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Walker, the Wisconsin Unions, and ISIS: Bravo!

I’ve grown so, stupendously sick of what has become a routinely emitted burst of inanity by the intellectually crippled, some of whom are our putative thought leaders: That if you mention two things together in a sentence, you think they are alike.

Thursday at CPAC, responding to a question about how he would handle ISIS, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, referring to his battle in Wisconsin against the unions, said:

I want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical Islamic terrorists does not wash up on American soil. If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.”If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.

Oh, the outrage!

“If Scott Walker thinks that it’s appropriate to compare working people speaking up for their rights to brutal terrorists, then he is even less qualified to be president than I thought,” blared a flack for the DNC.

Others piled on too. Even conservatives.

Let’s all step out of the Stupid Room for a second.

First of all, does anyone in their right mind think that anyone else in their right mind believes that union workers are like ISIS terrorists?

Really? Scott Walker thinks union officials want to decapitate management?

Secondly, it is obvious to anyone whose head is still on their shoulders that Walker is comparing the act of standing up to one group to the act of standing up another. Not the groups. The action. The fortitude it takes to risk your political future, be resolute, be uncompromising when needed, and to ignore the weaklings around you who want to cave or make a bad deal.

This is exactly, after six years of purified presidential pusillanimity, what America needs.

And the comparison Walker made is actually extremely apt.

It became known after the collapse of the Soviet Union that the politburo took notice when Ronald Reagan stood up to the air traffic control union and fired 11,000 of them who illegally went on strike. The Russkies understood they were dealing with someone quite different than Reagan’s predecessor. It had a serious effect.

Walker’s actions in Wisconsin are directly relevant to how he will operate on a larger scale as president. And the Democrats know it.

Here’s the video of his appearance. It’s worth taking 20 minutes to watch it. Walker was eloquent, forceful and smart. He is not just the flavor of the month. He is clearly a serious contender for the presidency.

36 thoughts on “Walker, the Wisconsin Unions, and ISIS: Bravo!”

  1. Everyone is so offended so often and so easily! Wuss Wallace was on F&F this morning and said he “cringed” when Walker made those remarks re ISIS. He is sure going to get SW to explain himself when he appears on FNS this weekend. Sigh.

    No one ever questions prezbo´s absurd remarks. Now he is banning the sale of bullets by Executive Order and threatening the Border Patrol. And what do we hear? Crickets.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the bullet issue, and the Border Patrol. That has ended up for now, on the back burner. I have seen pictures of Lama’s, many times in the last couple of days, but this information isn’t even on the bottom scroll.

      1. The Phoenix Llama’s? Poor things, we have a big population of visitor animals here in Arizona. They accompany their owners to hospitals & nursing homes, giving patients the joy of petting them…etc. my friend takes her Draft horse to visit patients, always getting odd stares from others in the elevator! The llama’s yesterday ran from a patient who needed a hug. Guess he was lucky he didn’t get spit on…

      2. That obnoxious and biased Shep Smith on FNC has a problem ‘reporting’ real news on his dopey show at 3pm…Only stories he cares about are stupid local stories (missing kids or car crashes)

    2. I saw the Wallace segment, methinks he may be a Jebby supporter.

      I’ve noticed most of the Walker slamming is coming from the establishment wing of the GOP. Walkers pretty solid with true conservative/tea party wing…..and some liberals too :)

  2. SPOT ON and one of your BEST! Thanks for taking this on.
    I watched Morning Joe this morning and aside from the normal nausea of having Mika back I could not believe the “oh the humanity” crap coming out of their mouths.
    Walker did exactly as you state, he compared HIS ACTION of standing up to some of the most vile union protests in recent memory to HIS WILLINGNESS to stand up to ISIS and those who would threaten America.
    “Let’s all step out of the stupid room” THAT is a line for the ages.
    Thanks again Keith.

  3. The more Walker talks, the more I like him. I am sick of this dynastic view of the Presidency. My daddy was president, my brother was president, so it’s my turn to be president; or my husband was president, so I should get a chance to be president.

