As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Welcome to the Obamanet

This is the end of the Internet as we know it.

It’s the “Obamanet,” as L. Gordon Crovitz calls it in a great Wall Street Journal piece.

As you are probably aware, the FCC will vote Thursday to start regulating the Internet, with the commission Democrats who will carry the day claiming it’s necessary to preserve “net neutrality” and keep evil Internet service providers from charging big websites premium prices for faster connections.

Well, did you know massive web companies like Google already are granted faster connections? Maybe you didn’t. But I know you are aware that the best way to combat such a problem it to promote competition, not control companies. Presumably, should internet companies actually do this on a large scale, the purchasing public will look for Internet providers who provide them easy access to all websites, not a favored few.

Worst case, I’d rather it take you a little longer to boot up my little website than allow the government ultimately to start influencing what I write.

From the Crovitz piece:

The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.

The more than 300 pages of new regulations are secret, but Mr. Wheeler says they will subject the Internet to the key provisions of Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, under which the FCC oversaw Ma Bell.

Title II authorizes the commission to decide what “charges” and “practices” are “just and reasonable”—an enormous amount of discretion.

Defenders of the Obama plan claim that there will be regulatory “forbearance,” though not from the just-and-reasonable test. They also promise not to regulate prices, a pledge that Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has called “flat-out false.” He added: “The only limit on the FCC’s discretion to regulate rates is its own determination of whether rates are ‘just and reasonable,’ which isn’t much of a restriction at all.”

Bureaucrats can review the fairness of Google ’s search results, Facebook ’s news feeds and news sites’ links to one another and to advertisers. BlackBerry is already lobbying the FCC to force Apple and Netflix to offer apps for BlackBerry’s unpopular phones.

Supporters of Obamanet describe it as a counter to the broadband duopoly of cable and telecom companies. In reality, it gives duopolists another tool to block competition. Utility regulations let dominant companies complain that innovations from upstarts fail the “just and reasonable” test—as truly disruptive innovations often do.

What’s more, writes Randolph May in The Hill, companies under the new FCC regime will vie for government favoritism by seeking waivers from new mandates, promoting a practice our Founders had hoped to displace:

This likely flood of waiver requests should raise serious questions concerning the lawfulness of the agency’s mode of operating. As Philip Hamburger discusses in his book, Is Administrative Law Unlawful?, one of our Founders’ objectives was to control, if not eliminate, what in England was known as the “dispensing” power.

Aimply put, the dispensing power — which is much discussed in English constitutional history — was a form of exercise of royal prerogative under which the king could excuse himself or his favored subjects from complying with particular laws enacted by Parliament. As Hamburger explains, today’s administrative agencies, in essence, have resurrected the dispensing power by the way they so often use waivers to grant favored treatment.

Obama is indeed creating the most consequential presidency since Reagan. He’s extending government control to every conceivable aspect of our lives.

And this, like much else, is being done without the use of democratic institutions. Other than, I suppose, the Electoral College, which apparently made Obama king, which must be in the Constitution, although I can’t find it right now.

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    • So, is our November election useless? (Why did we elect the Reps in Nov if they’re caving on everything?)

      If the FCC is under Obummer’s thumb, how can we wrest control back to the people?

      • We can call our representatives and Senators in Congress and tell them in no uncertain terms how furious we are at their lack of representation of the people of the United States and their caving in to liberalism. If we’d wanted liberals in office we would have voted for them. If they don’t want to represent the people in conservative fashion then we can see to it that they don’t serve in Congress any more.

    • Tom Wheeler, FCC Chair, appointed by Obama, former Obama bundler to the tune of $700K and former industry lobbyist. That’s who is championing these 332 pages of largesse that the rubes haven’t been given a glimpse of. No one ever mentions this fact. This is all about Obama. Obama wants Net Neutrality so Obama gets Net Neutrality. This country used to be bigger than one man. Not any more.

    • Although I agree with you, it wouldn’t work with him. After you knocked him out and moved on, he would come to and seeing that you have left he would claim that he won because you couldn’t handle him and left. The MSM would then promote his victory lap for days.

    • The First Amendment: Guarantees us the right to say what Liberals believe to be correct. No, really! Look it up. That’s what it says. Watch my right hand!! do NOT look to see what my Left hand is doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m done with the GOP. We voted them into the majority in November (the people’s will) and they’re sitting on their hands and backing down on everything. I’ve literally turned everything off on the tube this week…can’t stand hearing all the bad news anymore…it’s just too depressing and I need a break. This just in: somehow Barry won that election in November…or at least that’s the way it feels.

      So begins my long break from it all. Take care, folks.

      • That’s what I’ve been doing.

        There is one party rule and lawlessness in WDC.

        Batten down the hatches in the states and see what shakes out.

        Wonder how many Christians will be left standing?

