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Liberal MSNBC Host: Email System Set Up to Defy FOIA

Liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell cut straight to the chase this morning, succinctly demonstrating why both liberals – at least those who can wash the politics out of their hair for a moment – and conservatives alike are aghast at Hillary Clinton’s attempt to hide her emails from the public:

This email system was set up, obviously, to defy the Freedom of Information Act. It meant the emails were completely immune from every single Freedom of Information Act request.

17 thoughts on “Liberal MSNBC Host: Email System Set Up to Defy FOIA”

  1. What happened to him- did he fall on his head?
    Find religon or what?
    This is very disturbing – we depend on the lefty MSM to act certain way, so if they’re going to start stating the obvious instead of the devious, we’re going to have to recalibrate.

  2. When the liberal media starts going after Hillary, it is for a reason–they want Elizabeth Warren as their candidate. God help us all then.

    1. Yes.. the campaign money has to be diverted to Warren and away from Hillary. Amazing to watch all this before our very eyes. Usually this is done behind closed doors. No doubt Hillary has ticked off lots of D’s in her path to power, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. It’s a trust issue…The reason Hillary used the private email server from her home is because she didn’t trust Obama & his minions. She knew they would watch everything she emailed & use it against her when they needed to.

  4. If we’ve lost Lawrence O’Donnell, we’ve lost liberal America – Hillary Clinton (A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote)


    Clinton security is more important than America’s security. Fortunately for Hillary, only foreign spies will hack her, not America.

  5. ValJar has stated that she never received any e-mails from Hillary, nor had the White House.
    55,000 e-mails sent and none to the White House !

    1. …and none of the senior leadership at State Dept. NEVER NOTICED they never recieved any ‘’ emails from their boss Hillary..???!!!

  6. Kevin Williamson, writing today in National Review this week, put it about as clearly and succinctly as it can be put:

    “When the law does not apply to the lawmakers and law-enforcers, you are not being governed: You are being ruled. And we are ruled by criminals.”

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