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Obama and Pelosi: Snitty, Bitchy High School Girls?

6 Responses to Obama and Pelosi: Snitty, Bitchy High School Girls?

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried to pull up a paper from Israel to see what the response was, to the disrespect from these two, amoung others.

  2. Oh yes, the Mean Girls, and their clique (the MSM) lifted their noses in the air at the puny guy from the pesky country trying to make them look bad.
    As one pundit phrased it : MrObama loaded the bases with walks, then MrNetanyahu hit a grand slam.
    When Bibi walked into the Chamber to wild applause, more than the Preezy gets, then had the audacity to arouse the crowd to thunderous applause and standing ovations, it was too, too much.
    MrsPelosi ‘cried’ not because of some faux insult, but rather is was one more instance of how little the Dems, and MrO, are held by Americans. The total loss of a majority in both houses by the ungrateful voters only was piled on by the reception given to PMNetanyahu. How much can they take?

    The Mean Girls are no more.

  3. The latest addition to snitty, bitchy high school girls has to be Mika from Morning Joe. Her transformation from ‘frowny face’ to a loud-mouthed bitchy high school girl has been phenomenal. Just goes to show what happens when someone becomes a member of Obama’s inner circle. What an obnoxious (bleep).