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Quote of the Day || February 25, 2015

“Of course I love my country. It just that, you know, sometimes we have our differences.

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

18 Responses to Quote of the Day || February 25, 2015

  1. OT: article on
    Love it! Netenyahu refuses to meet with Senate Democrats…
    Netanyahu has declined an invitation by Democrats to meet during his visit to Washington next week, citing fears it might “compound the misperception of partisanship” surrounding the trip.
    The letter was addressed to Durbin & Feinstein who invited him to meet behind closed-doors. Netanyahu said the speech is an opportunity to speak to the American people not a particular party.
    I have Fox on this morning as I am reading the news, and I have not heard this news yet.

    • Lee, I’m a few minutes behind you, but I’m glad Netanyahu declined, after being so nasty now the Dem’s want to play nice nice.
      I wonder how many Dem’s will attend his address?
      Maybe the CBC?

      • We shouldn’t care how many dems attend It will be so exciting to hear him speak again and I can’t wait! He has more charisma, intelligence, compassion, and common sense then this Obama thing has.

  2. O/T;
    A backatcha’by PM Netanyahu.
    Via WEASELZIPPER, PM Netanyahu sent a letter addressed to Senator’s Durbin and Feinstein declining to meet with Democratic Senator’s in a “closed door environment” to discuss Israel’s concerns over Iran.
    Hey Dem’s! Just go and listen to his address and you’ll hear what he has to say.

    • Great article. Yes, you bet the Clinton/Warren/every other lefty progressive political clan are terrified of Walker. They’ll pull out every stop to scare him out of the race. Was it just a couple of days ago, they paid (and they DO get paid when they “demonstrate”) union thugs to stage a demonstration/riot in front of Scott Walker’s PARENTS?

        • Here’s a good rule of thumb: Whomever the MSM thinks is the “correct” Republican candidate (soft support, nice little human feature stories, etc.) is going to lose the election. Guaranteed. Conversely, the Republican candidate who is constantly attacked, who brings out the worst in the MSM (they go through the candidate’s background with a fine tooth comb, go through his garbage cans, attack his family, constantly hound the candidate with “gotcha” questions, etc–well, that candidate might just win the presidency big time. Think Reagan.

  3. Its not his country, he doesn’t at all act like a real American, he acts like he’s from Mars actually. He also acts like a 14 year old High School boy with tantrums and always seeking revenge. But a high school boy that is a troublemaker and should be expelled. Yes, Obama should be expelled from the presidency with his immature juvenile delinquency ways. Its like having a spoiled young boy as “president”, not a cultured and intelligent man. Obama is the biggest mistake the United States has ever made.