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Is the Iran Bomb Now Unstoppable?

Nuclear Iran. Learn to love it!

Retired Army Major General Bob Scales, a Fox News analyst, had some sobering words for host Neil Cavuto: It’s over. Forget it. Iran will have its bomb.

His analysis, unfortunately, makes sense. I’m not saying I accept it – I’m an optimist, or perhaps just unwilling to face a fact too awful to wrap my brain around. But it makes sense.

Iran will continue working toward a bomb whether it strikes a deal or not, though have no doubt, there will be a deal, Scales says. Israel isn’t really militarily capable of taking the program out. And President Obama simply won’t.

A piece in the Weekly Standard by Elliot Abrams adds some interesting perspective on the impetus for Obama’s dealings with Iran, noting that Obama has effectively made the Iranians our ally. Not down the road, when they supposedly will “reform.” But now.

The reason is that Obama, who doesn’t want to be bothered with foreign policy obligations while he focuses and the domestic “transformation” that is his reason for being president, wants to hand responsibility for the region to Iran. Then he never has to commit troops, get his hands dirty, or put dents and scratches on his Nobel Peace prize.

Abrams writes:

President Obama appears to take a benign view of Iran’s actions in Iraq and Syria: if the United States and Iran are not collaborating, we are at least acting along parallel lines. To the extent that Iranian troops fight the Islamic State in Iraq, some of the pressure on Obama to do more there (more U.S. bombing, more American advisers on the ground) is alleviated. To the extent that Iranian troops are fighting the Islamic State and other Sunni jihadi groups in Syria, Obama apparently believes, he need not come up with a workable Syria policy that aims at getting Assad out and defeating jihadis there . . .

We do less, someone else does more. Meanwhile we conclude a nuclear agreement with Iran, easing regional tensions and pointing the way to a future rapprochement. If the Middle East won’t exactly be a zone of peace, the need for immediate American intervention will seem to disappear . . .

This policy will leave Iran dominant in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, and now it seems Yemen as well: the “Shia Crescent” of which King Abdullah of Jordan warned a decade ago. This policy abandons the role the United States has played in the Middle East since the Second World War, and hands it to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Not only is Obama not going to intervene in Iran. He’s not going to intervene anywhere. If he denies Iran atomic weapons by going to war, not only does Iran become his problem, but the whole Middle East does.

And that would interfere with the real business at hand, which is golf and executive orders.

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    1. The nation that us “oldies but goodies” knew…the nation of the possible…is shadowed right now. We took so much for granted – including our natural (God given) resources. We took our education for granted. We took our jobs for granted. We took fast food and Walmart for granted. We were “users” and “takers” and forgot how to be innovative and resourceful. We became lazy and stupid and dulled by senseless actions and the noise of media. Let us become leaders by example of morals and ethical behavior.
      Dear God, have mercy upon on our undeserving souls. Teach our young children to value our nation and our freedom and our great nation. Please – give us a second chance to show our children and grandchildren what it means to be an American. Let us teach them our culture. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

      1. Thats what happens when a law is passed that has killed millions of babies, human life tortured and thrown in the garbage cans.
        And thats what happens when a country has become so politically correct that we just give our country away to 20 million illegals because a nut “President” said so. We, the American people will have give them our money that we work hard for? Why isn’t this guy being stopped from doing these crazy things?

  1. Everyone stop! That is everyone that is not paying attention to a dad burn thing that is going on. Before you tell me there is nothing to worry about. First read a book. Read the Constitution.
    The reason why I ranted the above is that I was trying to pull up a site from Fox with Gen. Jack Keane’s name.
    I was going to make a point about myself appreciating his point of view and knowledge, and of course the Army Major General Bob Scales.
    Instead of Fox coming up a leftist newsight came up slaming them for their words.
    Point: I would rather someone tell me in a couple of years, that I worried for nothing. That is what I am praying. However as a mother I instinctly think of all what if this, and what if that in life.

  2. When Iran has it’s Bomb and use’s it against the US, and they will, after all America is the “Great Satan”, I hope that those in the Obama administration who made it possible are in or near ground zero so they can reap the benefits of smart diplomacy.

    1. Well, that is one way to turn the deep blue major metro areas red. Might be ironic but that is what will happen. They sure aren’t going to cart a bomb all the way gun clinging bible thumping Americana. Nope, they will go for the big cities.

  3. At least Israel has nukes (aircraft delivery, submarine cruise missile & long-range ballistic missile) and the will to use them to survive…

    1. So do we Spook.
      Take out their communications and their radar.
      Bomb the hell out of their refineries.

      If their electric grid doesn’t work neither do their nuclear enrichment facilities.

      The Air Force and the Navy can ‘soften the target’ prior to Israel’s defending Herself against an imminent threat.

      Obama is exacerbating an already volatile situation by siding with the enemy of our ally.

      ISIS is a threat but they have no aircraft, or a Navy that can deliver a missile on their front porch when necessary.

      They are using medieval tactics to enrage the civilized world in trying to establish a caliphate.

      Sorry ISIS, we have bombers,…you don’t.

  4. This will be the legacy of Obama, Clinton and Kerry: Iranian nuclear tipped intercontinental missiles aimed and ready to launch at Europe and the United States. That’s where we are.

  5. I agree that obama has made Iran his ally and that a nuclear bomb is unstoppable

    Domestically we are a one man one party country. Of interest today was the democrats commitment to insure that Boehner remain speaker while the feds are going after Menendez — big dem critic of obama’s Iran alliance — for corruption

    In Russia and China anyone who opposed the Ruler – whether within or outside the Party was “fair game.

    And of course Obama has his own weapon – racism. The rule of law and the constitution are window dressing.


  6. This interview is total garbage. General Scales is just shooting his mouth off. He seems to have zero knowledge of Iran. He has no idea what he is talking about.

  7. Or, perhaps he’s just a Muslim, sent here to pave the road to a western Caliphate. Shame there are so many elites who have funded his journey and are complicit in his efforts.

  8. Way OT:
    Is there no one to stop the savages in the Middle East from destroying ancient artifacts, historic places of worship, or monuments from thousands of years ago?
    Their breathtaking acts of insane vandalism cuts across all isms, all venues, all to destroy that which they don’t understand.
    The loss to humanity’s history is enormous.

  9. With Iran threatening to blow up Israel AND THE UNITED STATES, only anti-Americans and Jew haters would make a deal with that devil. The American people should rise up now and demand impeachment and jail time for these acts against The United States of America.

  10. I have not heard a word about this on Fox.
    Muslim woman Rams car into Police at Miami Airport, shouts in Arabic, says has B…
    Update: Previously arrested, deported illegal alien.
    33 year woman from Honduras attempted to ram her car into the Airport entrance, but instead drove into a police car.
    “At this time there appears to be no nexus to terrorism,” the FBI said in a statement.

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