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Live Stream || Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

Scheduled to begin at about 11:00 am ET.

61 Responses to Live Stream || Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

  1. The last time PMNetanyahu spoke before Congress his words and message brought a lump to my throat. He thanked us, the USA, for our friendship.
    I wish I could be there in person to hear him today.

  2. As he stands and speaks in the well of Congress, Netanyahu appears more Presidential and AMERICAN than the Muslim lover who sits in the Oval Office and plots how to destroy us…on a daily basis.

    What a wonderful sight – no teleprompters! A man who speaks from the heart and love of his country.

  3. Well, I cancelled my medical tests and listened to the speech instead, best decision I made.
    Im not very articulate,but simply put, Bibi gave a swift kick in the ass to the world in an attempt to wake it up to the danger of a nuclear Iran. Further, a kick in the crotch to Kerry and Barry. Everything Netanyahu said is what they should be saying.

  4. Now we know why Obama refused to watch Bibi’s speech. To say it was brilliant and powerful would be an understatement.
    The fifty DEMS and Ambassador to Israel who decided it was better to pacify our tyrant-in-chief, and chose to boycott the speech, missed the speech of the century given by the world’s only living Statesman.
    Bravo, Bibi!!!!!!!!

    • Fox mentioned 6 of them are Jewish. I would have gone at least to show respect for the Holocaust survivor, Mr. Ellie Weisel.
      They could have gone, even if they disagreed. Their voters would have at least respected them for SHOWING respect to Netanyahu and Mr. Weisel.

    • He indeed is a true Patriot.

      Rush is reviewing the speech and mentioned that it didn’t take long for the administration to attempt to discredit the Prime Minister.

      Boehner gave a Churchill bust to Netanyahu.

      In your face Obama !


      • Dems are giving a press conf.
        Price said: Dangerous Precedent.
        Yarmuth: He can go home.
        They were childish, ugly, rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. From all reports, Obama is furious with Bibi. Hope he doesn’t double down on his election tampering. The worst thing for us AND Israel is if Bibi wins the battle and loses the war. If Bobi loses, we all lose.