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Why Netanyahu is Coming to Speak

Prime Mininster Netanyahu’s trip to address Congress early next month, and his open defiance of President Obama, is not the result of some kind of personality conflict between the two leaders, as the sensitive, egoistic Obama probably suspects. It is, rather, a last-ditch effort by Netanyahu to try to save his country. And ours.

Netanyahu has apparently come to the conclusion that there is little value left in trying to appease Obama, because the president is about to enter into a deal with Iran that is unacceptable to Israel. The only thing Netanyahu can do is make his case to Congress and the American people. In this regard, the controversy surrounding his visit actually helps, rather than hinders, his cause, because it will drum up inkwells of press coverage and publicity.

According to Israeli minister of intelligence Yuval Steinitz, who spoke to David Ignatius of the Washington Post, Netanyahu came to the conclusion last month that Obama’s deal would allow Iran to keep thousands of centrifuges spinning. And the agreement would be good for no more than a dozen years, which is nothing for countries like both Iran and Israel, which think in terms of millennia.

Iran, Steinetz noted, now thinks of itself as a superpower and will not easily drop its nuclear weapons aspirations.

According to Ignatius:

Netanyahu’s skepticism reached a tipping point last month when he concluded that the United States had offered so many concessions to Iran that any deal reached would be bad for Israel. He broke with Obama, first in a private phone call Jan. 12, and then in his public acceptance of an offer by GOP House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress on March 3 and, in effect, lobby against the deal.

Despite Netanyahu’s view that it was a “great mistake” to accept any Iranian enrichment, Steinitz said that “we got the impression that it might be symbolic. The initial figure [discussed by the United States and its negotiating partners] was ‘a few hundred centrifuges.’ ” Now, he said, the United States is contemplating “thousands.” According to Israeli press reports, the United States has offered to allow Iran to operate at least 6,500 centrifuges.

“The temptation [for Iran] is not now but in two or three or four years, when the West is preoccupied with other crises,” he added. Steinitz said that if Iran chose to “sneak out” at such a moment, it would take the United States and its allies months to determine the pact had been violated, and another six months to form a coalition for sanctions or other decisive action. By then, it might be too late.

Grave threats – Iran, ISIS, the U.S. debt, unfunded entitlements – have been permitted to form and fester while Obama searches America for the perfect golf course.

This our future, and that of our children and grandchildren. We only get one chance at it. I’m an optimist by nature. But Obama will leave us in a situation where the challenge we face to secure our country will be immensely daunting.

But birth control will be covered.

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  1. Can anyone explain why people still support this absolutely disaster as a president. He is really really selling this country down the river! Hope America wakes up before it is too late! Congress…get your rears in gear!!

  2. As much news I watch and try to read. I still have not heard anyone explain, Why? Why is o making this deal to begin with?
    The number needed. I do not know.
    However one to me, is to many.
    Even if it took 1 million C, to make it work, 1 of them to me is still to many.

    1. He wants this deal because everyone else tells him not to! He acts like a dictator and that is wrong. He is supposed to do what the people want. He knows the American people don’t want him to do this and that is exactly why he is doing it, just like he does everything else. He enjoys being evil. He should be impeached because he is breaking law after law and hurting this country which he loves to do.

      1. I think Cal’s comment was #1 or #2 on the flash card of “Ten Comments to Type on Blogs that Dis Obama”
        I have heard they are paid according to the number of replies they receive – so here’s another $0.50, Cal. Go forth and prosper buddy.

  3. I’ve been wondering why Obama is sooo incensed over the Bibi speech. I mean, we all know he hates Bibi, and is not that crazy about Israel. but–really? you would think a dangerous criminal was coming here, not the leader of one of our closest allies.

    but now I understand why:

    “[Netanyahu] broke with Obama, first in a private phone call Jan. 12….”

    Bibi obviously said something in that phone call that the petty Obama considers unforgivable. it couldn’t just have been “I cannot support your deal with Iran”–Obama already knew that.

    something personal. did he perhaps insult ValJar?

    don’t you wish Bibi had said something like “With all due respect, Mr. President, you have no fxxxing idea what you’re doing”?

  4. Keith, all the reasons you cite for Netanyahu’s address to the Congress are exactly correct. That’s why Obama is so angry about this visit. Bibi will destroy Obama’s narrative re the need to negotiate with Iran and the WH’s overall Middle East policy in 20 minutes. And Obama knows it.

    1. For years, Obama has shown his machismo by going around Congress.

      Now Bibi is going to go around an obstinate POTUS. What’s the problem?

