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Clinton’s Personal Email Use May Have Jeopardized U.S. Security

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision to look after her own interests and hide her email may have jeopardized U.S. security by exposing her messages up to hacking.

According to Michael Riley of Bloomberg News, Clinton failed to set up the private server she used correctly, opening it up to attacks:

The system is set up to use a private encryption key that she was to buy  . .  instead they never really took that step, they used a default . . . security experts we talked to said it isn’t as secure as it should have been, it’s a misconfiguration. It allows man-in-the-middle attacks.

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  1. Is this one big setup by Hillary? She knows it’s a weakness, the media is paying attention, then she’ll release all her emails and they’ll all turn out to be “harmless”?

    Anything Clinton related starts me thinking conspiracy. I’m still convinced they “leaked” the whole Monica thing because they knew that the media would run with it and forget about the real damaging stuff.

    • Release what emails? They will cherry pick what to release from her “server” and then State will cherry pick again before public release.

      Zero accountability on the entire contents of what is or was stored on her server. Especially since it has now been moved to another management site since her days as SOS.

      Only the NSA might know what she had.

    • If Hillary thinks her email/computer is a problem, wait until the MSM or other investigative entity decides to dig deep into the Clinton Foundation. If she doesn’t get out of the race (per order of other Democrats), that Foundation is the next target, and it won’t be pretty.

    • Agree. Dedicated hackers from anywhere and everywhere have already proven that no internet site is safe from intrusion – from commercial entities to the Pentagon.

      If we look back at MrsClinon’s tenure as SoS, it’s obvious that she didn’t do anything of value to our interests.
      The important e-mails would be those of the Muslim – MsHuma.

      • I would go one step further as I have read others close to her at State also had personal email accounts outside of .gov . It will take years to back search all the current servers and back up State might have for internal emails Hills sent from her pvt server to State addresses. This does not include those sent to others outside the US. Sorta like Lerner and the IRS, except she used the regular govt email system for some of her work.

        Well played Hillery.

        • There is an interesting speculation that she was outed by her own party so that she can be conveniently pushed aside for Elizabeth Warren. Wonder if Benghazi is on that server? Of course, he who controls the server can remove what is on the server.

          • I would like to see the condition the hard drive on that server is in.
            Can’t the FBI confiscate it ?
            Yes, you can format a drive and everything goes away, but, what if the e-mails were cherry picked to give to the gov ?

          • You mean Obama’s FBI? They should have been at her door already with a search warrant. They would have done it, if it wasn’t Obama’s FBI. Everything is corrupt now. Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, The Iranian and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Administration, whole admin should be in jail by now. The “presidency” is run like the Mafia now that that, Axelrod, etc.

  2. Assuming it’s not a Clinton conspiracy, ponder the arrogance of her actions in setting up an unsecured, rogue e-mail server in her own home. She was acting as the face of U.S. diplomacy across the globe. How could anyone be this reckless with the information they possessed?

    What is the vulnerability of her e-mail was a contributing factor in the “spontaneity” of the uprising that destroyed our embassy in Benghazi and killed four Americans? It would be easy to see why Hillary herself asked the question, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” What accountability will she face for this?

    Would this explain her state departments rush to blame the terrorist attack on our embassy on an obscure YouTube video which no one had ever seen, or heard of?

  3. Really at this point what does it matter? If Clinton goes belly up they go to Eliz Warren who is maybe worse!

    Were left with Jeb or the equivalent. Whom is just another Barry the O boy.

    Can we see we are toast anyway this plays out.

      • Algore has lost all credibility among the intelligent people of this Country IMO.

        There are enough sound bytes out there to expose him as the fool that he is to destroy any effort he would make to gain the office.

    • That’s the problem.
      The reps continually capitulate to the pressure the dems put on them.
      The leadership in the current congress so far have been all noise and no action.

  4. Any woman who is all about killing the children in their mother’s womb can’t give a snit for those whose lives they were appointed to protect. If a mother can kill her child in what should be the safest place in the world, what would keep me from killing you? Mother Teresa A hardened heart in not a nurturing heart and has not concern for anyone but Number One.

      • sorry for the unfinished post above? Computer moving slowly and funny tonight in White House Dossier.

        But you are so right — when I think about the millions of human life thrown in the garbage, I always think about Obama and Clinton, they love killing. And we are supposed to be a civilized country killing so much and the dems fight for that every day. And they cry about the holocaust? This is a holocaust on babies and they don’t get it or see it that way? Thats because the dems don’t believe in God anymore, ask them, they will tell you that. Disgusting — murdering babies even when they are formed and just about to come out. Thats why we are being punished with Obama and maybe Hillary, more punishment. How dumb and evil can people be to kill millions of babies? And they think they are smart and good and kind? Evil comes to mind.

  5. If there’s any twitterers among us I played around with the
    #HillaryServerSpeaks hashtag this morning and always looking for additional snark from the smart side of America. :)
    Such arrogance and disrespect for the public and the rule of law SHOULD disqualify her but then again we have Obama in the WH and he’s the worst of the worst so who knows anymore.

  6. Who advised her? Who set up the system? Who went though the emails, before releasing the large # to the State Dept?
    The people she sent Emails to (the ones given to the STATE Dept), They would have to hide, destroy their systems as well.

  7. Someone please ask the former Secretary of State for all names of individuals who had accounts on her personal server. Did other govt employees have accounts? And did they conduct state department business using these accounts? She mentioned that other govt employees would have emails to & from her on their department email servers but what if they also used her server?