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Secretary of Labor Thinks Wages are a “Lottery”

Does President Obama’s chief advisor on worker issues believe in – or even understand – market economics?

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe the other day, Labor Secretary Tom Perez indicated people’s salaries are determined by whim.

“We need a raise in the minimum wage because you shouldn’t have to win the boss lottery to be able to live a decent life,” he declared.

Think about the mindset here. The boss lottery? Luck is the defining factor of success?

Your fate, people, is out of your hands. If you get lucky and you have a good boss, you might get paid okay. Whether you’ve developed your skills, gotten an education, searched for the right job, or spend your workdays sleeping in the break room is not relevant here. And God forbid you try to go find a better job if you don’t like the one you have.

The only thing that matters is how The Man is treating you.

And of course, being helpless, you need Tom Perez and the government to aid and protect you. You need Tom and Barack to stick it to The Man for you, so you’ve got some chance to beat The System, which after all is rigged.

Because it’s not fair when someone wins and someone loses. Everybody gets a medal, and The Department of Labor is there to make sure you get yours, even if you ran the wrong way down the track.

9 thoughts on “Secretary of Labor Thinks Wages are a “Lottery””

  1. How’d that “boss lottery” work out for the employees of firms like Solyndra?

    Leveling the playing field should not equate to dumbing down America.

    Part of the problem is the cooling of the thought processes of Americans. What we could use is some frontal lobe warming, and a bit of political climate change.

  2. I’ve had some less than ideal bosses and still been paid decently because they understood that if they wanted my skill set, they had to pay something similar to what other bosses would pay. One boss thought all of should be happy to work for less (he said so), but those of us who had stronger skill sets thought we would be happier working for someone else – and so he lost the “worker lottery” I guess.

  3. …I wonder what type of ‘Economic’ classes “Barack Hussein Obama” took in college to shape his view of the US Economy?

    (being rich = good. class warfare = good. socialism/communism = good. hard work = bad. strong US economy = bad. free economic choice = bad.)

  4. I thought minimum wage was for entry level positions, i.e., 16-18 year olds. Not for People in their 30’s, 40,s or older who have never been able to keep a job or even wanted one.

  5. My son got his 1st @ min wage not too long ago. I explained to him low pay is good incentive to do good in school & get some type of secondary education so better paying jobs will be open to him. Now I have to explain to him how the government will take care of all of that for him. Silly me.

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