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Quote of the Day || February 27, 2015

“Of course I didn’t do anything for those foreign donors as Secretary of State. In fact, I didn’t do anything as Secretary of State.

– Hillary Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

12 Responses to Quote of the Day || February 27, 2015

  1. IMGA (International Mens Golf Association) Is to file a complaint with Hillary on the unfair ladies Tee box locations. Bob Cranksht president of the IMGA said, it time for some equality. It’s just not fair the girls get to Tee off 10 yard closer to the hole.

  2. I have read that Pentagon has decided to provide the “rebels” in Syria with B-IB Bomber air support. Well, the “moderate rebels” that is, not the other ones,ISIS. The moderates ? Who are they ? If any, they are much, much weaker than the other ones. ISIS will of course take care of all the nice weapons provided. Incredible, once again the US helps the terrorists because the overriding goal is another, in this case to topple Assad. I can tell you that the refugees from all the conflicts in the wake of the Arabic Spring and the ISIS-terrorism are giving us a terrible headache in Europe. Terrible.
    And then we have the Ukraine crisis. After all the bloody slaughter in eastern Ukraine, so many civilians killed and so many homeless, Merkel, Hollande,Putin and a very reluctant Poroschenko managed too work out a weak truce but now I read that the US and UK governments are plotting to send in more weapons and militaries to the region. So, more gasoline on the fire. Please, please, get rid of the warmongering Obama administration. Why not Rand Paul ? The alliances and the drumbeats around the Ukraine reminds me of the ill-fated march to war hundred years ago.

    • The intelligence needs to be improved in Syria.
      There was a Truce, however from what I have read they have not stuck to the Truce. Do you feel they can hold their own, without given weapons?

      • Lee, it is always difficult with a truce in a civil war, so many are involved. But I think you misunderstood, I want the West to back off, I certainly do not approve of the Kiev-junta, the Ukrainan puppet regime installed after the coup d`e´tat orchestrated by CIA and some EU folks. In my opinion Washington and some lapdogs in the EU are using the Ukraine as a tool to achieve regime change in Russia and they do not care about civilian lives lost. However, most of us ordinary people in Europe just want to get along, have peaceful trade, tourism and cultural exchange with Russia like we used to have and we do not, absolutely not, want more wars. Seems like politicians in Washington no longer care about Thomas Jefferson and his anti-alliances world view.
        I think we Westerners should concentrate on the real threat to us all, ISIS.

        • I appreciate/understand that the people do not want, any type of war or conflict, but what if Putin keeps moving forward? I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.