In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || February 22, 2015

89 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || February 22, 2015”

  1. Happy Sunday, all! I’m celebrating the fact that I finally was able to get my vehicle out of my driveway yesterday, after having it plowed out. The drifts were up to my thighs and there was no way I could shovel all the snow myself, so there sat my beautiful candy apple red Escape, since last Thursday. Today we’re having more snow and a massive amount of rain, which is expected to freeze overnight. Ah, winter. Will it never end?!

        1. There is a feel good story on
          A picture of a highschool senior, shoveling snow for a stranger.
          The senior told his mom to stop the car. He wanted to help a man with a walker and a shovel. There is a picture of the young man shoveling the snow for him.

    1. “Candy apple” now those two words bring back the memories. My first car was a candy apple ’73 Mustang. Me n the buds would drive 60 miles up to Wichita on Sat nights to “drag Douglas street” to show the city kids us ol country boys could keep right up with em! lol
      I certainly love my internet and DVR and satellite but there’s something to be said about the days before when kids got to be kids by having to interact in person and by actually doing things other than sharing hip hop videos.
      Warmed up to high 30’s here yesterday and just a dusting left in the northern and eastern areas where sun didn’t get to it.

      1. I miss the days of going to the Lakefront in N.O. Talking laughing with friends sitting on the trunk of the car as other cars drove slow. Wave hello to friends, or cute guys in their nice car going by. Throw fresbee. Keep in mind the nice car included older ones they worked on so very hard.

        1. My first car was a 1950 Nash four door sedan, seats let down to sleep 4, and four speakers for the AM radio. I was never allowed to drive it to school until the last day of school because we lived just 3 blocks away. On the way home a 51 Ford stopped quickly in front of me and I rear ended him. Damage to Ford: broken taillight. Damage to Nash: Total. Not made from beer cans but probaly tin foil. Been a Gummit Motors man ever since.

        2. My 1st car was a 1962 Opel Kapitan sedan. Dirty-white (that was the actual color, even when I washed it) with red primer splotches. 3-on-the-tree and a trunk big enough to live in. Purchased for $250 in Germany in 1969. Stop at the gas station, fill the oil and check the gas!! But it knew it’s own way back from all the local watering holes!!

      1. Just looked at the weather for my birthplace, Calumet, Michigan. 9 BELOW zero, FEELS like -33. Maybe having to put up with all these libs here in Kahleeforneeah is worth it afterall?!?!?!?

    2. Well, count on that glow bull warming! At least it’s cloudy today in So. AZ…I’m probably going to start my summer tomatoes this week. And no, im not bragging, cold weather is much appreciated by me.

      1. There is a 700 ft. cargo ship frozen in the ice that the US and the Canadian Coast Guard are trying to free up.
        It was trying to get to Wisconsin and it got stuck.

  2. Today is George Washington’s Birthday. I wonder how many even know that.

    Grocery stores would sell cherry pies in honor of his birthday when I was a child.

    How many young people even know the story of George Washington and the cherry tree?

        1. George Wshington: I cannot tel a lie. It was I who chopped down the cherry tree!

          Barack Obama: I cannot tell the truth. It was George W Bush who chopped down the cherry tree!

    1. Does anyone watch Jesse Watters on O’Reilly ask intelligent people questions? A great deal of them don’t know the answers. That would be a good question to ask them. That is regarding the Cherry Tree & another one George Washington.

    2. (It’s my mom’s 87th birthday today.)
      We used to have this day off school in honor of George Washington. So, yea, we learned all about the cherry tree story.

    3. I know that story and I know February 22nd is his birthday. George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and could not tell a lie about it. Just like Obama, right?

    1. Thanks for the article. Another issue that does not get mention on msm. Three new Executive orders. Do we have a total so far? I do not hunt myself, however I will mention it to my relatives that do.

