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Video || Kerry Sneers at Hillary Email Scandal

16 Responses to Video || Kerry Sneers at Hillary Email Scandal

  1. Important Issue. This is an important issue! Why don’t any of these reporters throw back follow up questions? Like, You feel this is not any important issue? All the hacks, enemies that can get their hands on critical, secret information?

    • Once again we readers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask HUNDREDS or better questions, and demand answers than these so-called ‘professional journalists’…especially today’s spine-less “WH press corps”

    • The White house approves only softball questions being asked of these Progressive meatballs. No follow up questions are permitted per order of His Imperial Majesty, Barry The Wonder Dolt. It’s on page 23 of the White House Instructions For Reporters issued to all reporters in Washington.

  2. Keith,

    I respectfully present you with this very legitimate question:

    In your years covering the WH, and throughout your journalistic career in general, do you recall another administration that so strongly presumed it would be given a pass by the media in its every ‘scandal,’ be the intention misstep or overreach?

  3. Another example in the ongoing litany of sheer arrogance by this administration. How dare we ask pertinent questions that make them feel uncomfortable? Let us please move on to the matters of state and not be sidetracked by all this nonsense.


  4. I caught a segment on Fox from 2007, Hillary just slamming the Bush Admin for “private email accounts”. I ROTFLMAO !

    It’s the delicious hypocrisy. Nom, nom, nom.