the system run its course – and making Ferguson comfortable with invoking its right to dispute the allegations in the report – Obama, who spoke to a historically black college in South Carolina, suggested the proof was already self-evident in the pudding and Ferguson best cave to the Feds.

He even acknowledged he should keep his nose out of it, and then went ahead and put his nose right in it:

The steps that now are to be taken is that the Justice Department has presented this evidence to the city of Ferguson, and the city of Ferguson has a choice to make.  They’re basically going to have to decide, do they dispute the findings of the Justice Department — and I shouldn’t comment on that aspect of it, although I will say what’s striking about the report is a lot of this was just using emails from the officials themselves.  So it wasn’t like folks were just making it up.

But the city of Ferguson will now have to make a decision:  Are they going to enter into some sort of agreement with the Justice Department to fix what is clearly a broken and racially biased system?  Or if they don’t, then the Justice Department has the capacity to sue the city for violations for the rights of the people of Ferguson. (Applause.)

Get it? Agree to your guilt, which is obvious, or face the wrath of the federal government in a racially charged court case.

This has nothing to do with the extent to which the report on Ferguson is accurate. This has to do with due process, which the city of Ferguson is being told it should forgo – by the president of the United States.

I’ll give Obama some credit for making supportive remarks for many police officers who put their lives on the line. He’s not waging an anti-police jihad:

I don’t think that what happens in Ferguson is typical.  I think the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers here in South Carolina and anyplace else — young man, sit down, I’m in the middle of talking.  All right, thank you.  The overwhelming number of law enforcement officers have a really hard, dangerous job, and they do it well and they do it fairly, and they do it heroically.  (Applause.)  And I strongly believe that.

And the overwhelming majority of police departments across the country are really thinking hard about how do we make sure that we are protecting and serving everybody equally. And we need to honor those folks, and we need to respect  them, and not just assume that they’ve got ill will or they’re doing a bad job.

But the lack of understanding that his role as president is not to be the community-activist-in-chief, but that it is, rather, to serve protector of the Constitution and defender the concept of equal treatment under the law and the notion that YOU DON’T RAILROAD PEOPLE TOWARD PRE-ORDAINED CONVICTIONS.

Isn’t that, really what his trip to Selma today is about? Wasn’t such treatment part of what blacks were desperately seeking in the 1960s. How deeply ironic that Obama would support arbitrary government rule on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

17 thoughts on “Obama to Ferguson: Accept the DOJ Findings – or Else”

  1. Although I will say:
    That is typical in his comments and his speeches…
    Here I go again with the msm. They do not make a huge point of those, “Although I will say” comments. Does anyone have a list of everytime he has done that?
    Also: When he stated, Young man, sit down, I’m in the middle of talking.
    I cannot recall a P ever stating that.

  2. Another historic first for MrObama; he’s become the President of Black America. As he and his regime paint all White people, of any occupation, as racially adverse to anyone with dark skin, he sets himself apart from the actual majority of citizens he was elected to protect.
    As the Black community, the misfits, the amnesty believers relive a day of infamy in Selma, nothing will be said of the civil rights movement that gave all Blacks a place in front of the line, of the thousands of duly elected Blacks at every level of our government, but will focus on the few instances where prejudice still exists.

  3. If only Mr. Obama were as interested in the emails of Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, and those involved in “Fast and Furious” (hello, Eric Holder) as he is in some jokes out of Ferguson. I’m sure nobody in the black community has ever made similar jokes about white people. And of course POTUS has NEVER, NEVER engaged in such levity…

    An interesting comment on another site detailed Obama’s Arabic heritage and raised an interesting argument that Barack likely has more slave owner blood in him than slave blood. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if Barack’s ancestors enslaved Michelle’s ancestors?

    1. lol. I don’t know if they did a family heritage research or not. Wouldn’t that be ironic. I am sure those records were pulled and shredded, if so.

  4. My ancestors came here from Germany in the 1880’s. Since that time, neither I nor them have had the pleasure of holding down black folks.

    Yet we and other whites are blamed for everything wrong with everything.

    Where is the “white history month”,
    to protect us from being suppressed?

    How on earth could the Black PHD engineer I worked with do that with all of us holding him back??

  5. Obama thinks he is a Mafia Godfather. Do it or else. Whatever “it” may be.
    I thoroughly detest this lowlife cretin who has had the audacity to turn the office of President into a pile of manure. He is a grotesque, and a piss poor example for the citizens of this country to have represent them…black, white, asian, latin, whatever.

    1. I thoroughly agree with your assessment and frustration! Also, I have come to dislike the word ‘audacity’ since it is part the title of bho’s book, but the word fits! jb

    2. I just love your post! That is so true, a cretin, thats the only explanation of his constant viscious tyrades against whitey. Although the drugs and booze that he inbibes and taken in the past,and is also in his genes maybe causing the sick anger. I personally feel this is a nut who enjoys inflicting pain and who will go as far as he can to hurt whoever until one days he is stopped. A cretin like this should never hold a position of authority. This seems like a mental or emotional illness to constantly berate.

  6. I guess The One is scrambling for all the legacy he can manufacture. With black resentment machine, he has tapped into a sure-fire arena that will forever hold him high for have black ancestry. Fanning the flames of black racism just makes him all that much more a hero in their biased eyes. I feel for the black Americans who are not a part of this constant drumbeat for the status of victimhood and reparations.

  7. Holder and Obama and Sharpton have to save face in Ferguson because the officer is innocent. The three of them should be arrested for inciting riots which caused Ferguson to be set on fire, businesses burned to the ground, stores looted by uncivilized crazies. Why aren’t the looters and arsonists being rounded up and charged for their crimes? No, of course not, the “President” and Holder don’t care about the real criminals in Ferguson, they are using their positions of authority to bully as usual, thats why the government has so many lawsuits filed against them. They don’t care about the lawsuits, its not their money, its the taxpayers’ money, so they say, file away! see what happens when you vote for the wrong people? The people have to stand up and rid the government of these political enemies who hate us.

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