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Michelle Leads the Government Into Your Kitchen

The government is increasingly in your business. And the more it’s in your business, the more it feels comfortable there and thinks it should be further into your business.

Regulation of our lives is not a thing. It’s a process. Driven by entrenched bureaucracies and changing attitudes, it grows inexorably. We get used to the regulation. The regulators get used to giving to us. And so more regulation seems only natural.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s health advocacy is not just a moral crusade for thinner waists. You see, Michelle isn’t just some nice lady with a big heart. Michelle is the government. And her advocacy therefore constitutes government interference in our lives. What’s more, her advocacy has come with specific policy recommendations, and even, legislation.

Mrs. Obama has abetted the creation of an attitude that the government has the right, and even the obligation, to regulate what you eat.

michelle treats

That the government’s growing role in our diet has coincided with worsening health habits makes no difference to Michelle or any of the other health virtuecrats.

The low-fat diet demanded by our health professionals has turned out to be disastrous for the physical well being of Americans. Our grandparents were in better shape than we are, despite their supposedly atrocious eating habits, which the government felt it needed to correct.

In fact, Michelle continues to advocate low-fat eating despite growing evidence that fat – even saturated fat – does not play a role in disease and may even prevent obesity by promoting satiety. Did you know that people who drink whole milk tend to be leaner? Did you know?

With Mrs. Obama leading the way, the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released a nearly 600-page report Thursday with recommendations that include a variety of coercive methods designed to get you to eat “better.”

Of course, “public places” will get the heavy handed treatment as a matter of routine:

  • Establish local, state, and Federal policies to make healthy foods accessible and affordable and to limit access to high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods and sugar-sweetened beverages in public buildings and facilities. Set nutrition standards for foods and beverages offered in public places.

The DGAC has some requirements for health insurers, who have been turned into utilities by President Obama:

  • Require health insurance providers to use financial and other positive incentives to encourage and motivate health care settings and businesses to support individuals in adopting healthy behaviors and engaging, as appropriate, in nutrition and exercise counseling and comprehensive lifestyle behavior interventions.

But the committee cannot achieve its goals by poking around the public sector. It must, and does, outline a series of draconian steps that get the government deep into what you will be permitted to eat. I’ve highlighted some of the scarier phrases that portend maximum intervention in the private sector, just to ruin your weekend.

  • Incentivize businesses to establish employee health benefits plans that include access to resources and services that encourage personal health promotion and healthy lifestyle behavior changes. Support employers in using positive motivation strategies to realize these changes.

Remember, “incentivize” means tax breaks for some, and by extension, higher taxes for others.

  • Improve retail food environments and make healthy foods accessible and affordable in underserved neighborhoods and communities.
  • Align nutritional and agricultural policies with Dietary Guidelines recommendations and make broad policy changes to transform the food system so as to promote population health, including the use of economic and taxing policies to encourage the production and consumption of healthy foods and to reduce unhealthy foods. For example, earmark tax revenues from sugar-sweetened beverages, snack foods and desserts high in calories, added sugars, or sodium, and other less healthy foods for nutrition education initiatives and obesity prevention programs.
  • Making “smart snacks” consistent with the Dietary Guidelines in schools, child care settings, parks, recreation centers, sports leagues, after-school programs, worksites, colleges and universities, healthcare, and other community settings.

Of course, we must regulate commerce. It started with cigarettes, but that was only the beginning.

  • Implementing policies that limit exposure and marketing of foods and beverages high in added sugars and sodium to all age groups, particularly children and adolescents.
  • Implementing economic and pricing approaches to promote the purchase of healthy foods and beverages. For example, taxation on higher sugar-and sodium-containing foods may encourage consumers to reduce consumption and revenues generated could support health promotion efforts. Alternatively, price incentives on vegetables and fruits could be used to promote consumption and public health benefits.

With efforts like Michelle’s wedging open the door, the people who wrote this report, many of them academics, assume the right to interfere extensively in the private sector, and private lives. After all, it’s for your own good.

Because mother doesn’t know best anymore. The chairman of the Harvard Department of Health knows best. And he will make sure mother gives you what you he has determined is right for you.

56 Responses to Michelle Leads the Government Into Your Kitchen

  1. I think that the Mooch needs to get her fat ass and her face out of my kitchen.

    The onerous, constant attempts by this administration against this Country’s freedoms is at a fever pitch.

    As she jets off to Aspen with her two daughters, and likely eats in exclusive restaurants that most of us could not afford, she has the audacity to lecture us on what we should eat ???

    Stick it Michelle.

  2. Can’t we just get her on ‘child abuse’ charges and be done with her? Judging from the looks of her paltry, rationed school ‘lunches’, she is guilty of endangering the lives of millions of American kids. Starvation is a form of corporal punishment…which is probably her sneaky little way of getting back at America. Let them eat Cake!

