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State Department Spokeswoman Wants to Fight ISIS with Jobs

Ahh, Marie Harf. Such a brilliant young thing. If you doubt it, I’m sure she’ll tell you herself. Seems like the type.

She wants to get at the root of the problem.

The Labor participation rate in the United States is at the lowest level in forty years. But somehow, the Obama people are going to solve Yemen’s unemployment problem.

See, this is the issue. The Obama administration says it wants to defeat ISIS, but that’s really not where the focus is. They think they can win militarily by bashing people over the head with the Want Ads section of the newspaper.

Even Chris Matthews isn’t buying it.

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  1. Obama’s entire cabinet staff and cabinet shows what happens when you hire by gender and skin color. That’s just what he’s done, hired women for the sake of hiring women and hired blacks the same way. It’s the worst kind of pandering. Harf should not hold this title.

  2. Only this administration could take a horrific cancer like ISIS ( not ISIL) and seek to make it a domestic issue like unemployment. Amazing ignorance. This is how innocent people get killed. Naïve does not begin to describe our President and his support staff


    • I have not chosen and/or made a final choice on which word.
      I am waiting for one of these people on live TV, to state enough: I am not repeating this load of crud, and walk off.

    • Well, the ‘prez’ is a puppet for God knows who, really. We can guess & ponder how such an idiot was given-bought into this position. He has his destroy America orders & plays golf while his handlers are the puppet masters.

  3. How much crack do these ppl do everyday? Maybe they think the American ppl have too much. The ISIS ppl are too far gone to start a business & make any tangible difference in life, at least for doing good. This movement needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. It’s a shame this government refuses to this. Bad thing is, far too many innocent ppl will die before this administration will be gone.

    • No Scott, they are serious in the intent to destroy this Country.
      The bimbos that are on display is intentional.
      Obama’s spokespeople are chosen for a reason.

      Obama has the goal of destroying this Country, and he is succeeding.

      However, he cannot vanquish the intelligence of the people that know and have seen this movie before.

      We were successful in electing a congress that is capable of stopping Obama.
      We need to continually remind them who they work for and why they are there.

  4. I’ve heard of stupid things said in my life, even said some myself, but this, this takes stupidly to a cosmic level. Ms. “Barf”, you are a victim of rectal-cranial inversion, a condition that has plagued the Obama administration… and some members of Congress.

  5. “Wow. If only I could realize my dream of opening a business selling hummus. But I can’t, so I guess I’ll pick up this A-K47 and kill Coptic Christians.”

    Yeah, this is happening all over the world according to the Spokesbaby for President Adolescent.

  6. In Obamaland the idea is to give them jobs to keep them out of trouble not give them jobs to make money. Making money would make them greedy and we all know thats not good either.

  7. “This programme identifies radicalised and at risk people and delivers a range of tailored services such as mentoring, counselling, education and employment services, that will help them turn away from ideologies of violence and hate,” the Attorney Generals’ office said.” Australia 2015

    Clearly the State Department is not alone. The following is in no way a joke or attempted sarcasm it is why two people were killed in a Sydney café, why the killings in Denmark occurred, why the Charlie Hebdo killings occurred, why it is Governments in the West are allowing radicalised Muslims to be derived from so called liberal-moderate Muslim families so they end up committing atrocities either in our own streets or elsewhere.

    What has happened is there has been an agreement between Governments worldwide that terrorism is to be treated under the paradigm of a “Harm minimisation program” where terror is to be treated as a ‘health issue’, the terrorists under such a scheme are victims not perpetrators –with a mental illness, oppressed, unable to obtain work or a ‘proper’ education.

    The terrorist murders happening in our streets are as a direct consequence of determining terror as a ‘health issue’ rather than what it really is, cultural terror derived directly from a Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of Other required to exist within the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex because the codex contains diametrically opposed Islamic values to that of Western derived values, or in fact diametrically opposed to almost any culture with which it comes in contact.