    2. He will never back out of anything, he is out to control and hurt us. He must be gone, some how, some way. The Republicans are of no help, where are all the investigations, Benghazi, IRS, etc., they have control now? Boehner and McConnell should be gone too, all is corrupt in the government.

  3. Several times this morning Fox news has mentioned the new video with a treat.
    I pulled up the Fox website and several others. Do not see the story listed? I do not know why. Is it because they do not want to give them attention?
    Did anyone else see this news on Fox?

  4. I mentioned something earlier regarding a threat. I pulled back up and it is finally on the screen, if anyone wants to read it.
    I use to ride my bike with my two friends to the mall at age 10. My mom did not have to worry about any type of maniacs back than.

  5. As of noon DC time, there are 698 days until Obama is scheduled to leave office (unless Congress kicks him out sooner.)

    Less than 100 weeks, at most. We’ll make it.

    1. Congress is not going to kick him out.
      The most we can hope for is total gridlock.
      I worry about how he is governing through regulations.

      We will have to follow this net neutrality issue closely.
      Congress has already said no to it several times but this guy never gives up.

    2. That still gives BO time to take away our guns, put us in railroad cars and drive us to the camps, then declare himself President for Life.

      Yeah, I have nightmares what this little nebbish has plotted in his little head. Sigh.

          1. Neither Newt or Rudy are afraid to take this guy a few pegs.
            We need someone with a spine that will stare down this petulant commie and make the news shows to expose him.

            Obama is afraid of anyone that will stand up to him because he has no leg to stand on.

            That’s why his sycophants are so defensive of their dear leader.

  6. On a positive note, on this morning’s Maria Bartiromo program she interviewed Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah. He made the point that the federal government should be smaller and more should be left for the states to do. I hope we hear more talk from others about this.

  7. two things on my mind today.

    first, our Mean Girl president is so outraged by Israelis refusing to shut up and let Iran have a bomb that he’s plotting new ways to marginalize Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, including:

    “a presidential interview with a prominent journalist known for coverage of the rift between Obama and Netanyahu, multiple Sunday TV appearances by senior national security aides and a pointed snub of AIPAC, which is holding its annual meeting while Netanyahu is in Washington.”

    the world is falling apart, people are being burned and beheaded, the old Soviet Union is re-forming, and Obama is sitting hunched like Nixon in the Oval Office with his minions, scheming about ways to insult the leader of an allied country?

    but my other story is much more positive: hundreds–maybe a thousand–of Muslims protected a synagogue in Oslo yesterday, forming a protective barrier around it:

    if this starts happening more, then we might just have a chance against radical Islam, despite Obama.

  8. Just saw “Boyhood” last night — and I see why Hollywood loves it. “Iraq was about oil, plain and simple”…a bad man with a confederate flag refuses and Obama sign in his yard, while “Obama Mama” says she dreams of kissing Obama. (IMDB says this is Obama’s favorite film of 2014). A McCain sign is stolen (doing the right thing), references to “Those God people”, and a depiction of a clueless conservative couple giving the 15 year old birthday boy a Bible and a shotgun (clingers, Barry?) along with more shots at the right.

    If, as Ellen honestly stated last year, voting against “12 Years” meant you were racist, it looks like voting against “Boyhood” (first titled “12 Years”) could paint you as a right wing terrorist.

    1. I proudly identify myself as a right wing ‘terrorist’.
      A veteran Christian conservative.

      Funny how terrorism is now defined as any objection to the Obama regime.

      We will win this fight because socialism has failed wherever it has been tried.

      The conservatives are in the majority in this Country but you wouldn’t know that watching the MSM.

      If Obama and the FCC gets control over the internet, free speech will be throttled down to the point where only the liberal media will have a voice.

      1. I was not trying to be silly months ago, when I thought they planned throwing so much **** at the fan, that we would not be able to keep up with “everything”, therefore things would easily slide by.
        I apologize if that is to simple of an example, but when we have gotten to the point that our own Govt. is using that title on it’s citizens, and I do not hear a loud scream outside of people being upset with even the whisper of such a statement.

