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Krauthammer Sounds the Alarm on the Iran Deal

In just over a minute, Charles Krauthammer summarizes much of what’s wrong with the Iran deal.

From his comments last night on Bret Baier’s show:

In a decade, Iran can essentially become a legitimate nuclear power . . . This will mean a lifting of the sanctions, so Iran will be with a very strong economy, undeterred, nothing in any way holding it back; it’s simply catastrophic . . . It is an unbelievably bad deal. It makes the Cuba deal look like a really good bargain.

Have a look.

10 Responses to Krauthammer Sounds the Alarm on the Iran Deal

  1. 0bama is on the road to complete destruction of our USA. How can anyone think his ‘dealings’ are in any way good for us or Israel? His hatred of Bibi is childish, yet his abilities for total destruction of Israel is off the board & needs stopped.
    I anxiously await Bibi’s speech.
    And baby 0’s reaction.

  2. Obama wants Iran to succeed, and Israel to fail. All his words, all his actions, all his decisions point to that. And he’s doing all he can to achieve both goals. It’s no more complicated than that. We have eyes to watch what Obama is doing and we have ears to hear what he is saying.

    • The return of the Churchill bust and the ME apology tour was the beginning of turning from our traditional allies and supporting terrorists and communists and those who seek to destroy us. Obama has swapped Israel for Iran.

      The deal with Cuba will invite another old enemy within 90 miles of our shores.

      It is crystal clear where Obama and the Democrats stand.

      And Kerry cannot crawl any further up Obama’s rear end — with his comment about Netanyhu and the support of the Iraq War — which Kerry supported as well. He is beyond pathetic.

    • ..and no matter what we say matters. So much for the ninny republican ‘victory’ last year. As soon as their butt hits their critter chair they completely ‘forget’ their campaign promises, cave to the Dems fear factor & kiss whomevers ample ass paid for their honor to sit in their critter chair.

  3. “Iran sold 529 trillion rials (about $19.6 billion) of crude oil and gas condensates in the first 10 months of the current Iranian fiscal year, which began on March 21, 2014.

    The Iranian Oil Ministry’s official Facebook page released a report Jan.5, indicating that the country’s current oil export, including the gas condensate is about 1.4 million to 1.5 million barrels per day. Iran exported about 1.1 million barrels of crude oil and 400,000 barrels of gas condensate during 2014.”