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Jeb Finds Some Love at CPAC

National Harbor, MD – He didn’t receive a wild reception, but nor was it merely polite. Answering a series of very direct questions from Sean Hannity before a packed house of conservatives at CPAC today, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush portrayed himself as a serious conservative while preventing his differences with his audience from inviting open hostility.

I think he would judge his appearance here a success.

Bush, whose views on Common Core and immigration are loathed by many conservatives, faced only minor, sporadic heckling as he sought to make nice with the right. He was frequently greeted with strong, if not quite wild, applause, and ended his question and answer session with a standing ovation.

Bush explained that his position was to “first and foremost, enforce the borders,” and he said that while he supported a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants, they must first achieve certain milestones – learning English, and so forth. He refused to back down on his efforts to give illegals driver’s licenses and in-state funding, and he wasn’t booed for it.

The thousands of immigrants who flooded into the United States last year “should have been sent home at the border,” Bush said.

Bush sought to mitigate his past support for Common Core, asserting the education standards should never be set by the federal government.

Calling himself a “practicing, reform-minded conservative,” he affirmed that he favors traditional marriage, has rolled back affirmative action in Florida, and opposes marijuana use – although the states should be permitted to decide the matter.

Tellingly, though, when asked for the five things he would do first as president, ending Obamacare was not among them.

17 Responses to Jeb Finds Some Love at CPAC

  1. Jeb would be a solid candidate if he could assume his wife’s last name. Kidding aside, he will have a tough time shaking loose the debris left by his brother and lefties and some middies will not pull the lever for another Bush, ever.

    What do we think of Carly Fiorina? Newcomer, outsider, but frank, honest, successful. Would love to see her and Madame Hillary in a face to face….that would go for big bucks on StubHub.


    • Carly is popular with the crowd.
      I saw her speak yesterday, and she said that she would welcome a 1 on 1 with Hillary.
      Carly would destroy her.

  2. How nice for him. His multi-millionaire/billionare donors will be pleased at his deft answers, and the Dems are rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipaton of having another Bush to chop into little pieces.

  3. OT: New Report claims suspected terrorists may be entering U.S. through TX border, for quite some time.
    Just mentioned on Cavuto, and the beginning of his show.

    • Lee, I’m sure they enter all border states. They know where the check points are (even though some move locations…). & then our Border Patrol gets bean bags to shoot, not even bullets!
      The terrorists can easily slip through all the empty desert areas, I’ve seen what just looked like scared mexicans hiding in back road washes while four wheeling.

      • I feel bad for the border Patrol, and us. First the welcome Matt, than rules for the Border Patrol. How about more rules for the people crossing.

  4. The folks at Weasel Zippers are not being as kind as Keith re Jeb’s reception and the majority of those readers can’t stand Jeb and are thrilled a contingent of Tea Party members walked out on him during his speech.

  5. oh wth, Bush in 2016? sure, why not? the congressional Republicans are already rolling over and playing dead. why SHOULDN’T we do everything we can to help elect a Democrat?

  6. No Bush as long as he supports legalization of illegal aliens.

    The whole notion of they’ve been here so long that they’ve spawned families and made friends and therefore we must accept them and make them citizens is loathsome.

    What other set of lawbreakers are rewarded — do burglars get legal entry into anyone’s homes? do carjackers get the right to take any car that they please? are vandals applauded for destroy property?

    Deportation is the only solution that will uphold American law in the future.