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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 26, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:55 am || Meets with African American faith and civil rights leaders; Eisenhower Executive Office Building
2:30 pm || interviewed by local news anchors participating in “Live from the White House;” Roosevelt Room
4:30 pm || Hosts a reception in recognition of African American History Month; The East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at noon

34 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 26, 2015

  1. What? It’s not called “Black History Month” any more?

    Sorry, but I think calling people who weren’t born in Africa, and whose parents and grandparents never even set foot in Africa, “African Americans” is just ludicrous. And what about the black people whose came from Haiti, or other non-African countries?

    • Still waiting for Danish-American History Month. Being Danish-American myself this is very important to me. Wait….my people came over in 1854….never mind.

      • I didn´t know you had Danish relations, Keith. Nice. We feel very close to the Danes here in the south of Sweden, they are only a bridge apart. The horrible murders in Copenhagen were just as upsetting here as over there. By the way, I follow your blog even if I am not commenting much right now. So much happening here in Europe, so much to say about that. I am busy on European sites, arguing this and that. Well, I have some favourite topics, one of them is the situation in the Ukraine , the threat to peace and economy, but I won´t bore you here with my anger about Washingtons handling of the matter.

    • I as well am very proud of my family history, French, German, Irish, American Indian, and serveral more. Very early to pull out the book. Most of all I am proud to be an American. This dividing of our nation that he is getting off doing is getting old. Remember the enemy is still laughing at what is going on, and what is not being done to protect our nation, our Constitution.
      Iran playing war games with a mock U.S. ship, but Netanyahu has been insulted by the planned no show of people in office.
      If that was to sad for a morning post, I would like to share the note of green coming back in the grass.

  2. I must commend Dear Leader for the hard work, long hours and unwavering efforts he puts forth to keep America free and strong, for doing all he can to make real, quality employment a reality for every working man and for making crime in the cities a thing of the past. (now i have to go wash my hands after typing such drivel as this).

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if the African American leaders discuss the effect that illegals have on the job market with respect to the AA population?

  4. Oh black holiday at the WH with Sharpton Jackson maybe even Farakaun the black muslim leader some black iman its all day blavk party how nice

  5. “Meets with African American faith and civil rights leaders; Eisenhower Executive Office Building”

    Imagine the outcry from the Left if Bush had met “with white faith and gun rights leaders”.

    All I can do is shake my head on this topic. Sad.

    • Looks like obozo has btought back the old days I live in new england and the whites have a lot of hate and dislike for blacks th7s is wgat obozo wants all they do is live free off of me and you now the mexicans are here in droves

  6. When was the last time the President had a scheduled meeting with American business owners? Every speech is at a university, every diversity group gets a sit down, every sports team gets a photo op.

    But the economy is booming thanks to this man….

    • I am writing as fast as I can, as Clapper is speaking. If anyone sees his words in print, please share the sight. I would like to read it, even though I am listening now.

  7. Clapper said they did not want to provoke Russia.
    What is your view of threat? I don’t know of a time that has been worse.
    The declining resourse base is a concern to me. Damage to intelligence will be quite profound regarding Sequestration.

    • Lt. Gen. Stewart is far weapons. However we cannot get the weapons there quickly enough, because Russia and Seperatist can resupply very quickly.
      So Provoke Putin and they feel they can resupply very quickly are two factors of this nightmare in Ukraine.

  8. Horrific video of ISIS destroying precious Iraqi artifacts with sledge hammers. They will stop a nothing. Meanwhile, Obama ignores the world around him …telegraphing a message that he doesn’t give a flying flip about anyone or anything except himself. Daily tv interviews are becoming his top priority.