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Saturday Open Thread || February 28, 2015



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  1. Good morning!
    This happened Wednesday. This is the first time I heard a word about it.
    Vandalism in Arizona shuts down cellphone and telephone services, Internet. On Wednesday after vandals sliced a sensitive fiber optic cable. This included bank and ATM cards. Critical services, such as police and state Government databases, as well as hospitals were all so affected as a result of the vandalism.

  2. Well, net neutrality has passed and they still refuse to release the document.
    Congress is mulling over defunding the parts that will regulate the internet.

    Of course the dems are all for it.

    That will be the deathnell for sites like this.

    • I agree. That’s why its still secret, like Obamacare was. Really bad stuff in it and they will wait for a midnight weekend release when no one is watching.

    • Secrecy is the key tactic of Obama’s mode of governance, isn’t it? Secret ObamaCare deliberations. Secret Treaty of the Seas. Secret FCC internet deliberations and outcomes. Secret discussions with Iran. Secret implementation of Agenda 21. Secret gun running operation to Central American drug dealers. Secret behavior on Benghazi, pre and post. Secret arming of Homeland Security with 4,000+ armored vehicles and 2 billion + .40 cal hollow point rounds. Secret support of Hamas in Palestine. Many more secrets in the works. Everything is a secret with this “transparent” administration.

  3. Mr. Koffler made the Friday Follies this week! (In the very best and most respectful of ways of course.)

    Friday Follies: Scott Walker’s ‘Unions R Isis’ non-gaffe, gaffe, Marie Harf’s Jihadi John egg, and Racist trigonometry:

    Keith’s take on the flacks saying Walker compared unions to terrorist is one of THE best.

    Light snow here in s/w MO but still counting blessings it nothing like you poor WHD’rs in the upper MW and NE having to deal with.

    Got some garage chores to do but will check back in as can. You all stay warm and safe now.

    • Reagan made a similar comment when asked if he could deal with the Russians.

      He said yes, because he had dealt with the studio heads.

      Same scenario, the libs tried to tear him apart.

      His response was, I have a sense of humor and you don’t.

      • We’ve got another snow storm coming to Maine later today or early tomorrow, they say. Locally, we’ve had about 70 inches so far. Not too far from here, up the coast in Cutler, they are reporting 96 inches for the winter (so far). The temps have been from -14 to +15 for about six weeks now, with the occasional run up to the low ’30’s (twice). Winds have been bad, drifts everywhere, a 75 car pile up in Bangor last week, due to icy roads. Worst winter since I was a kid. Of course, a whole lot of the country has been seeing just as bad.

  4. Remember the TV show Outer Limits ?
    They told you to not attempt to adjust your TV ?

    This website is the same.
    The performance you are witnessing is not your hardware or your software.
    Do not attempt to adjust your computer, your computer is just fine.

    Periodic lapses in site performance are to be expected when accessing this website.

    Just sit back and enjoy and be thankful.

  5. Its all over but the shouting. Jeb will be the loser candidate. Line them up
    Romney, McCain, Dole, add Jeb. Even if he wins we lose.

    Just call Jeb, Obama light. Same policies just less in our face about it.

  6. e-mailed this to Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich and Michelle Lujan-Grisham today. she usually sends out a canned “got your message” response. we’ll see how the boys respond.
    “As my representative, I look forward to seeing you attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress on Tuesday, and accord him the respect he is due. Will be looking for you. Thanks.”

  7. Judicial Watch announced today that on 2-11-15, it unconvered documents from the U.S. Dept of State revealing that top aides for than Secretary Hilla., including her then chief of staff Cheryl Mills, knew from the outset that Benghazi mission compound was under attack by armed assailants tied to a terrorist group. The documents were produced as a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Dept. The documents make no reference to a spontaneous demonstration or Internet video, except an official statement issued by her.

  8. I read everyone’ comment, I do recall seeing this mentioned. The Pentagon Friday, Defense Dept. spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby shied away from any kind of timeline, saying: “I can’t put a date certain, nor say April is out.”
    Now I would think they are giving out false timelines, and they are going to do a surprise attack.

    • Yes, in my State.
      Illogical math problems/Jumping though the hoops. That is worded better than what I had typed. It states that Jindall issued an Executive Order, however she is still be given a hard time. It states she has been placed in postion, where the job will expire.
      Just think soon I may not be allowed to typed the word Ugh, on the internet.

  9. Our good friend, Canada. Closest ally. Best trading partner. Longest FRIENDLY border in the world. And now the grand old elder of all former Canadian ambassadors to the US is publicly saying that the Canada/US relationship has never been cooler or more distant than it is now. Obama has managed to totally screw up our relationship with Canada, for crying out loud. When will this madness end?

    • Obama is on a roll now.
      He has nothing to lose, no more elections to win only fund raisers for the liberals that are determined to defeat the American Dream.

      He has a big airplane and a big fist to defy anybody that has the audacity to challenge anything he wants.

      He is going to use it to shove his power in your face for as long as he can.

      We are intelligent people even though the elite look upon us as unwashed heathens.

      He is not a president.
      He is not a dictator.

      He is a fool to think that he can get away with what he aspires to do to this Country.

      We are not uneducated peasants.
      Nor are we unwilling to question the every whim of a corrupt government.

      On the contrary, it is our right to do so because they were elected to serve US.
      Congress members that are not responding to phone calls, even by the staff is unacceptable.

      So, what should we do ?
      Storm Washington ?

      That won’t do any good because they don’t give a crap what you want or think.

      All they are worried about is getting re-elected and that is where we can make an impact.
      Leave messages on their websites that they are serving their last term in office.
      Tell their staff that they should look for a new job.

      They are not afraid of us, but they are afraid of losing their job.

      • He is on a roll, for sure. The inner dragon is now plainly visible, as layers of his disguise as a “nice guy” peel off and fall to the ground. Lots of us saw through him in the first minute of his walk on the stage. The evidence that he was a complete fraud were immediately discernable. It was obvious. Others are still asleep. We live in dangerous times.

      • Obama, Reid and Holder should be indicted for high crimes and misdemeanors. They have been running a criminal operation since Day One…beginning with O/Care and ending with an illegal ‘amnesty’. Sandwiched in between were hundreds of scams…too numerous to list.

        All in all, this is the most corrupt govt. in the history of the country.
        Congress could and should have started impeachment if only to slow the SOB down. His true colors emerged five minutes after he was liberated last November. He’s giddy with excitement about ‘finishing the job he started’ six years ago.

        It’s going to take an insider whistleblower to fall on his sword and start lowering the boom on Obama and Jarrett. There must be stories to tell! We need that person (or persons) to come to the aid of their country…now! Rat him out…PLEASE!

      • Yes, it does. And it’s not an accident. Here’s another example–an amazing story– describing how Obama told Israel that he would shoot down Israeli planes with which BiBi planned to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 (via Drudge). If anyone had any doubts about where Obama’s loyalties lie, this story will evaporate those doubts.

  10. Three men arrested for contacting ISIS and offering to do some jihaad here in the U.S. for them.

    One had overstayed his visa.

    Doesn’t that make him an illegal immigrant? undocumented terrorist?

      • I will check the cabinet. :)
        I just posted on the wrong thread, If I may I will retype it.
        I just saw the skit that SNL did. It was a father telling his grown daughter goodbye/be careful, as she was walking towards a pickup to join a bunch of ISIS men. She turns around with a big smile and tells her dad, it’s only ISIS. Ten mins. later and I still do not think that is funny.