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56 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 1, 2015

  1. Just heard hypocrite dem rep Jan Schakowsky on Meet The Press claim that she wasn’t “boycotting” Netanyahu speech but just exercising her right not to attend in person because “the floor of the House of representatives is the most prestigious venue in the world”.
    Yet she and her colleagues had no problem having not one but TWO Mexican presidents take to the floor of that very same chamber to bash American immigration policies.
    Obama is one problem for sure, but the fact that the MSM let’s her and the rest of the duplicitous caucus get away with it is the greater threat.
    Yes, the many millions of Americans who voted for the fraud and the damage that is being done did so out of ignorance, but that ignorance was secured by a media that put its political agenda above its free press obligation.

    • Also to mention the click of people o just recently had at the WH. Even if he has to play golf, take selfies, etc. that day. He could at least make the time for one handshake, one photo, to show respect even if they disagree on something. That tells me he more than likely hung up the phone on Netanyahu many times, not even trying to discuss, argue the critical issues. Put the shoe on the other foot, if Jan or o went oversees and were treated the same way.

    • It’s funny to read all the excuses by Dems who will not be attending. It’s all b.s. It’s the People’s House and I hope their constituents back home are paying attention.

      I also read there’s going to be a protest at Capitol Hill by the anti-Israel thugs, hope some pro-Israel show up too, but the media won’t cover them ;)

    • dem rep Jan Schakowsky on Meet “… claim that she wasn’t “boycotting” Netanyahu speech but just exercising her right not to attend in person because “the floor of the House of representatives is the most prestigious venue in the world.”

      They always have to try to make it appear that they move in superior mental spheres, don’t they?

    • What dumb dirty anti-semitic dogs the democrats are to treat Netanyahu like he’s doing something wrong. Dumb creeps like Obama just hate him because they want Iran to get the bomb,Obama, an animal in the oval office, does no work, sociopath, getting even with all our friends for what reason? He helped ruin the Middle East, hoping to get the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group to lead the Middle East? Why? Makes no sense that he wants radical islamists in power. They would chop off his head if they could for his lifestyle. Obama does everything for spite, revenge, is truly a sick monster. Same goes for Hillary (Miss Piggy) Clinton, she’s in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and all the terrorist groups gave her money. Shew would take money from anyone — and let our Ambassador die on purpose to hide the weapons she and Obama sent to the terrorists.

  2. I agree Lee, there is not one damn thing funny about ISIS, not a thing.
    I guess that is what passes as humor.
    Burning a pilot alive, will that be a SNL skit.? Sad, so very sad.

  3. I wait with great anticipation to hear PM Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Whatever his faults maybe, he is passionate about Israel and it’s people.
    IMHO I believe it will be historic, a message to not only the US, but the world of the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran.
    It may be the last warning.

  4. Columnist in Oahu,Hawaii, wrote Dem -Gabbard should be challenged in 2016. “I take serious issue when someone’s done little non-fighting time in Iraq, and is not a Middle East or Islamic scholar, claims to know better than our President or Secretary of State how to fathom the motivations of terrorist, or how to refer to them beyond the term that best describes them-terrorist.”
    I do not care if a group believes in dog do do. The enemy still needs to be reconized! I would like to know if this writer even served in the boyscouts, much less the service. It doesn’t matter if you were in combat or handle the phone in the service: Respect to all, should be given!

      • We still will have Holder.
        Meantime, we will have to listen to the MSM drill down on the Senate for their racism.

        I’m sure Obama has another left-winger in the wings.

        I will be surprised if McConnell stops the vote as he will have to because he doesn’t have enough of a majority, and that snake Lindsey Graham already voted for her along with Hatch and Flake.

        Mitchy will have to pull a Harry Reid to stop her.

    • Thanks for that link, AFV. I had misunderstood and thought she was approved by the full senate, not just the committee. (I’ve been occupied with ancestry this week so have missed out on politics). Glad to know there’s another chance and hope McConnell follows through. I’m still angry our Sen Flake voted for her. He’s really taken a lot of heat for that vote, but not enough as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Well, that answers that.

    Israel has more to lose than the US if Iran gets the bomb, and some in the US have wondered when Israel was going to decide to take matters into her own hands.

    Apparently, a plan to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities was developed last year, but was scrapped.

    The reason?


    Link is here:

      • Except, who would be the one brave enough to refuse an order from the President?

        I’m not sure there are enough officers left who haven’t at some point had to make known their loyalty to Obama over the Constitution. If you’re an officer, and it’s up or out, telling Obama or his minions to go kick rocks is the end of your career.

        And God help any enlistee who refuses that order. If your choice is either: shoot down a friendly, OR get the whole UCMJ thrown at you and spend the rest of your life in Leavenworth, what are you going to do?

        • You have every right to refuse to follow orders if it is against the oath that you took when enlisting.
          Even if the officers demand that you violate the oath you do not have to do it.

          That goes for enlisted personnel and commissioned officers.

    • My brouser is shot. I was unable to get the video on that site to work. However I did read a couple of paragraphs of what he stated.
      Very powerful statements.

  6. As of my time post,ET, there’s only 50 comments on an open thread. No, I’m not whining, but I think I’m not the only one struggling with comments since Keith tickled his site.

    Just an observation.

    • I thought everyone maybe visiting or relaxing. I wanted to mention several issues, such as Venezuela issue, N. Korea issue, but was going to wait till morning. I do not know why the paragraphs get smaller, and my comments sometimes disappear right in front of me while I am typing. :)