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WashPost Editor Cites Obama “Credibility Gap”

The editorial page editor of the Washington Post suggested in a piece that ran Sunday that President Obama’s assurances on the emerging Iran nuclear weapons deal cannot be trusted.

THE WASHINGTON POST. Not the exactly a cauldron of Obama aversion and conservative thinking.

Okay, the author, Fred Hiatt, does not exactly say Obama can’t be trusted. He hedges a little short of a Giulianesque pronouncement, saying rather that other people might not believe Obama – that Obama would have trouble selling the deal to Americans and Congress because he has lost credibility with them based on many statements that turned out to be gravely in error.

And of course, Obama doesn’t compare to the ultimate bogeyman:

This litany of unfulfilled assurances is less a case of Nixonian deception than a product of wishful thinking and stubborn adherence to policies after they have failed.

But even this is stunning coming from the citadel of Washington’s liberal establishment. And there’s nothing in the article to suggest the perception of Obama as totally unreliable is wrong.

Actually, Hiatt, whom I’ve read for many years, is a little atypical of the liberal set here – he’s well informed, able to see other sides of the issue, and employs sober analysis.

His examples are searing:

  • In 2011, Obama belittled worries instability might result from the U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq. How did that work out?
  • Obama said the U.S. would work to stabilize Libya. How did that work out?
  • Obama said the United States doesn’t turn a blind eye to atrocities. And then Syria killed 200,000 of its own people while Obama equivocated.
  • Obama declared Bashar Assad must step aside. Three and a half years ago.
  • He said Yemen was a success JUST DAYS before it fell apart.

There’s more. And Hiatt doesn’t even address that the false assurances on domestic issues like Obamacare deflate the president’s credibility even further.

Think about it. I say this with tremendous regret, because whether you love Obama or not, the stakes are extremely high: The president is about to enter into an agreement that involves a truly existential issue – the possession of nuclear weapons by the maniacs who rule Iran – and we honestly have no basis to trust what he says about the deal.

God help us.

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  1. MrO is either an accomplished, chronic liar, or a dimwitted dullard who repeats what some sinister people tell him.
    Either way, no one believes what he says, there’s no surety that he will do the right thing for our country, and, worse, this isn’t a new thing.

    Paraphrasing a song – this is a fine time to leave the Obama camp, NYT. Where were you years ago when this information was readily available?

  2. I said this another thread.
    The JV team is NOT in the Middle East, it is in the White House.

    It is inept in dealing with the challenges we are faced with.

  3. Think about it. I say this with tremendous regret, because whether you love Obama or not, the stakes are extremely high: The president is about to enter into an agreement that involves a truly existential issue – the possession of nuclear weapons by the maniacs who rule Iran – and we honestly have no basis to trust what he says about the deal.

    Well said Keith.

    And I echo,…God Help Us.

  4. I had to look up the word: “Equivocated”.
    Everyone here probably knows the definition, just in case:
    Use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself.
    I have typed several times how o talks in circles, I wish I would have looked up that word above a long time ago.

    I have been typing many times, that he talks in circles. I should have looked this word up a long time ago

  5. At the end of 2014, Israel received the 4th Dolphin Class submarine, INS Tanin.
    A diesel/electric ship armed with SLCM’s and a regular complement of torpedoes. The SCLM’s are in all probability nuclear tipped.
    This gives Israel a first and second strike capability.
    I believe that when the time comes, Israel will be forced to put the “NEVER” in “never again”.

  6. This is the time to start making some changes ourselves. Letter to the Editor, Washington Post – praise Hiatt’s article to the skies.

    We are never going to see the End of Obama unless and until we can change the MSMs loving devotion.

    Newspapers want to sell copies. Management pays special attention to what readers write to the editors because they need to know what the trends are to sell papers. Do it.

  7. Keith -please add a “like button” after each comment. Some people post my exact thoughts – and there is no need for additional commentary.
    We do have a great need to show agreement, hence the real need for a “like button.”

  8. Enjoy your ability to criticize this administration while you can. Obama’s $700K bundler is about to steamroll 332 pages of internet regulation crafted by the Obama administration through a faceless panel of bureaucrats.

    I blame the feckless morons who have allowed themselves to be distracted by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to notice that their liberties were being stolen from them in front of their faces.

    I hope there’s a special place in Hell for the morons who voted for this inept, duplicitous man TWICE. Those people are a special breed of stupid.

  9. Obama is counting on the fact that his base does not read newspapers – hard copies or on the net. His goal is to brainwash our young people through social media…and his non-stop appearances on college campuses. Sorta like ISIS and it’s propaganda machine on social media. Not to mention the freebies offered to the victims — free phones, free community college, free contraceptives, and on and on.
    ISIS seems to be taking a page from Obama’s book – offering money, marriage, and a sense of security.

    Obama is a fraud – through and through. His lies are so numerous. it’s impossible to keep up with him. He has zero credibility. Fortunately, one of his biggest co-conspirators, Brian Williams, has now been nabbed with his own credibility problems. What took so long???

    The fact remains that he is STILL in office! Congress, obviously, believes that he is ‘impeachment-proof’….a fatal mistake.

  10. Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption, It it be intelligent, brave, and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature…
    If the next centennial does not find us a great well be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.
    President James A Garfield 1831-1881