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Obama Suggests Racism Informs Opposition to “Dreamers”

In an interview recorded for broadcast Friday, President Obama said support for deporting adult illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children violated the “spirit” of Selma, the historic civil rights march whose 50th anniversary Obama will commemorate in Alabama Saturday.

Obama spoke with Sirius XM “Urban View” host Joe Madision:

When you think about the principle that was upheld that day, and in subsequent days, at the Edmund Pettus bridge, it was the promise of an inclusive America . . .

When it comes to immigration, we are a nation of immigrants, and the notion that some young kid who was brought here when they were two or three years old might somehow be deported at the age of 20 or 25 even though they have grown up as an American – that’s not who we are. That’s not true to the spirit of what the march on Selma was about.

If I have to hear Obama opine one more time on “who we are” as Americans, I’m going to break my keyboard over my head. It’s metal, so it will take some time and do some damage. I hope it knocks me insensate, because I can’t take anymore.

One thing Selma was about was ending the divisions that scar this country. By suggesting racist motives on the part of his opponents, Obama, as he has so often done, is dividing us.

It would be bad enough if he was cynically trying to tar his opposition. But what’s going on is actually something worse. He truly believes his opponents are motivated by hatred. And for a president, that is really something unique.

And of course, it justifies in his mind his increasingly arbitrary, unilateral rule. Because why include the views of people animated solely by hatred and racism?

Apparently – I hadn’t realized this – autocracy is who we are as Americans.

49 thoughts on “Obama Suggests Racism Informs Opposition to “Dreamers””

  1. Everytime he says “That’s not who we are”, or “It’s the right thing to do”….I want to hurl!!! It might have worked for Clinton, but not for this racist dictator.

    We are a nation of Laws…Barry!! When the POTUS brazenly breaks our immigration laws. imports millions of third worlders off the streets of Mexico and Latin America, compares illegal aliens to Selma and calls the opposition – racist….it’s time to take action. Impeach!

    1. I agree.
      He constantly twists the truth into convoluted lies that he uses to promote his agenda and bolster his rhetoric.
      The comment on Selma is one, the reference to the Crusades was another.

      1. In Obama’s mind, he once shot 11 holes-in-one in a regulation 18-hole round of golf, turning in a card that was 38-under par.

        Oh, and lest I forget: Obama also invented the hamburger.

    2. I go in convulsions ever time those phrases come out of him mouth. the one I hate most is “it’s the right thing to do” because every time he says that, I know I’m getting screwed again!!!

  2. There is an old saying, I have never used myself. However it seems it would fit with him: PUT A SOCK IN IT!
    He forgot to bring up the welcome Matt! He had the nerve to ramble this.
    Keith made a great point of being frustrated. I think he enjoys the frustration he is causing in a lot of Americans.

  3. Racism, racism, racism.
    That’s all THIS racist,pontificating windbag has in his seemingly bottomless bag of trick’s.
    Barry, Holder, Sharpton. All cut from the same piece of cloth.

  4. Interesting that a president who lectures us on “inclusion” will spend his day surrounded by adoring sycophants as a “historically black” college, and doing an interview with a guy who calls himself the “Black Eagle” on a Sirius channel titled “Urban View.”

    Reminds me of his recent (taxpayer-funded) trip to Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood, which is 83% African-American. Obama is lying in the fetal position in the shadows of Valerie Jarrett’s womb. What a blissful existence.

  5. I was in Walgreens the other day in a mixed race area. Waiting on line were me ( 50s, white guy), a Hispanic man mid 40s, a woman with bright red dyed hair that appeared to be not in control of facilities, and a black man about 45. We all waited patiently but the black man became impatient and said loudly, what’s the wait for? No reply so he said loudly, what is this, a colored thing? I laughed out loud, turned to the man, who was right behind me and said, really, are you kiddin’ man, look around? I got him to laugh and we wished each other a good day.

    But this is where the mindset is at these days.


  6. Here’s Obama, still peddling racist shamwow to justify his illegal actions. And he thinks he’s still fooling people. There is something seriously wrong with this guy. Meanwhile, the Republican leadership sleeps the sleep of the shameless fools the are, while the Emperor of Destruction continues on his merry way..

    1. You are right. There is something seriously wrong with the guy. He is a paranoid, delusional, malignant narcissist. Many observers believe him to be legitimately mentally ill.

      Malignant narcissists make wonderful mass murderers, terrorists, and gang leaders. Fortunately for Obama, he has a lot of life ahead of him.

    1. It takes a real repeatedly dismal loser to evoke that emotion in most civilized people. US, we are sick and tired of the dregs of humanity ruling our USA.

        1. Gee Harv, I must be doing better than I thought.I’m eating WH fare. Meatloaf! Although mine is Thursday night leftover.

  7. Who we are:
    Are we the people who dig up ancient dirt on our political opponents
    Are we the people who force others to comply with our personal opinions
    Are we the people who kill unborn children and celebrate their death
    Are we the people who ignore our laws and insult those who do live here legitimately
    Are we the people who lie, hide, cheat, while pretending to be a Public Servant
    Are we the people who would smear a whole race for what some others did
    Is that who we are Mr Obama?
    That’s not me, so it must be you.

  8. After what Obama has put America through since the day he took office, I will not cast a vote in the 2016 election unless there is a candidate (on either side) who makes a solemn promise (is that possible?) to never, ever utter the words ‘race, ‘racism’, Selma, or black/white. He/she must also promise that Sharpton and Holder will never be allowed within 100 yards of the WH.

    Also, would it be asking too much to declare Jan. 20, 2016 a National Holiday? When Obama exits his public housing, I know there will be dancing in the streets and block parties across the nation!

  9. I’m sorry, Mr. Obama, but your race card was declined due to insufficient funds.

    So you can either pay cash, or SHUT THE HELL UP.

  10. Hey Barry …half white half black most racist disturbed whack here as a minority in your Hawaii you allegedly embrace so much( and spend a bajillion dollars of ours vacationing in)…. I don’t care what race anyone is if they just act like a resident and respect this country!! Unlike you!!! Shut up! Ugggg sick of it.

  11. THE GREAT DIVIDER!? WEDGE DRIVER!? CUT AND SLICER!? Obama has taken the dictators method of divide and conquer. The wonderful great American Apple Pie has been cut into many pieces. Or so he thinks. He believes he is wearing the pants, but look, there is no backside and his skunkbutt is hanging out. I am resting on the fact American spirit will not crumble. With all we see and hear, there will always be the “remnant.”

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