      Obama claimed he couldn’t meet Bibi close to an election, but had no problem using tax dollars to make a campaign stop for Rahm in Chicago, right before that election.

      Transparent hypocrisy? Youbetcha!

  5. “[James] Woolsey told a CNN audience that Obama ‘looks scared. He looks as if he’s afraid of using the adjective “Islamic” to describe the terrorists’ from ISIS, al-Qaeda and other international terror groups ….”

    I’ve said all along that muslims own Obama — I hope I live long enough to learn how.

      1. Oh Yeah!! “right wing extremists”. Like, CONSERVATIVES!!! And ANYONE who does not wallow at the trough of left-wing, liberal, progressive commie pinko ideology. Give me a minute and I’ll tell you how I REALLY think!!!!

    1. I don’t know. You may be correct about his Muslim sympathies (I tend to agree). Or, he may just be stoopid!! No, correct that. No matter what else is going on, Obamawannbe IS stoopid!!!!

      1. Obama is a coward, he’s afraid of using the right words — but that won’t save him, every dog has his day and he will have his.

    2. Don’t forget, “Muslims have been a part of the fabric of America since the very beginning”. Remember when Achmed bin Upurass came over on the Mayflower? And when Muqtar al Qeelyu fought beside George Washington in the Revolutionary War? Oh, You DON’T remember that? Well Barry has a remedial school ALL ready for you. Hope you like the bars on the windows!!!!

  6. Any real middle-easterner, whether Arab, Israel, Turk, Iranian, and the list goes on, make deals in a way foreign to westerners. If Mustafa offers to sell me his camel for $100 dollars (twice what he’d ask for his wife) and I said I’d pat $100, then Mustafa would change the deal and ask $110 dollars. And this is exactly what’s happening with Iran. Anything WE agree to then becomes the NEXT bargaining point. The bargaining point SHOULD BE “How exactly would you like us to wipe you off the face of the earth?”

  7. PMNetanyahu is taking the biggest risk of his political career, all for the sake of the safety of his country.
    There is no greater move a patriot could make than what he plans to do.
    One brave leader of a little-bitty state of beleagured, hated, and bedeviled people is begging for our support and for the US to stop their enemy from having the ability to kill them all.

    As the WhiteHouse and it’s minions plan to boycott this address to Congress in a ill-advised effort to protect MrObama from losing “face” around the world, Israel’s Netanyahu is trying to protect millions of it’s citizens from annihilation.

    1. So sad, Israel is the size of New Jersey and for F ing Obama to be such a prook, it breaks my heart that our country is allowing this POS to do this to our beloved friend. I have been known to be psychic sometimes and I feel in my heart that Netanyahu never did or said anything bad to Obama, Obama is anti-semitic and just a disgusting piece of garbage. I heard on CNN thatAxelrod said that what Giuliani said about Obama was because Giulani is racist??? They really must be desperate about Obama now so they are pulling out the race card again. So be prepared to hear race and Giuliani now. Liars that they are, they will do and say anything to get votes for their communist party.

  8. Dictator Obama is either monumentally stupid (a real possibility) or secretly or not so secretly wholeheartedly on the side of the muslim savages in ISIS and Iran.

    He is also driven by his absolute hatred of this country and Israel.

    When trying to understand Dictator Obama’s seemingly illogical actions always remember this:

    If something is good for the United States, Dictator Obama is or will be against it. If something is bad for the United States then Dictator Obama is or will be for it.

    Apply this logic to Dictator Obama and the fellow America haters who make up his regime and you will be able to predict his future actions with uncanny accuracy.

    1. I asked yesterday. Why? Why make such a deal?
      The ocrap is now causing more trouble, causing 800,000 citizens to have to redue thier forms. He is still screwing up things in America, and he is pushing such a deal. Why?

  9. OT: o will seek an emergency court order to move forward with Executive action on immigration.
    Officials at the Dept. of Justice plan to seek what is known as an emergency Stay.
    That would undo a Texas based Federal judges’s injunction.
    If stay is granted, the G. will restart a pair of Exc. programs that will shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.
    Another question: Is there something in the law books that can undo (throw out) the Stay?

    1. I have been that question and one person said that if a stay was granted it is usually done within 15 hours of filing it? Thats the only one answer I got. I got no other answers. Lets pray that Holder doesn’t get a dem Judge fanatic about immigration to lift the stay. How can one skinny evil man be able to get away without being impeached for so many illegal acts? Congress is also disgusting, they never stop him. Our government is so corrupt now.

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