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Live Stream || CPAC 2015

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  1. The Republican Party would do itself a tremendous favor by divesting itself of Sarah Palin. It sickened me to see her beclowning herself on the SNL 40th gala, trying (very poorly) to play jester to a man (Alec Baldwin) who would behead her and leave her twitching corpse in front of the Prometheus statue if he thought he could get away with it. She is of minimal value to the party. She will be remembered only for briefly lending her brand to a decrepit old coot whose defeat ultimately led to the deconstruction of the United States from the inside out. The luster has definitely worn off of her Clear Coat.

    • Never underestimate MrsPalin’s pull and power withing the base of the Repubs. She (and a few others) have the podium, the bullhorn, to speak out loud what most of us think and want to happen.
      The established Repubs and the MSM/Dem forces did everything they could find to destroy her credibility, and millions of lo-infos bought the narrative that she is “stupid, greedy, a loser, etc”.
      No scandal, no embarrassing baggage, and a message that sounds right.
      Smart lady.

      • Very smart lady. She makes more sense that the lawbreakers in the White House when she speaks. She shouldn’t have quit a governor though, that looked bad. But I say again, she is very very smart, can analyze what the “president” is and whats going on in the country and she knows whats up with Boehner and McConnell GIVING IN to Obama? Why? Why did we elect them? They should pass the bill against Obama’s unlawful immigration? Why aren’t they? What is the reason, thats what we elected them for. Okay, it boggles the mind the way Boehner and McConnell are acting. She would do a much better job than these turncoats.

    • Sarah Palin may not have distinguished herself at her recent appearances, but she does have a role to play.
      Not as President, I grant you. But her fearless stance, and stirring of the pot does a lot to fire up Conservatives.
      The Lord works in mysterious ways. If we hadn’t had an abysmal 6 years under the boot of His Creepiness, Lord Barack, I doubt the Conservative base would be as fired up as they now are.
      At this point the High Priests that need a good whipping are our very own Bobbsey Twins, McConnell & Boehner.

  2. I miss CPAC… I would always go with the Univ of Delaware College Republicans and we would party hard :-)
    I was there last year only for a day and a half… all those shiny young kids. I miss the old days of CPAC when you could talk to and meet other people, now everyone is on their damn smartphones and you cant talk or get to know them.

  3. The volume cut off. The white thing is moving in a circle. Anyone else had the volume cut off? This happens from time to time on other videos, but the volume comes back.

  4. In moments of crises, there have been men and woman who have stood to do something, in concern of their children. We can tell our children we did it all.
    We have o that thinks we grow economy by growing WA.
    We understand that people create jobs, not the Govt.
    We have o that measures success by how many people are dependant on the Govt.
    We understand power is people living their own lives, independance of the Govt. Not dependence on it.
    O draws lines in the sand. Calls ISIS the JV team.
    Terrorist are a treat to our way of life and people thoughout the world.
    We need o to say we will take fight to them, not wait for them to come here. We need leader to stand by Isreal. We should show Netanyahu his our respect. We, Cruz & wife were concerned that their kids future.
    We can fire and hire based on merit.
    In his state. His school scores are better. We put power back to people to run school board.
    After 4 yrs as Gov reduced taxes by 2 Billion dollars. He signed pro life legislation. Passed law, you need to be legal, and need voter I.D. in Wisconsin. They will be able to choose to be in Union or not (workers).
    People are clapping!!
    Fighting for hard winning working tax payer we won from Independents.
    We need your help. We need to go back to founding principles. Not go back in time, but founding principles.
    How would you deal with ISIS as Commander n Chief. He said: It is clear he wants a Pres. that they don’t come here and will protect us.
    (So many words,)
    Economy, How do you plan to give youth jobs? Take power out of WA. I think young leaders know how to move forward. Want to make easier to start CO. (So many words)
    FCC to regulate: How would you deal with it. Guiding principle Freedom, open society.
    Do you support raising the min. wage.
    We need to lift people in education, and training, and give Govt. out of the way to move forward.
    Cheer, Cheer.

  5. We are losing big! Republicans are worthless. This week alone we lost on
    1. Immigration
    2. Internet
    3. Banning 5.56 ammo
    This country is now a dictatorship and Obama gets it all and the republicans pretend to do something.
    Its all one party now and they are NOT on our side. We are so screwed!!!!!

  6. Why would we believe anything these people say? The track record is that they give Obummer what ever he wants after a little kicking and meaningless fussing.
    I am so fed up with the fake opposition. Its all show and they are all in it together. America now has ONE party.
    If Jeb runs and wins, the dems win, if he loses the dems win.

    • Disgusting Boehner and McConnell, why are they giving Obama immigration, Internet and banning bullets??? WHY, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH REPUBS — LETTING THIS POS DO ALL THIS?? NO ONE WILL VOTE FOR REPUBS EITHER AFTER THIS. LET IT GO DOWN THE DRAIN, WE ARE DOWN THE DRAIN ANYWAY WITH THE REPUBLICANS ALSO. F all of them and horses they rode in on, all lies, Clinton will finish the job at this rate, repubs are in cahoots with obama? Damn them all.