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Obama Dismisses Netanyahu Remarks as “Nothing New”

At the White House, President Obama Tuesday dismissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress as a repetition of previous arguments that failed to add anything new.

Obama told reporters he hadn’t bothered to watch Netanyahu’s speech, but . . .

I did have a chance to take a look at the transcript, and as far as I can tell there was nothing new . . . On the core issue, which is how do we prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for even greater action in the region, the prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives.

Obama said that whatever deal he ends up striking with Iran, it will be better than the military option:

The bottom line is this: we don’t yet have a deal. It may be that Iran cannot say yes to a good deal. I have repeatedly said that I would rather have no deal than a bad deal, but if we are successful in negotiating, then in fact this will be the best deal possible to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Nothing else comes close. Sanctions won’t do it. Military action would not be as successful as the deal that we have put forward.

Netanyahu, in his speech, indicated Israel would go the military route, alone if necessary, if it thinks Obama has negotiated a bad deal, which is where Netanyahu said things are headed.

49 thoughts on “Obama Dismisses Netanyahu Remarks as “Nothing New””

    1. great analogy.

      Obama should treat the Iranians like he treats the Republicans. Then we’d see he use the leverage he has (or thinks he has).

  1. The core issue,..
    The bottom line,….
    Fact is this will be the best deal possible,..
    Nothing else comes close,…

    Let me be clear you ignorant fools, I am the president and I will determine what the direction this country will follow.

    The Prime Minister of Israel means nothing to me, and I will continue on my agenda even though he is far more experienced than me and is a far stronger leader than me.

    He is nothing compared to my power over the fools in my administration that would follow me to the gates of hell in order to accomplish the goals we are committed to.

    No one will stop us as we have control over the congress and the media.

    Obama likes to say that he wants to be clear,….

    Let me be clear Barry, you were upstaged BIG TIME today by the Prime Minister of Israel.

    You Mr. Obama are nothing more than a shadow on the world stage of leaders that know you for what you are.

    A fleeting shadow would be more accurate.

      1. In preparation for the distortion, smearing and other lies that the Left and Democrats are going to pull from their bag of dirty tricks, I confess AFV, I took the Bourbon, but I put it back, half full, not half empty. O:-)

        1. Just found out Pewossi stood up with everyone else, but turned her back. Just heard that on Greta. She did that to the leader of our greatest ally.
          50 Dems skipped.
          I just listened to
          Dem Rep Gabbard who attended. She felt important to go listen to our ally. Only ally in ME. After speech, Did you hear anything more than you already knew? She said it’s something we have to take seriously. She said she thinks I. wants a weapon. She compared what happen with weapon with N. Korea. Did you get a cold shoulder from others? She said no. I. should not be armed with a n. weapon, great threat to the world.

  2. I have to ask if anyone noticed Bland Rand and his lame golf clap and stoned expression. WOW he would have been better to skip speech like it appears he wanted to rather than act like a petulant child forced to go to church.

    1. I did notice him a couple of times. Very grim look. Once the camera showed everyone standing around him, and he was sitting with the same grim look.

      1. Why? Because he wasn’t the most liked & applauded man in the room?*
        That signals a profound personality deficit in my opinion.
        *remember the idiot Ted kennedy scowling during any Bush State of the Union?

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  4. Do you think the Iranians are taking Obama seriously? They see him weak as they did Carter when they took our embassy in 1979. One of the problems we have is anyone 35 years old or younger did not experience the hostage taking. They are the Obama crowd. Obama talks but his words are empty.

    1. And, most likely, that part of history is left out of the ‘new history’ books our grandkids will be reading.
      I remember very clearly turning on my headlights during the day in support of our American hostages. And wondering why these ‘persians’ did that to our Americans. …Persians…some little ME dude asked me to coffee in college, I didn’t go, but had to ask where he was from…Persia, like I was just another dumb American.

    2. The Iranians know exactly who they are dealing with. They likely have a huge dossier on Obama ( compiled by Russia, IMHO), and they know more about Obama, what he will do, his weak points, the way his brain is wired up, his limits, than Obama does. They know exactly what Obama is all about.

  5. Nothing new; oh how wrong he is.
    While all the pundits and pols examine PMNetanyahu’s words, the American people were treated with the presence of a real patriot, a kindly gentleman in the truest sense of the word.
    He didn’t call us “folks”, he called us “friends”, he addressed the crowd as “ladies and gentlemen”, and left no doubt that he would lay down his life, his future for the safety of his countrymen.

    1. Very good post. I could listen to him. I wasn’t neauseated by his droning hmm haa voice. The PM spoke truth to us as our own pipsqueak pres could never accomplish.

      1. Just now on Fox, the reporter stated that for 6 years, o has spoke of this issue like an opportunity. Netanyahu spoke of it as a threat.

  6. I don’t understand how he has the power and ability to make a deal by himself. I agree with a few of the comments here, I wouldn’t let him or Kerry negotiate anything for me. When will any elected official step up and put an end to his power grab. Our government isn’t a one man show.