        1. Throwing all the S*** at the fan is the Claoward and Piven method of overwhelming the system.

          Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, are all thrown into the mix to strangle any opposition to their efforts to run this Country into the ground.

          The congressional committees have been hamstrung by this administration with it’s constant delays of information that the congress has requested.
          And the documents that they do get are so redacted as to make them useless.

          The s*** hit the fan when Obama was elected the first time.

          Anybody that could not see through him should really question their own ability to judge a person’s integrity.

      2. I’m in complete agreement! But here’s a conundrum. “We will win this fight because socialism has failed wherever it has been tried”. Then WHY do they keep trying??? Case in point; Greece. Socialist, give everyone everything policies lead them into bankruptcy. Installed a conservative government that tried to use austerity measures so they could get other nations to help them deal with their debt. Nope, the people used to the freebies couldn’t take it and now their fallen back to the left. And I’m sure I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t know when I say that we’re working on that same sort dependence here to ensure the left remains in power in perpetuity (or until they utterly destroy us, which WILL come first).

        1. I feel it will destroy us. It may take more time than we think, however that is unfair to children of America.
          I am going to repeat somthing I have stated in the past.
          The people that are doing all this think they are not going to be effected by a downfall of any kind. Maybe. However, What about their far off relatives, childhood friends, etc.? They don’t care what happens to them living in this Country?

        2. WHY do they keep trying ???
          CONTROL !
          There is no conundrum here.
          There is no riddle.

          It is simple,…they want control over every aspect of your life.

  9. I’m always late to the party but I really enjoying reading your trips down memory lane. I hope and pray we will have a country left after the next two years so that our kids, grandkids and future generations will be able to experience the America we once knew. Knowing that so many of you are not giving up gives me hope. :)

    1. Hi AZ Granny. I’m getting ready to fry waffle thin porkchops for the first time. It states to fry a min. on each side.
      I agree with you, everyone speaks to the point, and the fear, but I get strength from a lot of people hear as well.

  10. This Just In!!!! Remember Keith’s fine article on Friday “ISIS is Islamic, and Obama’s Failure to See This is a Disaster”? Weeellll, today we find out that we were all wrong on this issue. The Great Jeh Johnson explained that the REAL reason Obiwan Dontknome won’t say “Muslim Extremist” is at the behest of Muslim leaders. “Johnson said the leaders argue their religion is about peace and brotherhood and “resent” that Islamic State is “attempting to hijack that from us.” Really, he said this. I could NOT make this crap up!! Have a look!!

  11. I saw an item on One America News this AM about New DefSec Ash Carter (Ash. How Apropos! Since our once mighty military is in ASHES!!!!) visiting Afghanistan. Showed him with the new prez, somebody named Ghani. I blinked a couple of times then said to myself, “Hey, wait a minute! It’s still the same guy!! That’s KARZAI!!! Trimmed the beard a little bit differently but man, I think they’re trying to pull a fast one. Now I’m worried Obama might get ideas. Dress in drag, get himself ANOTHER phony (oops, “questionable”) birth certificate, and run for a third term as the 1st Black WOMAN prez, Binaca Odrama!!!!

  12. _________________________________________________________

    Without their last names, Hillary CLINTON
    and Jeb Bush would not be front-runners,

    buoyed by networks of donors grateful
    for appointments or favors bestowed by the family.

    Jeb Bush needs “to try to correct and make up
    for some of George W. Bush’s mistakes,”

    two decade-long botched wars that cost

    tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.

    Jeb Bush says he doesn’t want to focus on “the past,”
    and who can blame him?

    But how can Jeb talk about leading America
    into the future if Jeb Bush can’t honestly

    assess the past, or his family’s controversial imprint?

    Jeb’s Real Opponent in 2016 is Bush 43


    It was George W Bush’s policy
    to maintain only the most minimal —
    and distracted — regulation of Wall Street.
    Wall Street gamble away the economy


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