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Marie Harf’s Nuanced Approach

We already knew we were dumber than State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. On Tuesday, she, assuming the information was no longer stored within the limited amount grey matter we have available for use, reminded us:

We cannot kill every terrorist around the world, nor should we try. How do you get at the root causes of this? It might be too nuanced an argument for some, like I’ve seen over the last 24 hours some of the commentary out there, but it’s really the smart way that Democrats, Republicans, our partners in the Arab world think we need to combat it.

Is this not the girl who was always raising her hand in class and begging to be called on and complaining that she “probably failed” her test and then surprisingly enough got an “A” instead?

Are we, really, too intellectually challenged to catch Ms. Harf’s nuance and recognize “the smart way?” Or is it she who is missing the nuance here?

Harf may have ample brain power, but it is cluttered up to the point of dysfunction with ideology and hubris.

She believes that people around the world respond to reason, the way she thinks she does. That we are all the same underneath, and that a GI bill for Islamists will get them on the road to modest material success, the holy grail of liberal paternalism.

But comfort is not necessarily what everyone wants. Her inability to perceive this is at the root of the problem with President Obama’s failure to recognize the existence of Islamist terrorism.

There will always be many, many poor people in the Middle East. Our ability to affect this is surely extremely limited, particularly given our lack of success in eliminating poverty in our own country. We should of course do the best we can by allowing the private sector to flourish in this country and encouraging others to do the same, though I doubt that’s what Marie has in mind.

Marie Harf

The critical problem is a movement within Islam that has attracted a serious, albeit minority, following, that promotes rigid adherence to Islamic Sharia Law and blood curdling violence to defend and expand its influence. The only counterpoint we can effectively make with those who might be attracted to this is to make it a very dangerous option – that is, by killing them. Then Muslims who promote and quietly abide this branch of their religion might start a movement from within to eradicate it.

If you notice, Harf mentions killing terrorists as if it were a “given,” almost an afterthought. And that is exactly how Obama is approaching it. He has decided to attack ISIS at a leisurely pace, despite the grave threat it poses. Harf’s talk of terrorism as if it were an employment issue is emblematic of an attitude that places an emphasis on peaceful solutions to a problem that must, tragically, be solved with massive and sustained military action.

Harf said “we cannot kill our way out of this war.” And that is exactly the attitude that loses wars. We have to defeat military opponents decisively, ending the war.

Then we can go about helping them put their nation’s on a more stable footing. The most important aspect of this is a continuing military presence that keeps the peace. I don’t like it, but as we’ve seen, it’s true.

Had Obama understood the need to fight such poisonous ideologies with military power, he would not have withdrawn entirely from Iraq, and ISIS would not have been given the room to grow like it did. And, being treated with kid gloves, it continues to grow, most lately into Libya, where Obama also led from the backseat  in a limited action against a dictator who at least could have had the place locked down.

It is the Marie Harf’s of the world, with all their subtlety, who have caused this mess. In asking us to sign up for subtlety, she is really just seeking acceptance of her worldview. Liberals like Harf equate their viewpoint with intelligence and reason, failing to understand that it’s an opinion.

That her approach has plunged the world in chaos, since the advent of Obama, is irrelevant. For Harf, there are only those who get “subtlety,” and the dimwits in places like the Tea Party who don’t.

But Harf is not being subtle. She just is a person with an opinion. And wrong one at that.

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  1. And what’s worse is she’s only 33. Nothing against the young but allowing for the normal 6 year post high school period to get through undergrad and grad school that means she has only been in the REAL world for 9 years. That’s not even long enough to read the HISTORY of the Middle East, let alone know how to deal with it’s current carnage.

    • It’s a pattern with Obama to hire young ideological people without any real life experience. Tommy “Dude that (Benghazi) was 2 years ago” was 30-ish and Obama’s speechwriter was 26 when he wrote how Obama would part the seas or stop the tides from rising, or whatever it was,and heal the planet and only slightly older when he had the shirtless beer fest. Harf thinks we’re all too stupid to understand her nuances. Psaki is about the same.

  2. What on earth is this poor soul going to do after the O-ministration ends in two years? What job could possibly be worthy of her depth of intelligence?

  3. This administration is like Obama. Lots of “cool kids” trying to run the show. They are likely intelligent (at least on paper), but are smug, condescending, and dismissive of anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    History will show that this was precisely the wrong group to be in charge at precisely the wrong time.

    • Absolutely. I picture them all so obsessed with the next tweet, the next selfie, the next in-White House video production, etc. Suddenly they all look at each other and say “wasn’t there something we were supposed to do today…”

  4. I cynical analysis says that all this talk about finding jobs for the terrorists (so they will stop being terrorists) is a way to expand union jobs worldwide, given unions are losing power & stature in the US of A.

