As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 5, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

All times Eastern
Due to snow, the briefing has been cancelled.

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  1. I have not trudged though the entire Affordable Care Act. Doubt if I could understand it. But, there is a rumor, of a statement therein that says, ” If you like your Mortician you can keep your Mortician.” I wonder? Sounds like it should fit in the context.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Never a dull moment. Always working for the good of the American people. Focused like a laser on job creation…..and more such bunk. IMPEACH

  3. Yesterday he had no “schedule”. Today the big event is “Lunch with Biden”? What is the purpose of that? A free lunch on the backs of the US taxpayers.

  4. The Chicago Machine has a name for workers like Obama: “No Shows.” He’s living up to the expectations of his puppetmasters.

    • I was typing during the Press Confrence yesterday. I remember Josh answering a question about o’s schedule. He mentioned something (can’t recall/so important, (sarc).
      for Friday.
      Now I realize the reporter, should have stated: Wait: Josh, What the dickens is he doing Thursday? If the reporter would have asked that, Josh could have stated: The O is having lunch with Biden….Breaking News……………….

  5. The key to understand Obama’s day is to uncover what is NOT on his published schedule. That’s where the story is. Meeting with Union thugs? Fund raisers? Muslim Brotherhood crazies? Black Caucus? Rumb swabs from the news networks?

    • So true! He is either spending his time working on the destruction of our democracy behind closed doors; or indulging his personal whims with his nefarious friends and our taxpayer funds.

      Whatever he does, he’s up to no good. And the same goes for his wife. Together, they have pulled off the greatest US Treasury heist in history to satisfy their greed and lust.

    • I still say the “WH press corps” (Keith…?) knows Obama ‘real’ daily schedule and what he does all day, but they will not report it…because they are afraid of losing their cool White House so-called “reporter” job

      • I’ve thought about that and I think you’re right. There’s no doubt a lot of “stuff” they hear about or know about personally that they don’t report. I suppose it’s a balancing act. If they spill the beans on everything, their WH credentials might be pulled (and there goes the job) or they will get the same treatment Rosen from Fox got–harassing parents, etc. I’m not sure how I would handle the situation.

  6. Hillary’s emails scandal is reminding everyone of the “hassle factor” a Clinton Presidency brings.

    There are several reasons Hillary set the email system. Everyone has mentioned controlling the emails and the political money raising discussions. I truly believed she did not trust or expected the Obama Administration to micromanage her by reading her emails.

    Could you imagine if you substituted Rumsfields’ name for Hillary in this scandal?? It would be talked about 24/7.
    It sounds like HRC has violated the law by creating a secondary or shadow cabinet. Will a independent counsel appear? Of course not… should but it won’t.

    Why isn’t the FBI showing up at the various houses and offices with search warrants to obtain the Government records? If a conservative Republican it would be happening. Oh….it did with Petraeus…….

    • Watching the MSM bring old Hillary down is quite amusing to me. Doing the happy dance here. Sure she should be in jail, but we all know that will never happen. If she is out, that will have to be good enough I guess.

      • The MSM and much of the Democrat machine is working overtime to get Hillary out of the political arena. They’re driving a wooden stake deep into her political ambitions and doing it with glee. No doubt in my mind the Obama people are orchestrating this. Amazing to watch the the D’s destroy one of their own.

        • She tweeted: “I want the public to see the emails”.
          “I asked the State Dept. to release them (emails). They said they will review them for release as soon as possible”.
          Boy, I feel better after reading that reading that! sarc.
          Nick Merrill,, a spokesman for her, declined to say WHY she used a personal account at the State Dept., but he defended it’s use.

        • Yea, they want to usher in Elizabeth Warren. Plus – the WORST thing for them and running Hillary Clinton is that it defuses their attack on JEb/political dynasties. I am sure they plan on using it (and with good reason, he needs to go away).

  7. So, no one ever figured out WHAT he was doing yesterday?

    Awesome. He could probably post the above schedule for the next two years, and no one would dare question.

    • I just heard on Fox, there will not hold a WH Press Conf. due to the snow. That will give Joshi an extra day to write up answers for the email issue.

  8. Everybody who emailed Hillary’s special secret, no-one-knows-about-it computer knew she had that special secret, no-one-knows-about-it computer. Must be hundreds of people, some of whom likely emailed her via government computers. Those government computer emails are stored on government servers somewhere. That’s the first place to look for some of Hill’s emails.

  9. Isn’t there a headline this morning on this site that vp biden is in central america. How is he enjoying lunch with obummer during the same time?

  10. Well, he is proud of being “black”. Not to stereotype, butt, many black folks just don’t work & suck at the government trough. How is this CIC any different?

  11. Funny that the government took a snow day today & cancelled a briefing…but I am sure that Biden & Ovomit have drivers of huge suvs that could navigate the snow.
    What a bunch of low-life thieves