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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 2, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with members of the president’s policing task force; Roosevelt Room
12:45 pm || Meets with members of the Technology CEO Council; Roosevelt Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. What time is the President having the Netanyahu’s for a lavish State Sinner like they hosted for,China and India?

    I guess they want have “Egging the Israeli Embassy in the Presidents Schedule …….I guess that is what Ir-iReverend Al Sharpton and NAN is going to take care of tonight. I can hear the “Know Justice ……No Speech” chants echoing throughout DC tonight.

    I guess the proposed merger between Netflix and Yahoo will never happen now……Eric Holder and Lorettta Lynch and the DOJ will never allow the merger of NetandYahoo to go forward………..

    So,they still have openings in the Catskills this summer? I might audition……LOL

    Seriously, I always joked that the biggest terrorist threat to Israel was the Obama Administration. It sickened me hearing that Obama threatened shooting down Israeli Military Jets. I wonder how many US Jets would have developed mechanical difficulties if such an order occurred.

    Israel took out a Syrian Nuclear Plant during GW’s term. That is the reactor that Syria denied that it was ever building. The funny part is Syria could not go to the UN and protest or complain in the news media because they had denied building it. Thank God……Israeli took out the trash because a Nuke would probably be in ISIS hands right now!

  2. Well well. Business day end at mid day, and Bibis in town….cocktails at 5 perhaps? Don’t Holder your breath on that one. This is the true Shameless state of our nation.

      Kerry will meet with Iran’s Foreing Minister on Monday.
      Netanyahu’s visit will start with an address on Monday to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
      Also speaking,Susan Rice. On Wednesday, she said Netanyahu’s visit was
      “destructive to the fabric” of the US-Israel relationship.
      Iranian Presidential spokesman said Tuesday’s speech would further distance Israel from it’s allies and “finally benefit Iran”.

      • I just noticed the information I placed regarding bbc article is in Mod Jail.
        I made comment regarding Netanyahu’s visist. A comment that Rice made, a comment that I***’s Foreign Minister made.
        Who Kerry was meeting with today.
        Let’s see if this comment get’s sent to mod jail.

  3. let the no show liberal rats not show up for the PM speech tomorrow all Obozo drones I bet and all from the black congress party shows you how weak these drones are /if you read Obozos book he tells you in it how he dislikes Whites -Jews and even tells you he will always support the Muslims first even throws his white mother under the bus

  4. No one from WH is expected to meet with Nethanyu, no one!
    Netanyahu used a red marker on a diagram of a bomb years ago. I had forgotten about that.
    John Boehner said this Rocky relationship between o and Netanyahu has moved to a whole new level.
    Congress (some Dems) feel o is about to give away the store.

    • I got sent to Mod jail again!
      I just mentioned I will see if his speech today will be on CSpan. He is suppose to speak in 15 mins.

    • The speech today is on Cspan2. He Netanyahu is due to speak in about 5 mins. I tried to pull it up the black screen states: Authentication in progress.

    • If Obama and his Our Gang goof ups in the WH had just acted like adults and not made such an outcry about Bibi’s speech, it would have come and gone with not much of a blip. But because Obama and his people, who are constantly tangled up in their own underwear, attracted so much attention to the speech, every serious person who is able to do so will be tuned in to the speech. Bibi will get more attention than ever. Funny how that works.

  5. Technology CEO Council??!! Maybe they can teach this shit-fingered Midas how to finish the backend of a simple website!!

    • I’m listening to BiBi right now on CSpan radio, speaking at APAC.. He’s calm, persuasive, rational, positive. He just this second finished. Powerful message. Lots of applause.

  6. Pres. of Czech Republic
    former Prime Minister of Spain
    Former Canadian Foreign Minister
    U.S. Ambassador of Israel
    Ambassador of Un.

    My speech will not be to show disrespect to o. I have respect to him. Both Dem and Rep P. have worked with Israel. Working together with U.S. has made us stronger. The last thing I would want is for one to misunderstand my visit will remain a bipartiasan issue. Purpose of my address to speak up of deal with Iran that threatend the survival of Israel. Map show Iran arming training terrorist in 5 Countries. This is what they are doing now. Imagine what they would do with Nuc. weapons. We must not let that happen.
    I have a moral oblication to speak up when their is time to avert them. For 2000 years we were powerless to defend ourselves (Jewish). No more the days when the Jewish people to stop threats is over. Standing ovation. Today our State we defend ourselves. We ally with others such as U.S. I plan to use my voice tomorrow. To speak of Iranian regime that is threatening Israel. supporting terrorist. and planning/is working on nuclear weapons. Disagreements are natural from time to time. U.S. is one of the largest. Israel is one of the smallest. U.S. lives in one of the safest places, we live in the most dangerous. Not a single day, I did not think of the survival of my Country. We have several differences in since Israel was established.
    Mentioned the disagreements is dispite that the relationship with U.S. grew stronger. We share same the dreams. The values that unite us, or the differences that divide us. His Christian community growing in Israel. Woman elsewhere are repressed, and equal jobs. U.S. and Israel are family. That is the message I came to make today. God Bless you all.