As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 2, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

9 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 2, 2015

      • Smart *** just got flip when he was asked about what he said/and what Netanyahu said.
        Regarding different goals. o’s is to make sure I*** never gets a bomb.
        Netanyahu’s goal is to make sure Iran never get’s the capibility! I turned him off during his smart alec comment. I sure hope Keith heard this, and will mention this in one of his articles.

  1. There was a comment that Josh said that further attacks Boehner for inviting Bibi to speak in front of congress.

    They never give up.
    The audacity for the Speaker to even suggest that he come and speak is deplorable !

    I don’t trust Boehner on a lot of things, but I commend him on this one.

  2. In one of his responses, Josh, the Earnest One, blamed the Republicans (for something or other) 5-6 times, I lost count. This guy is such a bucket carrier, it’s embarrassing. Surely he must have to take a shower after one of these pressers.