    • And on parsing terrorism, Obama wrote this: “Groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives…They are “peddling the lie that the United States is at war with Islam.”

      Swap “Al Qaeda / ISIL” with “I Can’t Breathe” — “United States” with “Law Enforcement” — and “Islam” with “African Americans” — and Obama, Holder, et al, might have a lesson worth teaching that really could help heal this country.

  5. There are no words to describe the disdain I feel for these puffed-up nincompoops who run our government and, yes, I include Our Glorious Leader. They believe they are so much smarter, so much more evolved than the rest of us. Those of us who love the Constitution and believe in the principles and values of the Republic are like flies to them. Unfortunately half of our citizens have been zombified by their shiny, nuanced claptrap. God help us because we seem to be unable to help ourselves.

  6. Forgive the bluntness, but Ms. Harf would be asking the ISIS executioner to just “listen” as they raise the blade over her slumped spine that will silence her. And they will marvel at the blind ignorance to which these Americans find themselves.


  7. “She believes that people around the world respond to reason, the way she thinks she does.”

    I see what you did there. Bravo.

    It’s almost part of the definition of a progressive that they do not listen to reason.

  8. Third time my comment got knocked off, with a screen stating: Internet Explorer cannot display this webste.
    I will try again:
    I cannot believe the words she said: That attitude loses wars.
    I hope the families of the American citizens who were slaughted did not hear her.

  9. Do a little background on Marie Harf. Her father is a think-tank academic and her mother is a clean energy advocate. She has been steeped in ideology and hubris from her earliest cognitive moment. Harf is just another of the clueless children The Obama surrounds himself with so as not to feel intimidated, another Obama acolyte who rose through the ranks of Obama for America to be rewarded with a job they were thoroughly unqualified for and ill-equipped to handle. That this woman is our chosen mouthpiece on the world stage should sincerely embarrass us all. She is emblematic of her beloved Obama’s fecklessness and ineptitude in the face of our enemies.

  10. “But Harf is not being subtle. She just is a person with an opinion. And wrong one at that.”

    Gotta disagree here, Keith. Harf has never had an unprogrammed thought in her life.

  11. The Obama cabal of Offensive Young Professionals, with Jennifer Psaki and Marie Harf currently serving as co-presidents, has self-satisfied and clueless members at every level of Obama’s effort to make the US look stupid. They write his speeches, repeat his words to journalists, drive his cars, tell Obama how wonderful he is, and generally serve as mid-level lackeys (GS-12 level). None of them are individuals you would want working with you in your company or organization.

  12. Do you think Marie Harf’s glasses are fake? I have done some analysis of high-resolution images of her eyewear, and the glass does not appear to have any magnetic diffraction. They appear to be exactly the sort of oversized, academic-looking frames that an insecure, really insincere, or just plain stupid person would select in order to make the world pay more attention to them.

    Do you think it’s possible that someone in the administration she speaks for handed her these big, clunky glasses at some point, saying, “Here, wear these in interviews so you don’t look like you’re twelve?”

    I have located some pictures from her earlier days, as a pasty-faced sorority ditz (three years ago) and in none of these photos do Harf’s Mr. Potato Head glasses make a cameo. Do you think it’s
    possible these glasses are merely a prop? You know, like fake doctors wearing administration-provided labcoats?

  13. Within the past few years, there have been news articles of Muslim doctors in Britain leaving their practice to join the Islamist terrorist fight. So much for the need of job to stop Islamist terrorism. Obama plan is to do nothing and keep the slow roll going until he is out of office and can dump this on the next presidency. Please pray it isn’t Hillary, the disrepected and abused wife of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton, the well-publicized womanizer of under age females during island trips as well as a down-the street girl friend, who comes in the back door as Hillary goes out the front door. I don’t think Hillary would be able to hold her own with leaders of Russia, China or the Middle East. Her record as SOS proves that with her SOS legacy of leaving the Middle East in total disarray.

  14. After hearing of her thesis, Conservative Evangelical’s support of Israel is prime cause trouble for our Foreign affairs. Jeh Johnson says they won’t call ISIS Islamic terrorists because the muslim leaders tell them not to. And it will legitimize ISIL. Just when did muslims become the only people that matter? When did islam become the only religion that mattered?
    Jews being attacked in free countries, thousands of Christians being beheaded, raped, tortured and slaughtered. Their children being crucified, buried alive or sold as sex slaves. In a democracy, there is freedom, diversity and tolerance. In sharia there is slavery, conformity and condemnation. Accepting millions of illegals that we don’t know where they came from, accepting thousands of Syrian muslim refugees when we can’t identify the terrorists and last, the UN refuses to give refugee status to suffering Christians around the world!