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Networks in Obama’s Pocket on Immigration

Next time someone criticizes Fox News to you, show them this. It’s why Fox News exists.

9 Responses to Networks in Obama’s Pocket on Immigration

  1. Frankly, I’m shocked! I’ve become so used to the fair and unbiased reporting of the Mainstream Media. This MUST be an anomaly. Next thing you’ll you’ll be trying to tell me they favored President Obama in the last election!

  2. See? All the ‘undocumented’ are polite, educated, and attractive people. All of them.
    All of them according to the spin gurus at the MSM.
    The true picture of illegal aliens is a mish-mash of criminals, illiterates, women with four childen but have no husband, and the only English words they know are “lawyer” and “Obama”.

    The constant attack on FOX by the Obama regime is shameful and contrary to our understanding of the First Amendment.

  3. Illegal. They are illegal, and they are breaking the laws of this country by remaining in this country.
    Why is it so hard for people to understand that this blatant disrespect for our Constitution and the laws of our country cannot be permitted?
    On the one hand the illegals claim they love America and want to be remain here and have lives here and yet, on the other hand, they have a total disregard for the process to come here and remain here legally.

  4. I would rather have them discuss:
    Why hasn’t U.S. and Mexico both teamed up though the years……… combating the drugs though the years? I went out west long time ago, and I was able to go just inside of Mexico. It is a different place now, I have no wish to go back. I feel sorry for all the American citizens that have lost jobs, have their property value go down. The American school children who spend less time on their lessons, because teachers are trying to bring illegal children up to date.
    I could go on and on.

  5. Keith: I note the distinct absence of the distinct absence known as Al Sharpton’s “Politics Nation”.

    Micro-agression, perhaps?

    (Or just good taste…)

  6. New reality series, “Illegals! the Lovable Lawbreakers!” Follow an ever-expanding family of illegals as they mine the U.S.A. for every advantage they can steal.