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The Obama Morning News || March 6, 2015

Clinton email use violated “clear cut” State Dept. rules . . . The State Department has had a policy in place since 2005 to warn officials against routine use of personal email accounts for government work, a regulation in force during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state that appears to be at odds with her reliance on a private email for agency business, Politico has learned.

EPA administrator won’t say if climate models right . . .  When Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) pressed EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on whether past climate change “models” predicting how fast temperatures would increase have turned out to be accurate, she couldn’t provide an answer. The Blaze

White House misled judge on amnesty . . . President Obama’s lawyers misled a federal judge when they said they weren’t approving any applications under his expanded deportation amnesty, Texas charged in new court papers Thursday that said the breach is serious enough that the court should allow legal discovery to get to the bottom of the matter. Washington Times

Americans don’t think Obama is honest . . . Fewer voters than ever before see Obama as honest: a record-low 43 percent.  And for the first time since 2007, a majority, 54 percent, disagrees that the president is “honest.” Fox News

Obama loved Spock . . . The galaxy’s most famous Vulcan, the president wrote, was “Cool, logical, big-eared, and level headed, the center of Star Trek’s optimistic, inclusive vision of humanity’s future.” Just like you know whom. Matthew Continetti

Federal government wasted $125 billion last year . . . Federal agencies across the board are continuing to waste tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on duplicative spending efforts, even after Congress‘ official watchdog has made hundreds of recommendations for cutting back. Washington Times

Veggie consumption down in wake of Michelle’s program . . . A federally funded study on the effects of First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch standards found that vegetable consumption has “significantly decreased” since the rules went into effect. Washington Free Beacon

Republicans weigh coup against Boehner . . . Rank-and-file Republicans are openly contemplating a coup against House Speaker John A. Boehner and his top lieutenants after a series of self-inflicted legislative fumbles and political defeats in the first weeks of the congressional session. Washington Times

Lawmakers fight Obama bullet ban . . . Opposition to the Obama administration’s proposal to ban a popular bullet is gaining steam in the House of Representatives, where more than half of the lawmakers have signed a letter opposing the move. Fox News

6 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || March 6, 2015”

  1. Keith, Thanks for the article from the Washington Times. The following should be placed on a big board on the news: This week’s Retreats:
    1. Homeland Security Dept AND O’s Deportation Amnesty.
    2. Abortion
    3. Border Security
    4. Education
    All failed due to rebellion within OWN PARTY.
    Please note the bold: comment by PeterT. King (Rep).

  2. The Obama administration’s attempt at bans on firearms is so, well, stodgy.
    They should consider what one famous Black comedian suggested – instead of banning firearms, make each bullet cost $5,000.

    Everyone knows that kids will eat anything if you let them dip it in ranch dressing – especially veggies. geez.

    MrsClinton’s e-mail setup wouldn’t have amounted to much press, if, IF, the Clinton foundation hadn’t accepted foreign contributions while she was in office.
    Together, the whole thing smells hinky.

  3. Bruce Webster, an IT investigator/detective, is writing explosive stories re Hillary Clinton’s server/email catastrophe. He’s gone deeply into her server story, internet networks, internet providers, etc. and what he’s discovered will pop your eyeballs right out of your head. Virgin Island connections, Dubai connections and worse. Follow the links in his articles and then ask yourself why did Hillary want to expose the United States and its deepest secrets to such a vulnerability of being hacked, as she surely was? Is she really that dumb or just arrogant? Or worse?

  4. Looks like the myth of the Clinton’s is being dispelled,….’bout time.
    We have all known that they are crooks and for years the press just swept obvious lawlessness under the rug.

    This latest Hillary attempt and Bill’s escapades over the years,… this could be their Waterloo,….finally.

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