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Time: Jeb Bush is Raking in $1M a Day

Jeb is clearly trying to build a fortress of money he hopes will keep others out of the race or force them to withdraw the moment anything goes bad.

“He’s raising about a million dollars a day,” said Time Deputy Managing Editor Michael Duffy today on Morning Joe. “This never happened before. He’ll shatter Romney and Obama’s records, and he’ll do it inside of six months.”

Duffy said Bush will have taken in about $100 million sometime in the second quarter of the year.

Some interesting discussion here.

13 thoughts on “Time: Jeb Bush is Raking in $1M a Day”

    1. Walker has proven that he is up for a fight, and that he can win.

      He didn’t have the Bush dynasty behind him when he defied the heathen unions in Wisconsin.
      Nor the threats against his family.

      We need a clean break from the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.

  1. Common C. right off the bat I have been questioning from the get-go.
    Immigration another topic. With respect to the family, I would rather wait a generation or two for another B.

  2. I understood 2008, I came to tears in 2012 but that Jeb is now playing the same “I’m entitled” game as Hillary makes me absolutely sick.
    This country is in desperate need of a real, salt of the Earth leader if we have even a snowball’s chance of saving the American dream for future generations.

  3. The cost to the soul when you run for elected positions. Seems to be a mandatory price to pay when folks willingly trade honor and honesty for the paper prize. To gain the whole world and lose their soul. Could there ever be a good and righteous person in politics? I suppose it’s possible. But the odds are not for it.

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