    • And again, repeatedly; the fat pig feels she can tell everyone what to eat, when, where & how, while she scarfs her piggy face on the good stuff. Honestly just F off! I’m truly sick and tired of it. Stay out of my own healthy kitchen & watch your own fatt butt attempt to get smaller.
      Personally, my kids were outdoors exercising/playing/biking, skating, running…without me hovering like a helicopter. I gave them whole, vitamin D milk, real butter & healthy meals. My one “have to eat” food was a green veggie salad with the dressing of their choice. (I have bad memories of sitting in the dark kitchen, attempting to eat cold beets, so if they choked on a veggie I totally understood.)
      Now they are all grown up they eat healthy, exercise and are contributing members of society. So, again, F off & mind your own business moo!!

      • We grew up on lots of fried food, potato’s and gravy all the time. Yes we ate veggies and lots of fruit. We grew up drinking milk , real milk not all the cream cut out of it. We grew up healthy. We was not fat. One thing though we did not have forced GMO crap or our cattle fed hormones. Seems to me now that the government is shoving their things down our throats and messing with all our food that people are not as healthy. You may say some live longer now, well that is because they have cures and antibiotics to fight illness that we did not have. Spanish flu killed a third of the worlds population. Today we have medicine to fight it.

  3. It’s not the food, it’s not the ingredients added to it, but rather it’s because chubbies are eating too much of it.

    1930s and earlier – food wasn’t available to everyone as it is today. 1940s til the ’60s- boom time everywhere, including the farms and factories – we all had good food.
    Good food, cooked at home.
    1970s to now – cheap food, fast food on every corner. Mom went off to work and no one was at home to cook dinner.
    Today’s family eats out a lot, orders in a lot, and that’s where the trouble starts.

    Us oldtimers hardly ever went “out” to eat, a restaurant dinner was a special occasion, not a everyday thing. We grew up without sodas, chips, pizzas, fried chicken, and commercial ice cream.
    Today, the population wants, needs, craves the oversalted, overfatted, fast and ready foods that the TV ads bombard us with all the time. Eat this, drink that, have more, eat eat eat.
    Good luck, Michelle, you might as well try to take away the electronic things from all of us. Not gonna happen.

    • Also, the commercials ALWAYS show an anexoric female biting into an 800 calorie burger…giving the idiots who exist on that stuff the idea that you can look like this too. NO disrespect to the fast food joints, they are a (somewhat) free business looking toward their profit, as they are entitled to. I do not want our guvment interfering in their prosperity. Butt, as we see now, lots of parents are lazy & stupid & want their kid to shut up, eat whatever & leave them alone while mommy searches for the latest pop star scandal.
      We don’t need a lowly wanna be star telling us what we can eat.

    • Dr. Atkins, and others even before him, were right. Fat doesn’t make us fat, sugar and carbs are the real culprits. The old, outdated “food pyramid” which some of us, and our kids, grew up with is similar to the food pyramid used for fattening up livestock, and includes some of the same foods, in similar proportions, corn and soy being two major ingredients.

      A certain ideology controls every aspect of the lives of its adherents. It doesn’t surprise me that the Obamas want to totally control the lives of Americans.

      • You hit on a real problem, SOY. It is in everything, and pushed as food everyone should eat. Soy contains estrogen, a female hormone. It is a cause of man boobs, and packing weight on females. It is in everything we use from cosmetics to food. There is a strong chance that some breast cancer is caused because women use birth control pills which are safe, but then are overdosed from other avenues. Even our water supply has estrogen in it as it is not broken down in sewage treatment plants.

    • I don’t think it is so much they are eating to much but with computers, cell phones etc the kids are not getting the exercise they use to unless they are involved in sports. My family has their kids in sports activities and they are not fat as they burn calories.

  4. Time for every American who loves this country and liberty to start a campaign of civil disobedience by ignoring or disobeying all of these stifling communist laws being put into place by Dictator Obama, his First Entitlement Queen, and the democrat communist party. Michelle is obviously saddled with a below average intelligence combined with a savage hatred of this country for perceived slights in her past and like her sham husband is determined to exact vengeance from the very country which has supported her in lavish style for most of her useless life.

    One day in the future, the pain, suffering, hate, fueled by their overweening hubris, that Dictator Obama and his pastry filled First Entitlement Queen have visited upon this country, will result in them paying a horrific punishment for their crimes and that day cannot come to soon.

    So today I’ll go drink a few beers, feast on deep fried bar foods, and top it off with a very fattening dessert as my own small act of defiance toward this tyrannical, communist government now ruling this country. And to our beloved Queen Moochelle and her food laws I will hoist my glass in the air and propose the following toast- Go sit on a deep fried hot dog, Moochelle!


        • All of us did our part Junius.
          Many of us did it willingly.

          I considered it a privilege to serve this Country and will never forget the experience.

          The troops that are serving America now are under a CIC that they cannot rely on to defend them against the obvious threat of radical muslim forces that are determined to take their agenda worldwide.

          Pray for the men and women that are the courageous and the brave and the ones that are putting their lives on the line to defend this Country.

          They are our heroes.

    • Don’t know how close you are to fly over country but if you’re ever around S/W Missouri I know of a certain beer fridge that is always fully stocked, at least a couple racks of ribs always ready for smokin, and a fire pit just itching for some rib eyes, hamburgers or chicken wings.
      You and any of the WH Dossier gang welcome to tip a cold one and share some hospitality any day.