      • My Brother in ” Can’t Stand It Anymore”. Have courage, but know you’re not the only one who feels this way. I’m still fascinated by the train wreck my country has become, but I’m starting a dangerous slide into apathy!!!

      • After the last midterm election, we all had the hope that they could stop the train wreck we were facing under the rule of Obama.

        It appears we need to wait a little longer.

        Evidently, the tigers on the campaign trail turned out to be kittens in congress.

        Funny how that works.

        I won’t turn the news off, nor will I quit listening to the sniveling creeps that assert to us that they have the authority to write our laws.

        Rather, I will strive to endeavor to expose them for what they are, a bunch of coniving snakes.

  1. years from now my little grandchild will be asking me to tell him stories about the ‘good old days’, when the web was wild and free. I won’t be able to because the NSA will be monitoring my conversation, but it’ll be a cute moment.

  2. Explanations of what the FCC plans to do and how to do it just fly right over my head.
    My limited understanding of this internet, of the cloud, and all the rest is that it’s not an American thing, but rather a world wide enterprise.
    We know that the federal government can’t produce a working website, can’t protect current sites from hacking, and don’t have any control over foreign concerns, so what exactly do they hope to accomplish?
    Knowing some of what happens every day over the wireless ‘net, the most mediocre hacker will defeat any restrictions the Feds can dream up.

    • The worst part is it’s all a secret. No divulging of any smidgen of what info may be contained within this ‘net neutrality’ boondoggle.
      Just knowing its 0bama’s plan…scares us all.

      • Agree 100000000%. Why is it a “SECRET”? And this from the most “transparent” admin in history! I guess by “transparent” they meant they supported transsexuals having children.

      • We have a liar for a President,who promised a ‘transparent’ presidency.Why are his lies less than Bill Clinton’s lie ” I did not have sex with that woman’and he was impeached lying to Congress aka the American People.? Why isn’t Congress finding one of those many lies Impeachable???? I guess if there was an answer to that question I wouldn’t have to ask it. God Bless America & Our Military..!! God Damn the Liars.

      • It’s secret exactly like ObamaCare was secret, and we have to “pass it to learn what was in it”. This is tyrannical government at the early stages, it’s what Obama was programmed to do, it’s all he understands, it’s all the angry Obama has dreamed of doing his entire life. And our Republican “leaders” are still looking for their spines.

        • 21 more months to go before the socialist is gone. This is just the beginning, it is going to get much, much worse. And if Pant Suit wins expect that little will change.

          • Hillary is every bit the Alinsky progressive Obama is, that’s for sure. They are cut from the same cloth, dance the same dance, and are equally corrupt.

  3. Close it up.

    Congress should shut the doors and go home.

    SCOTUS can drink the good stuff and nod off.

    Obama can phone it in from the golf course and Valerie can be nearby with pen.

  4. If I have to buy licenses for my little web site & blog businesses, I’ll be out of business. Sad, but I just don’t make enough money to continue if licensing is too expensive. I’ve been a presence online in the cruise travel industry since 1996. Thank you, dumb @$$ federal overseers.

  5. We can only hope the libs and the young people go nuts, seems to me most people don’t even know this is happening. Perhaps the courts can step in? We are living in very strange and scary times.

    • All tyrannical governments want to control human communications. They want to shut down person to person discussions (as in White House Dossier and other blogs), they are terrified of criticism, they want us to shut up and wear arms bands to signify how awful we all are. It’s a very old story, and a sign that things are not going well in our nation.l

      • Than there is the latest on the little item, that they want to ban.
        Rush just stated that most people may not be worried because there are thousands of American good citizens that would not give up those little items, or the thing you put it in. However he made the point. What happens when they stop the companies from manufacturing them?

  6. If you are against this you are a racist

    if you are against dreamers you are a racist

    if you are against muslims you are a racist

    if you are white and heterosexual your life is obviously rainbows and unicorns and don’t say it isn’t because if you do you are a racist

    this post will self destruct after midnight tomorrow

  7. One of my very favorite things to do is just surf the Internet and read when I’m not slaving for wages to pay my alleged fair share of taxes upon taxes upon taxes.
    If this retched corrupt evil government currently in charge of this once free nation takes it over, I will not comply! I will go enjoy the free things this world has left to offer. I AM CRANKY!!!

  8. A building in Washington D.C. know to tourist as the White House is full of squeaky voice munchkins that have promoted and achieved transforming the United States Government Executive Branch into a cephalopod. Commonly known as a Octopus. With a hard beak like mouth and long arms that reach out in all directions…

  9. I think Mark Twain understood our Government dichotomy long ago…..
    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
    “When bad information from the bottom meets unrealistic expectations from the
    top, bad things happen to the person in the middle.”
    Mark Twain — ‘If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.’