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Psaki: Ethics Deal Broken? No problem

Algeria, which had human rights problems and was heavily lobbying Hillary Clinton’s State Department to get in its good graces, gave half a million bucks in 2010 to the Clinton Foundation, which didn’t follow the protocol of getting approval from the State Department, according to the Washington Post.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, well it was just one case, and we don’t care.

“The fact that the process was not followed in this particular incident does not raise concerns with us,” Psaki said.

Do we know if this happened other times?

Got no idea, said Psaki.

18 Responses to Psaki: Ethics Deal Broken? No problem

  1. She kept saying confident regarding what has been reviewed….
    I did not hear her explain how this was overlooked.
    If this was overlooked, how can she be certain nothing else was. Will there be an investigation on double checking it all?

  2. What we are seeing are the actions of a regime that believes it is above any consequences, totally free from any accountability. Can you show them any shred of evidence to the contrary?

    In liberal institutions, the corruption is always dismissed as well-intentioned incompetence. Case is point: Any liberal-run, bureaucrat-dominated urban population center. Obama and his acolytes have epitomized this soft bigotry of low expectations during their time in D.C.

  3. As wise Algerian Abdelaziz Carville once said “Drag a $500k bill through a State Dept trailer park, you never know what you’ll find”

  4. Just another example of the corruption and sliming around the edge of ethical or legal actions.
    This kind of money grubbing is not a Dem specialty, nor is money for special advantage something new in political circles.
    It’s not the acceptance of the funds from questionable sources, but rather what did these funds buy for the donors?
    If MrsClinton gave special consideration to these foreign concerns, then we have a big problem to address.
    Otherwise, it’s business as usual in D.C./state assemblies/city halls/union offices/ police departments, etc etc etc.

  5. We’ve said it before, and we say it again: if the MSM, or a Congressional Committee, or an investigative group ever decided to dig deeply into the machinations and schemes keeping the “Clinton Foundation” afloat, it could result with the Clintons and their associates doing hard time in the Big House. I wonder if Elizabeth Warren’s people are behind this little peek into the Foundation.

  6. OT: Regarding FCC internet issue. It was voted in 3-2.
    Michael Ried voted against it. He stated it was common practice to vote before info is released. However if their is a controversy, they do show the info! Not this time.
    o to ban AR-15 Rifle bullets.
    Kerry downplayed any threat.
    Clapper did not!

  7. Hillary Clinton, money obsessed, its so obvious she is dishonest by not reporting it to the State Department! she figures the gangs and Soros will fix the vote for her anyway. Geez, another loon running for President who breaks laws and will have a Muslim Brotherhood administration. God damn these old hippies from the 60’s who will do anything for power, lie, cheat, let people get killed, you name it, they will do it,Axelrod, he will help Clinton now to continue the dictatorship. Netanyahu, America will be gone too, just like Israel because of the cretins running the government and I mean cretins.

    • I can not stand these ok looking, stuck-up, Im-smarter-than-you b#tches like Psaki…they remind me of all those god-damn girls who turned me down in college.

      • She seems different than that type.
        She is more the conniving type of person. I do not think it has to do with her looks. Than again most conniving people pretend to be respectful, she does not. I am fed up with these people who answer questions to intelligent reporters, but look at them with such disrespect.
        All of them still have me trying to figure them out. In other words, none of them show any compassion, concern, for anything on The List.
        Bush, Giuliani and others showed strengh in their eyes/face and what they stated after 911, and well as concern, compassion.

        • All of the spokes-folks in the Obama administration have an enormous chip on their shoulders. They treat reporters like the enemy, constantly using a tone which implies, “How could you be so dumb as to ask a stupid question like you just asked.” That’s what ticks everyone off about them.