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Rice Threatens U.S. Relationship with Israel

The White House is threatening the U.S. relationship with Israel, sending a clear signal that rime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress next week will harm ties.

This is the first time I have ever heard this or any White House suggest it is ready to do damage to the relationship with our only reliable, democratic ally in the Middle East.

Appearing on the Charlie Rose show, National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress next week is “destructive of the fabric of the relationship” because it makes the ties less bipartisan. When the relationship “becomes injected or infused with politics, that’s a problem,” Rice said.

The comments are hardly some kind of objective, disinterested analysis. The suggestion that relations will suffer is being made by the most senior foreign policy official in a White House that is deeply opposed to and deeply offended by Netanyahu’s visit. It will be taken as a sign in Israel – as the White House fully understands – that America’s relations with the Jewish state will be downgraded because Netanyahu is being perceived as tilting toward Republicans.

Further, Rice accused Netanyahu of coming to America – and by extension dissing President Obama – to achieve his own political objectives:

What has happened over the last several weeks — by virtue of the invitation that was issued by the speaker and the acceptance of it by Prime Minister Netanyahu two weeks in advance of his election — is that on both sides, there has now been injected a degree of partisanship, which is not only unfortunately which is not only unfortunate. I think it’s destructive of the fabric of the relationship.

Rice avowed that she wants a good relationship with Israel, but only in the context of implying that current circumstances place this in jeopardy:

We want the relationship between the Untied States and Israel to be unquestionably strong, immutable, regardless of political seasons in either country, regardless of which party may be in charge in either country.

The fact is, the ties between Israel and the United States had already completely deteriorated under Obama, as the president tried to strong arm Israel into a deal with the Palestinians, allowed Islamism to run rampant in the Middle East, and gets ready to tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran.

Netanyahu clearly has made the calculation that he has nothing left to lose in trying to persuade Congress and the American people to oppose a dangerous deal with Iran that poses an existential threat to his country and, ultimately, ours.

20 thoughts on “Rice Threatens U.S. Relationship with Israel”

  1. Remember who is speaking here. She is the forked tongue tool that enlightened us on happenings in Benghazi. Every time she opens her mouth I like her less. As Tallulah Bankhead once famously said about Elsa Maxwell: “Just another pretty face.”

      1. Yet the administration cares. And, so many logically bereft Dems keep drinking the koolaide. It is unfathomable that our country-the mooslum 0- has shown his true (yes, I will state it…) ant-Semitism. Lowly fool. I can’t think about his smug demeanor too much or I’ll barf.

  2. Keith and fellow readers made the point yesterday of visits being made in the past by other Presidents. Not to mention the people o has had in the WH, and He is ignoring Netanyahu. Bob in Indy, made a point that look who they have talking.
    I am still so upset of Benghazi!!

  3. This administration’s treatment of Israel is absolutely shameful.
    Who in the hell do they think they are?

    I hope voters, esp. Jewish American voters,are paying attention.
    And I can’t wait for Candidate Clinton to ‘splain to donors how our relationship with Israel will change if she’s elected…

    1. I know, all those “monetarily rich”, dem Jewish voters? Where does that come from!
      ArgAhh, blinders & koolaide.
      Everything lately is hitting under my logical side. There’s so much behind the scenes deals & lies & abolishment of our God given rights. I’ve emailed those critters, but their answer is ALWAYS!!! …I agree “(what ever topic) is important, that’s why I’m doing all I can…blablabla “. & once again the subject is dissed & they cave to whomever us pulling their tails & threatening their families.

  4. Having Obama as your arch enemy should be a ‘plus’ for Bibi. Obama shows up in Chicago to stuff the ballot box for Rahm…and Rahm is now facing a run-off.

    No one takes Obama seriously. When Netanyahu speaks, people listen. The WH is already trying to discredit Bibi with his prediction that Iran would have the bomb in nine months. How would Obama know if they do or don’t have a bomb??? When was the last time the UN sent weapons inspectors to Iran?

    The game is afoot! Go Bibi!

  5. I have been around since the early days of the Einsehower administration (ok I don’t really remember that so well, so let’s just say “since JFK”), and I have never–never–NEVER seen a president as petty and juvenile as Obama.

    “cutting off your nose to spite your face” is the best way I can put it.

    1. Obama is juvenile because he can get away with it.
      No-one is allowed to confront him.

      Bibi is coming to speak to our congress despite Obama’s tantrums and that pisses Barry of big time.
      How dare he !

      I can’t wait for the speech.

        1. I kinda think the MSM will ignore the whole situation.
          Butt, it is interesting to wonder what their spin will be.
          The USA needs to know about this…butt, again, how many id10t’s even know that Israel exists, let alone who their ‘head dude’ is?

    2. I too, remember the early 50s’ and I did vote for Ike. I was around too, in the early 40s’, and remember Chamberlin
      dithering around. Obama reminds me
      of him. I was we had a strong leader again. It has been too long.

  6. Obama the coward, told Rice what to say and she is as stupid as he is, willing to say stupid and ridiculous ugly things. As soon as we get rid of Obama things will be fine with Israel. Obama is nothing but a mental midget compared to Netanyahu. I have never heard of an American President who also works for the United Nations at the same time. I have never heard of America having an immature “president”. He has shown nothing but vengeance and evil towards Israel using the media like a crybaby to constantly try to turn people against Netanyahu. Obama is a mental midget compared to Netanyahu. No matter who wins in Israel’s election Netanyahu will be respected and loved, not like Obama who is hated by millions of Americans. Obama is a babykiller. He wants abortions done when the baby is 8 months in the womb, that means tearing apart the body of the baby, torturing and murdering the almost born baby. Don’t ever forget that. Thats the kind of individual Obama is. And Hillary Clinton believes in that type of murder also.

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