    We have had years of Ivy Leagued trained idiots in the White House, how about giving a normal person, someone that actually has been out in the world doing something, instead of pontificating on how bad America is, a chance to run things.

    I would rather have a Scott Walker as POTUS than another moron with advanced degrees who thinks s/he knows what’s best for the country.

    And Keith, I agree with you that Walkers comments are being taken out of context, and both sides are now running scared of him. He is not an anointed one, and if he were to win the primaries, and the general elections I can see him have to battle both the Dems and the establishment GOP. That might just be a good thing, since it will show the American public just how fakakted things are in DC.

    1. I got to meet Reagan in ’76 and he was my first Presidential vote in ’80. People today forget that he too had to fight both the Democrats and establishment Republicans. Along with the media of course, that never changes! lol

      1. Walker, Reagan, Obama, Hillary et al have been (or were) funded by the ‘establishment’. Nobody would have even heard of any of those politicians, if they had lacked support from the ruling class.

    2. Out of context? If Holder has his way and “transforms” our burden of proof standards, Walker will be slapped with a civil rights lawsuit for blatant discrimination against people of color.

      Holder’s proposed rules would look something like this: Did a “person of color” get killed, injured, or offended — regardless of the cause? Racism!!! Discrimination!!!

      Holder still thinks Trayvon Martin was about discrimination. The question is whether Holder still thinks…

  4. What a guy, this Gov Walker.
    We would have never known this dedicated, principled man if not for the MSM’s pandering to the union/Dem forces and thuggery. We owe the union thugs a sincere thank-you for showing their worst, and a shout-out to the MSM for showcasing their asinine, dangerous thuggery day after day.
    Lastly, but never least, the good people of GovWalker’s state showed e

      1. The man has class, logic and a good sense of self. He has to take on the idiots in both parties then the MSM. All those scoundrels don’t want real change, so they will pile it high & strong. Good luck Mr. Walker!

  5. I know lots of people are afraid of Walker. Recently Howard Dean was trying to make a big deal that Walker did not get his university degree therefore must be too dumb to be president. Bill Gates did not finish either. I hope the Democrats keep Dean out front. The more he speaks the better.

    1. A Harvard degree isn’t worth a bucket of spit in the real world. When I was on the recruiting team for a national company, we refused to even interview anyone who graduated from an Ivy League college or university. They were completely useless.

  6. The so-called elite and Harvard educated DEMS obviously didn’t grasp the message from the ‘college dropout’. Even Chris Stirewalt on FOx said that Walker’s remark was a ‘mistake’, albeit a small one.
    Walker is a fighter – something we haven’t seen from the ‘bystander’ for the last six years. Am liking him more and more each day!

  7. And the MSM is very careful to NOT mention that progressive union thugs sent hundreds of death threats to Gov Walker and his wife. They also fail to mention that the union thugs threatened to kill the Walker children. Walker stood up for the people of Wisconsin throughout it all, and handed the public unions their butts in a basket.

  8. Since the radical-left Dems and some of the Republicans are so dim, maybe Walker will have to compare his action against ISIS in terms that a three-year old can understand. The RINOs have got to listen to us and not their big-money doners or the Dems.

  9. We’ve had six years of ivy league Obama, who had to hire a 26 year old to write his speeches. Obama has used a teleprompter to talk to an elementary class, before meetings with six people and of course every speech he’s given. Walker has exhibited sheer brilliance during his time as Governor and I like him better every day. RINOS Bush and Christie, please go home.

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  11. I thought Walker’s speech sounded canned (I didn’t listen to the others

    (I do like him as a candidate)

    no jacket but a tie slightly askew = yes I respect you but also will work for you

    hey middle class “keep working and paying your taxes, hard work pays off, we have your back (or whatever)” LOL

    sad sad sad, but I do like the guy and what he has done, maybe he’ll grow a spine or something

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