  7. “Military action would not be as successful as the deal that we have put forward.”
    That one sentence tells you all you need to know about the
    1. naivete and ignorance or
    2. arrogance and narcissism
    That is one Barack Hussein Obama.
    There is one other thing that is “not new” and will never be new:
    Evil is evil and no matter our technology, no matter Obama’s self delusional intellectual “progress” there is no “new” way to fight it.
    Evil does not negotiate, evil does not back down, evil does not go quietly into the night.
    Evil is constant. Evil is sure. Evil is what evil is.
    If the current form known as Iran is to be stopped, it will only be stopped in the way that it has been stopped for thousands of years: Militarily defeated first and then either it’s people grow into the civilization that defeated it or it will will be destroyed yet again.
    Iran is the #1 sponsor of terrorism around the world, the #1 killer of American troops in the 21st century, the #1 most destructive force in the Middle East.
    You are for once in your sorry, entitlement minded life correct Mr. President, there is nothing new in Mr. Netanyahu’s speech, because there is nothing new about seeing evil, realizing evil and then dealing with evil.
    Something that sadly, for the first time in American history a President of the United States does not wish to see.
    Wake up America for the time is fast approaching that it will be too late.

    1. I have been stating for a long time of the number of enemies laughing at us. Here is another example. Someone earlier today stated, you show yourself as a strong horse, not weakling. When your to nice, people will walk all over you, as well take advantage of you. Most people understand those basic things. Someone the other day typed quotes from Kennedy, Raegan, FDR, and Bush. Great quotes they gave in the process of facing danger. This dip, wants to make a deal with them.

  8. Will be farewell to arms control.
    Nuc. without a facility, does not get you anywhere.
    If Ir. walks away, call bluff. Than they will be back.
    They need the deal more than you do. Just a couple of things stated.
    I would like to know the comments from the other leaders that were on a so called video conference with him. What are they telling their citizens?

  9. ok I’m just going to come out and say it, because nobody else is:

    the Democrats are hating on Bibi because he’s Jewish and the leader of the world’s only Jewish state. they would never treat anyone else like this.

    Barack Obama is so concerned about his “legacy”? I predict that his place in history is assured–right along with Haman, the last person who tried to help the Iranians (Persians) defeat the Jews.

  10. Look at the language Obama uses: “I did have a chance to take a look at the transcript.” Had a chance???? What was he, between cigarettes and “had a chance” to look atthe transcript? Was he walking around the White House in his bathrobe, mumbling to himself and then “Had a chance to look (not actually read)” the transcript? Did someone have to fish it out of the trash can because the WH goons realized he would be asked if he had read it?

    1. That’s his arrogance coming to the fore.
      He knows that Bibi’s speech made him look like an idiot.
      He is severely outclassed and he knows it.
      Weak men cower when strong men are in the room.

      1. Agree with everything you say and you said it well. Mark Levin just called Bibi the leader of the free world, and he’s right.

        1. Has anyone heard an explanation from the people who met with him for a last min. conf? If so, let me know what the stated. What so important about this Ukraine, security meeting, that it couldn’t wait an hour. What are they telling their citizens. What are the citizens of those Countries saying? To many questions, I know. I am just exhausted wondering why so…..many people are not paying attention.

          1. The only thing “important” about Obama’s teleconference with other world leaders at precisely the time of Bibi’s speech was that it gave Obama a chance to insult and disrespect Bibi and mock the needs of our ally, the state of Israel. It’s a lesson Obama learned very well after spending 20 years at the smelly feet of Rev Jeremiah Wright.

          2. It ticked me off as well, because he insulted every citizen thinking we could not figure out this last min. save face meeting.

  11. 0bama is a jealous, petty, childish dimwit, who will never hold up in a face to face with an intelligent soldier such as Mr Bibi. What a slap in the face to this lowly cic.
    Done without that intent, yet historically relevant and stupendously awesome!

  12. Time stamp 3:49 pm.
    My comment is still in mod.
    The fluidity of the comments this site allows is deplorable.

    No worries Keith, we like the driver but the car sucks.

  13. I applaud Netanyhu. Unfortunately after watching Boehner fold on immigration today and agree to a clean funding bill and McConnell’ s fold last week I doubt that the Republicans in the end will stand with Obama.

    It was a nice show today and I wish it was an indicator of Republican support for Israel or at least a non nuclear Iran. But I doubt it. The Republicans have surrendered. Congress is an empty shell.

    1. The Republican leadership in Congress is not part of the solution, which they should be. They are part of the problem. That’s the great post-election tragedy.

  14. Deal? Deal? Obama has a deal, a really good deal. Grasping at all the perks and ignoring work (responsibilies) expected of a President. Peggy Noonan was correct a long while ago when she intoned in her column that both the Obamas were more about the perks than the job. What truly and deeply worries me about Obama is what will he get up to after Jan 20, 2017. Will he take over from Al and Jesse and continue to wreck the USA. Naw, that would be too much like work!

  15. Is it just ego that drives Obama to get any deal with Iran? Hasn’t he had enough “firsts” and ground-breaking, etc. to soothe his ego’s needs?

    I have speculated here often that the muslims somehow own Obama. Could it be that he took illegal campaign contributions with the promise that he’d cut a deal with Iran?

    I could see The One believing that his charm would draw Iran back into the world of decent neighbors.

  16. Obama’s and the Democrats’ odd behavior in these last few days re Netanyahu’s speech, reminds me of a saying by GK Chesterton:

    “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.”

  17. It is so disturbing that this person who is supposed to be our president is so Anti Everything America stands for!
    I am getting in all the comments I can, Go away BARRY!

  18. Did no one notice the body language of “The Great Communicator?” Obama was hunched over the desk like he wanted to get into the fetal position. I am reminded of his first State of the Union speech and how the media compared his oh such superior stature to Bobby Jindal’s, or another speech when Marco Rubio grabbed a glass of water & the media snarked senator Rubio’s political career was over. Not a whisper this time about how Obama was pouting and almost laying his chin on his desk. An uncomfortable Snake wants to crawl & hide under the desk.

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