    It is the same as the ‘Gold Standard’ Harm minimisation” methadone program for heroin, the State becomes the drug pusher and it is justified on the basis the drug addicts are suffering a ‘health issue’ a drug addiction which is a medical condition. Deaths resulting from such schemes of drug addicts themselves or others they kill, by giving at times methadone to their own children are considered by WHO as acceptable collateral damage and if the scheme was not in place things could be worse. Whenever there is a series of deaths relating to the methadone programme invariably there are claims it is not being sufficiently funded and if only more money and services were provided to drug addicts all would be right with the world. Sound familiar?

    What WHO is proposing is that where the drug addict simply needs a replacement therapy one addictive drug replaces another both lethal and mental health services the same applies to terrorists. Terrorists are simply suffering a mental dysfunction need therapy to convince them their Islamic/Muslim belief, ethics, value system is not the ‘real’ Islam and Western beliefs, ethics and values are, as well it is determined by WHO they just need to feel good about themselves have an education and or employment.

    Murders, atrocities on whatever scale which occur are simply collateral damage the price we all pay for WHOs program and our gutless politicians who have agreed to it. When it fails as in Australia what happened Muslim leaders complained they were not given enough money and programs to stop the terror coming from their very own culture.

    The fact that Muslim radicals going off to kill Other have had an education and even employment appears to have been missed by WHO. WHO is utilising a correlation equals cause and evidence to the contrary under what is clearly science based upon duty to certainty not duty to doubt.

    Scientific method does not apply.

    You want this to stop, talk to your local doctor, councillor, health worker and tell them you are not happy their organisations are supporting such a dangerous program and you want it stopped. Why your local health workers because they are the ones who vote in the representatives on to these representative bodies that must have agreed to this so called ‘Harm minimisation program’ being introduced in to your space.

    WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? The World Health Organisation thats WHO

  8. All we have to do is have ISIS go to and apply for jobs and all will be well. Better watch out. There already aren’t enough jobs for US citizens even if we have [ zero immigrants or refugees ] and now this moron wants to give more of what we don’t have a way to the enemy that wants to kill you. Beware, the state department and its socialist concubines has spoken.

    Sorry state department or for that matter any none -thing person.

    The answer is YES you are going to have to kill them all but you are going to have to do it in a manner perfected many years ago using the intelligence and high tech from above and clean up troops afterwards and you cannot let political correctness, world opinion, politics or current international laws intervene.

    Please read this and get-r-done.

    Your dream weaver one world order, can’t we all get along, were we are all equal in every way and peace among earth can come after control and order is established.

  9. Why not Transform GITMO into Career Planning & Job Placement Center for Islamic Terrorists?

    As early- onset dementia continues to confound Barack Obama’s thinking and perspective, the whole of civilized society grows closer and closer to concluding that all out war is the only alternative to being a victim of burning, decapitation, or shooting at the whim of psychotic Islamic purveyors of peace specializing in 7th century philosophy and murder techniques.

    Indeed, even in the face of horrific acts of brutality not seen since Nazi Germany under the reign of Adolph Hitler, Barack Obama continues to insist, as he did at the White House conference on terrorism, that America is not at war with Islam.

    In Obama’s Islamic-biased, brain-dead state, Islamic terrorists are not really evil, rather they are victims of brutal unemployment and poverty. They, Obama says, need compassion and understanding, instead of boots on the ground and military might of the type America used to be capable of.

    In keeping with this anti-American, disjointed, uninspired refusal to accept facts and reality, The One is secretly plotting a scheme that will, in one fell swoop, achieve two of his fondest desires:

    Which is: Obama is working on an Executive Order that would release all detainees at GITMO to red states in the US South, and simultaneously convert said site to a Career Planning and Job Placement (CPJP) center focusing on the unmet needs of unemployed Jihad warriors.

    This ambitious program will cost US taxpayers, excepting only illegal aliens, $100 billion a year, money that can be easily rounded up by cutting the defense budget, unneeded VA activities, and funds wasted by DHS to protect the US-Mexico border.