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Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 4, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Insult, Insult to the Majority.
    No easy answer. Not easy to set up exchanges. Gone though great lengths to make this work.
    Someone asked Josh about the people who lost their long term job due to ocare. Josh: At risk due to people arguing.
    More info about Clinton/Email. Shouldn’t there be something more besides guidelines. Josh thinks the State Dept thinks they should turn over their personal accounts.
    You said guideness was given. Josh up to the different agencies. He can tell you WH workers got help from attornies. When it was realized that it was Hillary personal emails, not one thought this should be flagged. I can’t account for discussion of WH and State Dept. Everyone is working guidelines. They collected it all and turned over to State Dept.
    So. If your employee said I have an old PC and would like to run a mail server and plug into my cox. instead of my wh email. Would that be ok with you? Josh would suggest they follow guidelines. Security questions is someone hacking? That has nothing to do with records act it has to do with security. Josh said he is over estimating. Aside from guidness, no way this would be wront. Josh said security info is not suppose to occur. Special way to transmit info. I don’t have a classified email address. We take cyber security very seriously. We are mindful of the security. Strong Fed computers have had trouble cyber hygiene. Doing what we can to secure our security. Hacking is why everyone is raising the issue of the personal email. Those emails are less secure. This is conversation is worthy of a computer specialist.
    Did citizens pay for her phone. He said ck with Hillary.
    o will be going to Benedic College. Never before has college been need to get good middle class jobs.
    Email guideness to forward info on your personal email to Govn. Say you sent tens of thousands. Is there of timeline of turning them in by certain time. Shultz using his email and not turning over anything in proper time. There is a responibility to go by guidelines.
    If Clinton spent 4 years with personal email. She would have not have been following. it. I can’t speak to her guidness that she received. Maybe have been different. Keeping your records at home on a server, is that considered preserving. Her definition were not preserved for 4 years. Josh said you have to talk to Clinton’s team. Reports said she turned over within last 2 months. Does WH think she broke law. Clinton has worked hard to send emails to State Dept.
    What is o’s feeling on this? Is he nipped by this. Josh don’t know.
    Someone brought up Ferg. I had to turn it off. Had enough.

  2. It is no hard task to fill your house with lairs. They are everywhere. Common sense, filled with integrity, not prone to gossip folks, much more difficult to procure. The last category has been outlawed as abnormal in Washington D.C. I think.

    • All the current “spokes-people” in the Obama regime are awful:
      -the sleaze ball Josh ‘not so’ Earnest @ White House
      -the arrogant, stuck up bimbos (Harf & Psaki) @ State Dept.
      -RADM. Kirby @ Pentagon who looks like a pedophile