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Obama to Promote Girls’ Education – in Other Countries

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver remarks Tuesday at the White House about “expanding efforts to help adolescent girls worldwide attend and stay in school,” according to the White House.

“These efforts will build on the investments we have made and the successes we have achieved in global primary school education by elevating existing programs and public and private sector partnerships,” the White House said.

This is all very nice. But it of course begs the question, Why is the White House concerning itself with the worldwide education of girls or the worldwide education of anyone else?

At a time when our own schools are giving so many of our young people a lousy education, why are we devoting resources to helping other countries educate their kids?

Because, we are all one world! What are you, some kind of American exceptionalist?

This looks to be a Valerie Jarrett operation, likely done under the auspices of the White House Council on Women and Girls.

The Council was created by Bill Clinton – okay, sorry, that’s a bad joke – it was created by President Obama and is chaired by ValJar, her own pet project.

The council appears to do some useful things, like combating human trafficking in our supply chains and raising breast cancer awareness, and some harmful things, like the typical equality-of-results and affirmative action-type efforts you would expect from this White House.

But whether we’re doing helpful things or not, let’s leave the education of girls in Guinea to the Guineans.

16 thoughts on “Obama to Promote Girls’ Education – in Other Countries”

  1. “…let’s leave the education of girls in Guinea to the Guineans.”

    Oh, like leaving the making of laws to Congress?

  2. This is reminiscent of Oprah’s school for girls in SouthAfrica, but not in the USA.

    We can assume that this school agenda will not be impemented in, say, Norway or Samoa, but will be centered in Africa.

    It would make better sense to improve the school system in Mexico so that girls/women who sneak over our border can at least read and write Spanish.

  3. Great article!! Right on the money regarding why are we educating anyone outside the U.S. A good question to me why are we educating computer engineers for the world? So, they can return to the country to launch cyber attacks on the U.S.

    This is where I get lost about the let’s back Iran attitude of the Obama Administration. Iran is so nice to women………..let’s give them a nuke!

  4. There are schools in this Country that need to be repaired. There are teachers that are being over loaded by illegals. All stop there. I am going to watch a rerun comedy and try smiling.

  5. First thing that popped into my head was…travel. The Mooch has two more years to finish up her world travels on the taxpayer’s dime. Now, both of the Obama’s will be showing up on school campuses in their favorite part of the world – Africa. Granny love it too.
    Lots more trips to India and Indonsia – Obama’s favorite spots.

    Second thing that popped into my mind is post-presidency FOUNDATIONS. We all know how both Obamas have loitered on school campuses for the last six years – brainwashing the young and vulnerable. Soon, they will be able to make a boatload of $$$ off the kids. I’m sure the MOOCH has been studying the Clinton foundation money-making machine very, very closely.

  6. Thats why he’s not a real American President. He’s a United Nations worker. He doesn’t do anything for Americans, just does it for illegals and does race baiting, you know, its all about hating America.

  7. Michelle, Mom and the girls are headed to Japan and Cambodia for spring break. Michelle will charge the entire journey to us. She’ll be promoting girls education in countries where the drop out rate is nil. What a crock of crap.

  8. If one result was the empowering of women in patriarchal societies, birth rates would likely decline which would be a positive all species including ours. We are in massive overshoot, having tripled in number in my 70 years. Fish stocks, biodiversity, aquifers, non-renewable resources, waste sink overloads, etc would get a break; and toxic outputs would decline ceteris paribus.

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