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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Carter
2:50 pm || Delivers remarks on expanding efforts to help adolescent girls worldwide attend and stay in school; East Room
4:00 pm || Meets with senior advisors

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:15 pm
Live stream of Netanyahu address to Congress at 10:30 am

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 3, 2015”

  1. I see that Hillary used a personal E mail address would love to see those as a taxpayer we have the freedom of information act and demand to see them her and Bills crooked foundation oh yes there so broke worth 105 million and own 3 homes poor poor Clintons and for that idiot Obama 6 plus years of this idiot

    1. Transparent! Are they trying to produce new definitons for words.
      EX: Transparent: Disclose only what is chosen to be seen by the public.

    1. gonna bet there are a lot of criminal doings in her E mail and as state head we want to see these now how she has lied deceived and taken money did crooked deals and yesterday when I watched Netanyahu I thought how nice it would be to have such a great leader like him as are President not this muslim loving ,coward kneel down kiss ass Obama

    2. Thanks Steve!
      I’m having some medical tests today and was afraid I’d miss it. I’m sure the MSM will edit the hell out of it before it hits the 5 O’clock news.

  2. Today we bear witness to true leadership. Faced with imminent threat, Bibi will not show cowardice or be concerned that his words offend others. Liberty will reign free in his speech, with no muddling or confusion.

    We can learn much from this potentially historic day.


  3. 1:30 Carter
    4:00 Advisors
    Repeat comment: Why does he start everything so late?
    The world is on pins and needles waiting for his remarks on girls. sarc.

    1. Lee he starts late because he is LAZY and a BUM so sick of the liberals always having excuses while they go after us for nothing Hillary you are doomed we will elect a man with or woman with courage,strength and the will to be a great leader wish Netanyahu was are President

      1. If all the important leaders of the world, and generals, etc. had to the same schedule, I would than understand doing everything late. However I don’t think he does much of that either, if he can help it.

    2. ‘Why Obama starts so late’… An excellent question NO ONE in the “WH press corps” has the GUTS to ask.
      …But I think Keith and the others know the truth about the Obama’s living in the White House (Obama lazy, fake marraige & spoiled kids etc.) he just cant say anything because he would lose his job

    1. so hope this derails the Iran talks so bad remember Israel is like a cat backed into a corner by 10 rabid dogs at some point the cat will come out fighting they have enough nukes to lay total waste to Iran if needed,

  4. While Mr. Netanyahu is presenting wisdom and warning from the floor of the United States House of Representatives this morning on the world’s greatest threat – Iran -, the petulant President and some pompous Dems will be pounding sand and putting America in danger. God how I hate the left, God help me but I so truly do.

    1. Laura Ingram, on Fox just stated:
      It would have been amazing if at the last minute he would have invited Netanyahu to the White House.
      I just thought of something, another mishap that our children are seeing as well.
      Ignore anyone you disagree with. What type of example is that. He reminds me of a toddler, who pouts when they do not get their way. When my children did that, I ignored them. Otherwise they would have continued to get the cookie, get the toy on the shelf at the store, etc…

    2. hate them is a under statement this coward loving Muslim has done more harm in 6 plus years than all of the other Presidents Dems and GOP put together when is America going to stand up and stop this Idiot were is the Senate and Congress we have control and the power to stop him NOW God darn it stop all the BS and get this low life POTUS out of office

      1. I just heard on Fox that the Ambassador to Israel, Danile Shapiro will not be attending. Sad.
        Elizabeth Warren is one of the 55 Dems that will be a NO SHOW as well.

        1. for those that are a no show will be remembered in the 2016 elections when we totally crush the Liberals who are on the endangered list

        2. Elizabeth Warren is a hypocrite beyond belief and a fraud of the largest proportions.
          As a Harvard liberal the media never mentions her history of representing corporate interests and her millions in personal wealth.
          If Hillary falls it will be Warren that the media puts up on the pedestal and the truth once again will be buried to further the agenda.

          1. She is worth 15 million dollars and claims she is not rich like asll liberals they are 2 faced and always will be Hey Warren try living on ($31,000) a year and feeding a family of 4 with out of control medicals cost high priced foods and others such a liberal Puke

    1. remember they live separate lives other than Christmas she cost us over 50 million a year for her party life what a loser she is

  5. One thing the Democrats’ hysterical boycott of Bibi’s speech today has brought to clear light: the astounding, breath taking level of anti-Semitism Obama, his administration and the Democrats carry in their hearts. That’s the big take away for today.

  6. OT: Major issue Iran is providing rockets in Iraq. Playing role in Iraq
    The Centcom report outlining what we were going to do. Gen Jack Keane said I know our military leaders are frustrated that Iranian’s are playing such a large hand.

  7. Just heard Boehner will be giving Netanyahu a Bust of Winston Churchill.
    Only other person who has addressed Congress meeting 3 separate times.
    Just to note isn’t that ironic, remember what o did with the Bust of Churchill, when he moved in?

    1. Lee one of my contacts just in formed me that the Saudis are going to try and buy 3 nukes from a Russian rouge arms dealers for 500 million if Obama gets this deal these are 3 /250 KT warheads

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