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Jen Psaki’s Greatest Hits

In honor of Jen Psaki’s elevation to White House communications director, here for you is a compendium of some of the highlights of her tenure as State department spokeswoman.

Awkward moment alert: Psaki was junior to Josh Earnest when the two served as deputy press secretaries the first year of Obama’s presidency and is generally believed to have been passed over in favor of Earnest when President Obama elevated him to replace Jay Carney as press secretary last year. Now, she’ll be his boss.

Their partnership atop the White House communications food chain makes for a weird combination in Obamaland: They’re both very nice people. I apologize for diminishing them with their colleagues in this way.

Courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon.

26 thoughts on “Jen Psaki’s Greatest Hits”

    1. I must agree. It is not possible to be a “nice person” and lie for a living in order to prop up a despot.

      I mean this sincerely: Having grown up in Milwaukee, many years ago, I knew a man named Jeff Dahmer. To the waitress, Christina, who served him breakfast every morning at the Ambassador Hotel coffee shop, Jeff Dahmer was also a “nice person.” The families of his victims would disagree.

      We are victims of this corrupt, self-serving administration.

        1. Well, when I was a little girl I went to Sunday School with Diane Oughton. She was one of the Weatherman terrorists who died when a pipe bomb she was making blew up in a NY townhouse.

  1. One of the Bagdad-Barbie twins gets kicked upstairs where she’ll never be seen or heard from again.
    Because of the blatant lies and convoluted spin they spewed at the State Dept podium, the info-bunnies made themselves a topic of conversation and ridicule. When the messenger becomes news, it’s time for them to go. And go they will.

  2. Psaki’s “promotion” to White House Communication is proof-positive that The Peter Principle applies perfectly in the White House. For the young folk, Dr. Lawrence Peter’s Peter Principle is: people in organizations rise to the level of their incompetence. In other words, every position in the organizational hierarchy will be filled by someone who is not competent enough to carry out his or her new duties. We might have thought that her current position would have been her highest level of incompetence. But we would have been wrong, apparently.

    1. She already had reached her level of incompetency. This administration pushed the accelerator to help them rise even higher in incompetency. The ultimate level of incompetency is BHO himself.

  3. It is just a matter of time for her as well. It was either Monday or Tuesday, she had trouble finding the answer she was asked in her notes, and said she did not have the answer right there in front of her.
    I would guess the people behind the scene typing, and putting together BS have/ or will be let go as well.

  4. OT: Listening now to discussion with Lt. Col Bill Cowan, on Fox, regarding the 3 young woman (14,15) from Nice Families, and Nice school who left London to Turkey, heading to Syria.
    They were not poor, and No Job had nothing to do with it.
    He said he’s surprised we have not dropped leaflets telling them where we will be

  5. Psaki ought to seriously consider a permanent maternity leave. She needs to disinfect herself from all the vermin that surrounds her. Not good for the new baby!

  6. I’m sure someone, somewhere at sometime probably said Josef Goebbels was a charming and nice person too. …Probably a woman considering he quite the ladies man. Or was that Bill Clinton…

    “If you tell a lie, tell a big one.”

    “When the Führer speaks it is like a divine service”.


    The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never again escape from it.


    1. Propaganda’s worst enemy is the wisdom and the knowledge of the people that it is being leveled on.

      Propaganda is being fed to the youths of this Country in the school systems, thereby preparing another generation of individuals that do not question authority and tend to accept anything the government tells them.

      Independent thinking is not being promoted in many of the schools today, rather it it is indoctrinated.

      1. Independent thinking is not being promoted in many of the schools today, rather it it is indoctrinated.

        My bad….

        I meant to say that independent thinking is subdued and in some classes ridiculed.

  7. Another spokesbaby. Her patronizing tone is grating. I wonder if she gets all shivery in the presence of The Great One: President Adolescent.

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