    • Agree. 100 %. They are all about control. One said well mooch doesn’t force kids to eat but suggests. No the schools either put out the food she says or they cut off their money.Other ways is you suddenly have the IRS up your butt and you lose they make sure of that.

  5. if the government is in charge of healthcare, and if eating broccoli makes you healthier, then it’s only a short step to the govt. mandating that you eat broccoli because you will cost too much otherwise. for the citizens-of-the-world Obamabots, individuals are not important–only the collective is.

    hmmm…maybe that’s one of the reasons our president is so fond of Islam. they’re not big on individual rights either.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with each and every comment here so far.
    AND, just to show you…drumroll please….shameless self promotion blog pimp alert….I think you’ll see how much I agree in this weeks Friday Follies:
    And no offense if don’t click on over, the summary is:
    1. Giuliani is right
    2. Obama is wrong
    3. Media is even more wrong
    Period. Full Stop. :)
    Have a great weekend all.

    • No $h!t.
      I worked very hard to leave those numbers behind me, as I unfortunately, was too lazy at the time, to repell the 40’s years weight gain.
      I’m good now & will never be in that obese category ever again. And I did it without the guvment telling me to!

  7. “The more things are forbidden the more popular they become.”
    Mark Twain

    History will not be kind to M & 0.They will be like two farts in the breeze, a lingering bad smell.

  8. What I don’t understand is if Michelle is on this healthy food kick, why the heck doesn’t she tell the food industry to clean up their food products? Look at the ingredients list on a loaf of bread – there’s nearly 50 ingredients – yet it’s something that can be made simply with water, flour, oil, salt and yeast. Some ingredients on packaged food read like chemicals from a laboratory, not a food ingredient you ingest. Yet she deems fat our enemy despite our bodies needing it. She wants us to eat a plant based diet despite our bodies needing protein. Why does she pick on our food yet ignore tobacco and alcohol? Lastly, why does this woman, who was not elected nor educated in nutrition, have so much authority over our food?

  9. I am in favor of limiting what foods can be purchased with food stamps to nutritious and cost effective – i.e. the basics. But, they have no right to dictate I can buy with my own money; if I can afford to buy cupcakes and soda for every meal, they have no say in that.

  10. To show you how stupid and DANGEROUS Mrs. Obama is, putting herself in every child’s diet, let me tell all of you that she may be the first lady (lower caps) but she should know that all children are GROWING!(shouting) and they need to EAT EVERYTHING because they are growing and their muscles and bones are not yet fully grown. NO CHILD SHOULD BE ON A DIET, they should eat in moderation of course but they should eat everything so they can grow strong, meat, vegetables, potatoes, starches, cake, candy, icecream, whole milk, unless the doctor says no, EVERYTHING, how stupid is this woman, telling mothers all kinds of stupid low-fat info? No one should deny their child of any kind of food!!! Not overeat, but they should sample everything, that is, if they are healthy. Children have plenty of time to diet later on, for God’s sake. When I hear the Obamas, it just boils me. With her big fat ass that she thinks is so beautiful, she has the nerve. Spends our money on millions of dollars of food, she should shut her mouth, her info to children is very dangerous, what is she talking about? Fat kids? Chubby kids? They are in their formative years and must eat everything. I have a cousin, Cindy, who would not eat, she would only eat spaghetti, she was such a picky eater and she now has a dangerous form of diabetes. If your child has a good appetite, thank God and pray for Cindy once in a while. Thank you.

  11. The problem with Michelle’s “healthy food crusade” is it’s based on calories. A healthy diet is not based on calories. It’s based on proper nutrition. Our grandparents did not count calories but they ate a much healthier, wholesome diet therefore they were much better shape.

  12. This is the whole idea behind Obamacare. The Democrats do not care if we had heath insurance…heck, anyone could go to the E.R. and get treatment whatever their ability to pay.

    Obamacre is about control, as every aspect of our lives can be tied to our health.

    What we eat, drink, smoke, drive, etc. What activities we participate in. How our land is managed. What jobs we do. How we raise our children. I’m sure there’s more that i haven’t thought of but I’m sure some bureaucrat somewhere has.

    This is just the beginning

  13. Just saying, perhaps this means that the government will stop subsidizing the junk food manufactures and start subsidizing the whole food growers! Ever wonder why it is cheaper to buy a big mack than it is to purchase a good salad.

  14. No one elected the Mooch to be our nanny! It’s for sure that her chef doesn’t cook the way she tells us to eat. She’s living high on our money and thinks she’s a queen.

  15. My mm thought I should “diet” with her when I was a kid. I ended up much shorter than my sisters. I beleive it was due to insufficient caloric intake. It also limited my physical activity as I was tired all of the time. I now eat what I like, in moderation. Real butter, lard, wheat, sugars: these are my friends. I am never hungry and get many comments about being slender…hahahah….I weigh just what I did in high school when I was considered “fat”. the trick is to eat what you are craving, your body tells youwhat it needs. be wary of excess and enjoy. Happy people live longer….hungry people are not generally happy.