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Obama Taps His Former Secret Service Agent to Run Agency

President Obama chose an insider known to him personally to head the Secret Service, elevating the former head of his security detail and the current acting director, Joseph Clancy, to assume stewardship over the troubled agency.

A panel of experts assembled by the administration itself last year recommended bringing in someone from the outside. No matter, Obama chose someone he is comfortable with.

The president values loyalty. Whether he has put loyalty ahead of competence in this case is unclear. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest would not even say today that there was a competitive selection process, saying only that it was not a “foregone conclusion” when Obama made Clancy the acting director that he would remain.

Clancy does not have significant managerial experience and he is from within the agency. On the other hand, he has acted boldly in removing senior people who were part of the problem and has impressed some members of Congress. Hopefully, Obama is doing the right thing.

14 Responses to Obama Taps His Former Secret Service Agent to Run Agency

  1. Being the head of the President’s personal detail is pretty well vetted already. I’ll give him that.

    On the other hand, what else does Clancy know about smoke breaks and rumored trysts along the trail ;) Lead guy has to know where the Pres is every minute of the day, and we still have a missing 45 minutes from the WH and, of course, where was the Pres. on the night of Benghazi still hasn’t been revealed.

    I’m such a cynic, sorry, I can’t help it :)

  2. There’s a good reason why an outsider is brought into certain positions in companies where things aren’t going right. A current employee might know how things are done, but they also have a disadvantage of having formed friendships within the troubled section and might be loathe to do what is necessary – fire someone, demote another, or upend the whole thing.

    There’s also a resentment that happens when a former insider is promoted to such a postion.
    All in all, it’s best to bring in someone familiar with people management without any personal ties to those he will assess.

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