As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 19, 2015

10:30 am || Delivers remarks as part of the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism; State Department
11:20 am || Designates the Browns Canyon National Monument
11:50 am || Departs White House
12:55 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
1:55 pm CT || Delivers remarks; Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy, Chicago
6:10 pm CT || Departs Chicago
9:00 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except otherwise noted

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 19, 2015

  1. He takes OUR plane to Chicago to address a college prep school. That meeting is at 1:55 PM. He will be out of there by 2:15. What does he do with the rest of the afternoon? Is Reggie going?

  2. This guy has turned out to be a serial slacker! Has he no shame? He doesn’t have one presidential bone in his body and he doesn’t care who knows it… now that all the elections are over.
    Even the radical Islamic barbarians must be scratching their heads…they can’t even get a reaction from him! He just doesn’t give a damn!

  3. Where in the Constitution does Dictator Obama have the power to declare large swaths of land the sole property of the federal government and therefore off limits to essentially any commercial or leisure activities by the citizens living in the state or states where this “National Monument is located?

    If he could, Dictator Obama would issue a decree ordering all citizens to re-locate into the cities where he and his fellow democrats could exert total control over their lives. He would love to declare the entire country a “National Monument” subject to absolute rule by the government.

    Why the quick and expensive trip to Chicago to address some brainwashed students at a private school? Did he run through his supply of choom over the weekend and needs to replenish?

    At this point the question must be asked: Are these the actions of a mentally ill person?

  4. Flying AF1 to Chicago for five hours? Why not stay a night in the famous Obama abode? Oh’ that’s right it’s not Hawaii and it’s cold.

  5. Just want tell all here about the clintons who she said are broke ner worth 105 million doklars,they have 3 homes and are buying a home in the Hamptons also, 8 years of Billy boy and her as first lady,6 years as a US Senator,almost 6 years as Secratury of State,rmember what difference at this point does it make,were broke,shady deals ,millions from forgien money donars like the Saudis and other muslim groups,Oh yea Bill was a Govenor aslo 4 decades of these 2 clowns is enough