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Obama Schedule || Wednesday February 18, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:15 pm || Meets with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid
3:00 pm || Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew
4:15 pm || Delivers remarks at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism; South Court Auditorium

All times Eastern
Live stream of the briefing at 12:30 pm

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday February 18, 2015

  1. Uh oh, they’re on to us guys; they found out that us tea-partiers have weaponized our walkers and aluminum lawn chairs.
    We’re going to have to lay low for a while and hide our “violent extremism” plans to beg Congress to stop the wild spending and taxing.

    • Yup! I’m a veteran, a registered Republican in California and a card carrying NRA member and consider myself a “Radical Moderate. Might as well put the shackles on me now!!

  2. Another ‘beer summit’? We’ve had nearly six years to observe how THAT one turned out.

    Obama is so enamoured with himself – he bought a beer-making kit (with his own funds) and is now bottling his own brand – WH Honey Ale.

    Actually, he could create a few jobs for those poor, downtrodden ‘violent extremists’ if he sent them all his honey ale recipe.
    They could brew their own ale instead of lopping off heads. Jihad-Lite – Make love, not war!

  3. I’d like to see the list of attendees at this summit. We already know Obama invited the Islamic Society of Boston, with ties to ISIS and a producer of beheading videos. He’ll cozy up to the Muslim Brotherhood and groups with questionable ties to ISIS but refuses to acknowledge the slaughter of Christians.

    • The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization who rules in the name of their fanatical religion. How on earth can they be in our government and be invited to the White House and very close to the President of the United States and Hillary Clinton? Is this not an impeachable act? Is this not treason? So-called “president” making deals with Iran who are also terrorists who killed our soldiers? Is this not treason also? The military should surround the White House and arrest him, sooner not later.

  4. He’s meeting with terrorist sympathizers?? All they will talk about is how the Muslims are being targeted in the U.S. Keep meeting with them Obama, they will lop off your head one of these days.

  5. Is Caliph Obama bringing his prayer rug to the afternoon meeting on Countering Violent Extremism?

    Quick, name one other religion besides Islam that is committing horrific acts of terrorism around the world today. Just one.

  6. My Dad could talk a good talk, but when the switch hit my ass, I really began to understand what he wanted from me. Straighten up, or get some more. I straighten up and loved him for it…All he wanted? Tell the truth!

  7. After reading and listening to the morning news, once again I feel something is missing from his schedule. Taking care of keeping us safe. This Summit, Who is in there, What are the discussing. Is there a Rep. in there as well.
    Top U.S. Counterterrorism officials say they worry a potential T could be looking to come to the U.S. after escaping war in Syria

    • I would bet they do not even have a map showing the number of Countries with the maniacs in them.
      Just heard Ukrainian troops retreating as Russian Rebels continue to attack key city.
      Putin said Kiev should allow their soldiers to surrender. Just heard on Fox.

  8. 4pm, Cocktail with the Veep, ask how he got to be such a hands on kind of manager, try to assimilate to same position. Lose the cold ‘tude.

  9. Perhaps Obama will talk about finding terrorists jobs in his remarks this afternoon.

    No doubt, we won’t hear him use words like “Muslim” or “Islam” because he doesn’t want to offend anyone.

  10. The WH apparently had a typo in today’s schedule. They should have written, “…the White House Summit on Countering RANDOM Violent Extremism.” It’s an easy mistake to make. sarc/