As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || If Obama Were President on 12-07-1941

This is brilliant. Have a look.

H/T to theronniebuss.

12 Responses to Video || If Obama Were President on 12-07-1941

  1. Very good! If that had happened, we would not live here today. Hitler,(that poor misguided, bored, jobless, nice guy) would have exercised his Twilight Zone version of facts & arrived on our Eastern shores taking out all non Arian ‘species’….Raced through the lower 48 & on to the nameless Asian countries.
    Butt, maybe his strength would scare those poor, jobless MEasterners from their task of converting the world to islamic rule?
    Fact again is 0bama is a weenie, unfit for the CIC of the USA.

    • Scathing indeed. But more scathing than today? Not 24 hours and sometimes 24 minutes goes by before Obama defends Islam and Muslims.

      It will take 24 days or weeks or months before this man comes out against the increasing slaughter of Christians. And it wouldn’t be so bad for the Pope to stand up as well. It being Lent and all.

  2. How anyone can possibly believe that Barry is not a muslim, or at the very least a complete muslim supporter, is incredible to me. Those who still hang onto the manufactured myth of Obama must be blind, deaf and totally stupid.

  3. As funny and well done as this is you can’t beat the 2min mark:

    “and it is America helping muslim communities around the world not just in the fight against terrorism but in the fight for OPPORTUNITY, TOLERANCE AND A MORE HOPEFUL FUTURE.”
    -Barack Hussein Obama

    You can’t lampoon a jumped shark.

  4. LOVE IT, Thanks Keith.
    If any WHD denizens play on that twitter thingy I threw out the hashtag #ObamaAtWar a couple weeks ago. Would love to see the wit and quips from this group added.
    Off to the hinterlands to check on my survey crew so if not back by this time tomorrow, well……was nice knowin all ya! lol

  5. What it was and what we face today is how much longer will we survive as a nation or as a left-over of a wreck on the sands of time!

    We will either elect to fight this take over as a nation or patrons bringing on all invaders as what they are/where with or w/o a leader of choice!! Shut the pseudo leader out and his corrupted and miss guided mob; called a government gone dead in the water!!